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Friday, December 24, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C26


Chapter 26: I bought a mysterious egg


My guild rank has been raised, so I can now buy or sell servants.


"Would you like to see the list as soon as possible?"




The list of monsters I can buy now is shown to me, but - these monsters are weak. Well, maybe it's because my guild rank is still low. I'm only level 1, and I can only buy Fanged Rat, Gray Squirrel, and Rabbit that can be tamed in the first area.


If 2 tamed monsters from the same species produce an egg, that egg will hatch and grow into stronger and unique individuals......  Anyway, it seems that I can't buy them with my current rank.


Or is it because no tamer sells strong monsters yet? If I think about it, it's only been a short time since the service started. Maybe as time goes by, the system will get better so that even beginners can get rare monsters.


"Hmmm, I have a limited number of tamer slots, and I don't want to buy a weak one......."


My Enlist skill is Lv3 and my Servant Magic skill is Lv5, so I only have 3 tamer slots. I should not buy a monster now. But then something at the bottom of the list caught my attention.




"Yes, eggs are a bit cheaper because you have to hatch them."


Of course, I know that. When two monsters of the same species are parents, the child will be the same species that inherited their abilities. In that case, the chances of producing a somewhat unique and stronger monster with inherited skills will increase.


The problem is when the parents are different species. You won't know which species it will be until it's born. What's more, in certain combinations, a new species may be born.


So, buying eggs and hatching them is a gamble, but there is a chance that you can get unexpectedly strong monsters. There is also the possibility that you may get less than you expected, though.


There are currently three eggs available for purchase. Two of them are rabbit eggs, with both parents being fanged rats. I don't feel like buying them, even though their children may be stronger.


However, the last egg is quite interesting. One of the parents is a Honey Bee, and the other is a Little Bear. Both of them are monsters that appear in the forest of the second area. I remembered them because they were on the list of potential monsters for Advanced Tame. It seems that I can buy this egg at my current rank.


"Insects and mammals can lay eggs?"


"Yes. Eggs are created when the magical power of two compatible monsters mixes together. No matter what their species is."


"No, compatible means ....... Bears, aren't they bees' natural enemies?


"Because they both love honey."


"Is that the reason?"


"Yes, that's the reason."


Well, leaving compatibility aside, this egg is good. Whichever one is born will be a strong monster. It's either a vanguard attacker or a raider attacker. The price is 3000 G, more than five times more expensive than other monsters, but I can afford it. I'll buy it.


"I wonder should I buy it. ......"


"Do you want to buy it?"


"Hmm. As I recall, I can leave the eggs with the guild and they'll hatch them for me, right?"


"Yes. The incubation room is on the 2nd floor of our guild. You can leave your egg there. When the egg is hatched, we will return it to you. If there is no party slot, we will send it to your farm or if you have a home, we will send it there."


It is not relevant to me yet, but if a monster born from an egg exceeds the party slot, it will normally be sent to a ranch. I don't know where the ranch is? Why tamed monsters that exceed the party slot are instantly sent to the ranch? Whether there is a ranch large enough for all tamers to keep their monsters indefinitely? Who is taking care of them? Everything is still a mystery.


To put it simply, it is a system that allows you to entrust your monsters to the guild.


Of course, their level won't rise or grow during that time. The level of affection, which is rumored to exist as hidden data, won't increase either. It's just a place to keep your extra monsters.


However, things are a little different if you have a home. Depending on the size of the home, you can keep many monsters in it. If you keep them there, you can get various bonuses that are different from the ranch.


If it is a house-type home, they will clean and cook for you. If it is a ranch-type home, your monsters will grow up automatically, and so on. In fact, it seems that that home bonus is also the reason why Orto independently works on my farm.


"Then, I'll buy this egg."


"Yes, sir. Do you want to keep them in the guild? Or would you like to purchase an incubator? If you have a home, you can set up your own incubator."


"Eh? Can I purchase the incubator for myself?"


"Yes. The Guild's incubators are the lowest level, so it will take longer for the eggs to hatch, and there is no hatching bonus."


"Hatching bonus?"


"The higher level incubators will give some sort of bonus to the hatched children. For example, a slight increase in initial status, a change in skill, etc. "


"Does that mean it's better to buy an incubator than to leave it in the guild?"


"Yes, but there are a few things to note. First of all, personal incubators are disposable. It will disappear if you use it once.

If the eggs are not placed in the incubator within a week of birth or purchase, they will also disappear."


So I can't just keep them and use a high-grade incubator later on?


"It is also possible to make them using blacksmithing and alchemy."


Oh, I see. That's something I'd really like to try. Well, I don't have all the recipes and materials right now, so it's just a daydream. Anyway, disposable? I never knew that before.


"How much is the incubator?"


"If you leave it at the guild, it costs 100 G. If you buy one, the cheapest incubator starts at 2000 G. It has the effect of randomly increasing one of its initial stats by +1."


So it's only +1. But I can afford 2000 G, so I might as well buy it. If I buy it together with the egg, it will cost 5000 G.


"This is the list of the incubators. You have a guild rank of 2, so you can only purchase items of this rank."


There are two types of incubators that I can purchase.


The standard incubator cost 2000 G, and the accelerated growth incubator cost 4000 G.


The accelerated growth incubator will randomly increase the initial status by +3.


Quick decision. I decided to buy the accelerated growth incubator. That'll leave me with 5,000 G in my pocket, but I don't mind! Hmmm... This will make the monster born from the egg even more powerful!


It seems to be easy to use. Just put the egg inside the incubator and leave it there. I also asked, is it okay to leave the egg out in the open? But they said it's not a problem. The incubator's cover will protect the egg.


"Thank you very much."


I returned to my farm and decided to use the incubator as soon as possible.


"But I feel worried about leaving it outdoors...... Can I set it up inside the barn?""


Indeed, it was possible. Yeah, yeah, it's safer to set it up indoors.


"With this, I'll get the fighting power I've always wanted!"


Though I don't know when it will hatch.


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