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Friday, December 24, 2021

KoushaRyouri ~C14


Chapter 14: Magic Sword



He has distinctive red-brown hair and dark skin.


His teeth are misaligned, and his gums are exposed. His dark brown eyes are fixed on me.


He's not very tall. Although he is bigger than me, he is not much taller than the bandits sleeping elsewhere.


However, his muscles look as strong as steel. Rather than the result of working out, perhaps his muscles formed naturally by his aptitudes and moving around the field.


Therefore, there is no excess fat.


The reason why I know this is because I am also similar to him.


My body has not been specially trained either. It was something that naturally formed as I grew up in the mountains.


"Hey, kid!! Who the hell are you?"


The Bandits Leader put his hand on his head a little roughly, as if he is holding down a head that is about to go crazy.


His other hand is holding a red sword.


"I said, who the hell are you?"


The man shouts.


At the same time, my analysis is complete.


So far, there is no way for Fletty to lose against this man.


Even if he is taken by surprise, if Fletty is as strong as I think he is, he should not be defeated.


Then the reason for his defeat is...


I move my gaze and focus on the red sword in the Bandits Leader's hand.


If there's a secret, it's probably that sword.


It looks suspicious to me.


I have no intention to fight, but I can't leave until I see what that sword can do.




I silently take a stance.


Seeing this, the Bandits Leader laughs mockingly.


"OI OI OI OI OI. Are you kidding me, kid?..... Do you have any idea what you're doing right now?"


"Let me test you a little."


"What? Test me? Don't be ridiculous! Listen! I was sleeping, and you woke me up, so I'm in a bad mood. I'll let you off the hook for today! Get the fuck out of here!"




I don't listen to him.


I just kept my mouth shut and stares at the Bandits Leader.

To be honest, I don't even want to talk to these people.


"Damn it! You kid!  Are you looking down at me?...... Hey! Is there anyone there? What are those people doing?"


"It's no use calling them. They're all sound asleep."


"An? ! Why the hell you ---- it can't be. Did you? Did you do this, you little bastard?"


"It's nothing to be upset about. I just make everyone sleep. I also wanted you to sleep."


"Stop bullshitting me!"


Finally, the Bandits Leader snapped.


He raises his sword high above his head.


At the same time, I activated my Structure Analysis skill.


This skill not only allows me to grasp a building's interior it also allows me to observe a human body's condition.


Then I could see how his magic power flows through his body and concentrates on the sword in his hand.


"As I thought....... So it's a magic sword."


The moment I said that flames erupted from the red sword.


The interior of the gloomy hideaway that was only illuminated by bonfires turned bright red.


The flames burst out like a rising dragon and stand in front of me.


This is certainly troublesome.


In addition to the firepower, the fact that the Bandits Leader can control it is a great advantage.


That's close.


If he had trained properly, he would have become a good knight or swordsman, but where did he go wrong?


In the first place, there are not many people who can handle a magic sword.


If an untrained ordinary person uses it, his magic power will be sucked up, and he will soon run out of magic power. However, this Bandits Leader can control his magic power naturally and handle the magic sword.


If he hadn't given up trying, he wouldn't have strayed from the right path.


"Gya---- hahahahahaha! How about that, kid? Did you piss your pants? Ar? Don't worry, I'll turn your piss into charcoal. ----!"




The Bandits Leader was blown away before he could finish his line.


Of course, it was me who did that.


I jumped straight at him and smashed him with a right straight punch while he was trash-talking at me.


The Bandits Leader was slammed into the wall.


He fell down and stopped moving.


"Did I hit him a little too hard?"


At least he's alive. It looks like he's just unconscious.


I think my inspection of the enemy's circumstances is enough.


I now understand the magic sword's power, and I can plan how to counter it.


I was able to set the right handicap.


I look down at the bandits lying on the cave's cold floor.


I turn around and leave their hideout.

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