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Friday, December 24, 2021

KoushaRyouri ~C15


Chapter 15: Mildy




The sound of a fire crackling echoed near the giant camphor tree.


Thin smoke rises up, shaking the leaves.


The back of the green leaves was blackened by the smoke.




Fletty was the first one to wake up.


He looks worried and raises his body to check his surroundings.


Hearing the noise, Garner also reacts and looks around like his Commander.


I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the two of them with their confused expression.


"I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?"


When I called out to him, he shrugged his shoulders.


He squints his sleepy eyes and looks at me more closely.


"Ah, aah....... Luciel-kun. I'm sorry. I must have slept too soundly."


"You must be very tired."


"I guess so. Have you been awake all night, doing the night watch?"


"No, that's not necessary here."


"I never thought I'd be able to sleep so soundly in a mountain full of monsters..."


Fletty tilted his head.


It seems that he doesn't suspect that I've drugged him.


"What are you cooking? It smells quite fragrant..."


I'm baking some bread in the oven. Breakfast will be ready soon, so why don't you go wake up Richil-san in the meantime?




"That's right. ...... Oh, I also brought water from the river earlier, so you can wash your face and hands."


"That's very thoughtful. Sorry to trouble you. Even though we are the ones who took over your bed."


"In three ---- I mean, you're my first guests. I'm happy to be able to talk to people too."


"...... I see."


Fletty smiles gently and looks down at my hand.


"By the way, what are you cooking? Bread and what meat is that?"


Fletty-san pointed at the meat on the chopping block.


The meat is redder than that of normal chickens. Those who have never seen it before might feel uneasy, but Fletty didn't point that out.


"A bird was caught in a trap, so I quickly butcher and cooked it......."


"Oh, you caught it?"


Fletty widened his eyes in disbelief.




"That's amazing....... Ah, no... You can survive on this mountain. It's only natural that you have that kind of skill."


Fletty is impressed.


I put a bitter smile on my face and continued cooking.


I drained the meat I had caught and cut it into bite-size pieces.


I put some sake and salt, then rubbed the meat thoroughly.


The salt was made from rock salt, but the sake was made by a flaming monkey monster.


I don't know how they learned it, but they seem to instinctively know how to make liquor.


It seems that they use the smell of the liquor to seduce the females to mate and reproduce, but I don't know the details.


After marinating the meat, I leave them for a while.


In the meantime, I beat eggs, add flour and homemade cheese made from unicorn goat's milk into the mixture.


"Good morning."


A crisp voice came from the camphor tree.


Richil is followed by a short, flaxen-haired woman. She looked a little pale. She was drooping.


"Mildy, you've awoken!"


Fletty shouted with joy.


But Mildy still looks unwell. I wondered if her wounds still hurt.


Then she bows her head to Fletty.


"Commander, I'm sorry. I let you down..."


Like Fletty, Mildy is probably a person with a strong sense of responsibility.


I could tell from how she was apologizing for the trouble she had caused to her friends although she's just recovering from her injuries.


Fletty patted his subordinate on the shoulder.


"I'm glad you're okay. Don't worry about it. If you hadn't shielded me from the arrow, I would not be able to lead this team. Thank you, Mildy."


"............ Yes."


Mildy said as if she suppressed her feelings inside.


She couldn't take it anymore and burst into tears. She must be regretting it so much.


She may be thinking that she is responsible for this situation.


But more importantly, Mildy.

You should be thanking the person who saved your life first.


Fletty pointed at me.


Mildy realizes that and approaches me.


"There is no need to thank me for ....... I was just helping people in need----"


Then suddenly, Mildy gently hugs me.


"Thank you...Luciel.... May I call you Luciel-kun?


"Eh? Yes. Oh, sure...."


"Richil has told me about you. That must be hard for you."


"No, no. I'm already used to it."


It's been 300 years.


I haven't forgotten my father's and mother's faces, but my other memories are blurry.


I had completely forgotten the feelings I had when my father abandoned me. Those feelings are now so far away.


For now, talking with Fletty and the others made me happier than anything else.


After a few seconds, Mildy let me go. She put her hand on my shoulder and looked straight into my eyes. Her flaxen hair is beautiful, but her yellow-green eyes are also beautiful.


I couldn't help but admire them.


"People say that a lioness will throw her child into a cliff, but Luciel-kun is not a lion. You are too cute to be a lion. Hauu~"


She hugs me tightly again.


She rubs her face against mine as if she is trying to put a mark on me.


That's still fine, but....... Mildy's breasts are pressed against me.


Her breasts' skin is pressed against me.


"Wait! Mildy-san!!"


I try to move away, but Mildy won't let me go.




I can even hear her chuckling.


Obviously, she hasn't changed.


I called for help with my eyes. Richil is warning me like a private tutor, Garner is quiet, and Fletty is shaking his head.


"Mildy... Do, do you feel sorry for Luciel-kun's past more than your own failure? That's why you were so depressed."


"Oh, really?"


"That's not true. I'm sorry for what I did, and I apologized to the Commander first. If there is no regret, that is fine, right? More importantly, I'm sorry for Luciel-kun. Even though he's so cute! Okay! I got an idea! I'm going to adopt him!"


"A, adopt?!"


I am panicking and asking for help from others.


However, everyone's reaction is as if saying, "Here she goes again.


Seems like this kind of thing happens all the time.


"My name is Mildy Wallem. You can call me mom from now on, Luciel-kun."


Mildy said and winked at me.


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  1. Yeah, the story kinda resembles the one from the slime tamer's boy. Picked up by gods was it?
    Anyway, thank you for the chapter!


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