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KoushaRyouri ~C17

  Chapter 17: Victory angel     I really enjoyed my time with Fletty and the others.   It was as if 300 years' worth of happiness poured down on me all at once.   Laugh, cry, and then laugh again at .......   It felt as if something that had been missing for 300 years suddenly found its way back into my heart.   But time flies when you're having fun.   The next morning, Fletty decided to leave the camphor tree.   Thanks for your help, Luciel-kun.   "No problem. I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you."   Fletty shakes his head when I say that.   "No, that's not true. You took care of Mildy and even allowed her to sleep in your bed. You even cooked for us... I'll pay back this favor someday, I promise."   "You don't have to pay me back. I've already had enough."   "......?"   When Fletty tilts his head, I smile and laugh.   "Fufu..."   "Ah

KoushaRyouri ~C16

  Chapter 16: Eating with everyone     "By the way, what are you cooking?"   Mildy peeks into my outdoor kitchen.   Richil seems to be interested as well, and she peeks over Mildy's shoulder.   I am in the middle of cooking.   I take out the meat that I am preparing.   The meat is marinating nicely while we are chatting.   I smiled at Mildy's question.   "You'll have to wait till it's ready."   I poured the oil from the dragon's fire bag into the pot. I put it on the fire and let it heat up.   I dip the meat I prepared earlier in the beaten egg and coat it with bread crumbs.   After checking the oil temperature with chopsticks, I threw the meat into the oil.   Sharararararara....!   The sound of oil splashing echoed.   The sound is as sharp as a blade, but maybe our human instincts made it sound appetizing.   It smells good...   Mildy takes a breath, and her stomach rumbles lou