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Thursday, October 14, 2021

KoushaRyouri ~C5


Chapter 5: Tongue Steak (Part 2)



After washing the tongue, I peel the skin off.


As I mentioned, I cut the tongue thickly.


The tongue is so gross in its raw form that it doesn't even look like food, but after peeling off the pitch-black skin and cutting lengthwise with a knife, the light pink meat appears.


So far, it looks not much different from a cow's tongue. It is so beautiful that I forget that it's a troll.


I can't keep looking at it and begin to cook it.


After I sprinkle a little salt on the tongue and let it soak in, I start to cook it slowly in an iron pan that I made myself.


"It smells nice......"


The sweet smell of roasting meat directly knocks my stomach.


It's been a long time since I got such a treat, so I naturally started to drool.


While reminding myself to be patient, I took my time to cook the meat's surface.


After all, the only way to avoid failure with monster meat is to cook it well.


If you're impatient, you'll end up in a condition where you can only consume water for a week. That time I was really in trouble.


I put some extra heat into my frying pan and slowly cooked the meat.


I wish I could declare it finished when I put it on the plate, but I have to be patient.


It tastes good when it's hot, but I prefer to wait a bit before eating it.


When the time is right, I cut it into pieces with a knife.


It's hard to believe that it was originally a troll, but the knife cut through it smoothly.


What appears is pale pink flesh.


Needless to say, it looks delicious.


"Bon appétit!"


First, I will try to eat it without adding anything.


I quickly stuck my homemade fork in it and put it in my mouth.




The meat, so tender!


Since I left Tristan's house, this is the first time I am eating meat that melts as soon as I bite it.


Even though it is a tongue, it reminds me of the finest sirloin steak.


I'm proud of myself for cooking it so well.


The heat was perfect.


I like the fact that the outside is flavorful and slightly crispy.


The moment I bite it, the meat's flavor melts into my mouth and spreads out. It's an unforgettable taste.


Now I try to add some rock salt.


This is also delicious.


The straightforward saltiness of the rock salt stimulates my tongue.


It goes well with the flavor of the meat.


I don't drink, but it makes me want to drink fruit wine.


I will try to make it next time.


For who? Who do you eat with? Are you going to eat alone for the rest of your life?






Let's see...


What was that?


Talking to myself? But I didn't say anything.


I was so absorbed in this meat that I unconsciously said something. Is that what happened?


In the end, I ate everything as usual.


As expected of a man in his prime eating age, I ate eight portions.


Finally, I feel satisfied and turn around.


Before I knew it, the troll had turned into a magic stone. It seems that if the apparent death state continues for a long time, the magic power flow will slow down and finally stop.


The bigger problem is the monsters and wild animals gathered here.


Maybe they were lured by the delicious smell; all of them looked thirsty for blood.


"I just ate my lunch..."


Oh dear," I scratched my head. Then I put my hand down and grabbed my steel sword.


It is too much for a post-meal workout, but it can't be helped. Let's do this.


It was at that moment.


[Army Triumphant March Song] (軍進凱歌)



This feeling is the same as when I learn magic.


It seems that by eating the troll, I successfully acquired a new skill.


If I chant the words that come into my head, it will activate the skill.


So it's "Army Triumphant March Song". I think I'll give it a try.


I take a deep breath.


[Army Triumphant March Song]!



The moment I shouted, my voice echoed through the mountains like a howl. The air shattered and the trees shook from the impact.


The monsters and wild animals that had gathered here ran away. Some of the monsters remained. They didn't move from their spots.


But more importantly, there was a change on my side.


"My body is hot....... My power is rising......."


My body overflowed with power like water from a spring. I feel as if I can jump up to the clouds with just a little force.


My body is burning up rapidly, and I can see a faint white steam-like substance on my skin. It's slowly cooling down like a hot tongue.


"This is the power of [Army Triumphant March Song]......."


Perhaps it's magic that temporarily boosts one's power.


The troll's rank is "C".


My power is strong enough to defeat a rank C monster.


It took me ten years to defeat an opponent that my father could defeat with his eyes closed.


Perhaps my father is right, and I am a defective product.


In the first place, I am not suitable to be a "Sword Saint".


However, I have my own path to follow.


Even if I can't become a "Sword Saint", I will become someone close to it.


This is the power of [Military Advance Triumphant Song].


I look up and see a monster flying in the sky with its wings spread wide.


That's a dragon.


It's big. A Grand Dragon? The size is close to the strongest dragon species.


The dragon is spreading its wings calmly and flying from west to east.


To a dragon, a man who has defeated a troll is probably nothing more than an ant.


"I've decided."


As I raise my sword, I swear an oath.


"I will defeat a dragon."


And I will eat it.


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