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Thursday, October 14, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C37: We'll always be together


Chapter 37: We'll always be together


I have returned to my home from Ninorich.

At the altar, my grandmother is smiling at me with a double peace.


The flowers that Aina had picked are displayed on both sides of her picture.

Even after she started working at my store, Aina always picked flowers and gave them to me as gifts.


"Grandma, you've always told me. If someone is in trouble, help them."


The first time she told me this was when I was still in kindergarten.


Shirou, if you see someone in trouble within your reach, help them as much as you can.

If you do that, one day when you are in trouble, those whom you have helped in the past will help you too.


I was in kindergarten at that time. It was not until much later that I learned the saying, "compassion is not for other people's benefit".


"Watch me, Grandma. I'm going to go help people now."


There are people in need within my reach right now.

And they're not just in trouble.

They are in a life-threatening situation.


"Now, let's do this!"


The population of Ninorich is 600 people.

About 30 of them are suffering from vitamin deficiency disease.

That means 5% of the town's population is sick.

I take out 100 silver coins for starters.


"Activate Equivalent Exchange Skill!"


The silver coins disappear in front of me, and 100 pieces of 10,000 yen bills appear in their place.

I used the one million yen to buy all kinds of vitamins at the drugstore.

I put all the vitamins I bought in the space storage and brought them to Ninorich.


After returning to Ninorich, with the help of Mayor Karen, Aina, and the Blue Flash members, I walked around distributing vitamins to the people living on the town's outskirts.

The next step is to secure the food.


I used the money I had earned so far to buy vegetables from the farmers and meat from the hunters and adventurers.

Every day after work, Aina and the others would cook food for the people living on the town's outskirts so that they can eat nutritious foods.



A month passed, and the day finally came.


After I found out that Aina is living in the town's outskirts, it became a routine for me to take her home after closing my store.

When the bell rang in the evening, I closed the store and walked Aina home.

When Aina opened the door with a smile and said, "I'm home", she is there...


"Welcome home, Aina."




"Ufufu. Look, Aina! Your mother can stand up now. Isn't that great?"


Stella-san smiled proudly at her.

On the other hand, Aina is.......


"Oh ... mom, you can stand up already?"


"Yes, I can stand up. I think I can even walk. It's all thanks to you, Shirou-san."


Aina's facial expression changed, and she turned her face down.

Her little back is trembling.


"...... Mom, are you ...... feeling better already?"


"Yes. I'm feeling so good now."


"Then will you ...... sleep with Aina?"


"Stella, please make Aina feel relieved."


"Of course."


Stella replied in a whisper and walked to Aina's side with a bit of help from me.

Aina is shedding tears.

Aina had been feeling overwhelmed by anxiety for a long time.

The only person who can stop Aina's tears is her mother, Stella.


"Aina, let's sleep together every day from now on."


Stella hugged Aina gently and said


"Uwaa...... Mom...... Mommy!"


She started to cry.

She is crying like a child of her age, which I couldn't imagine from the smart and hardworking Aina I knew.


"I'm sorry for making you worry all these years. From now on..."


Stella-san also has tears in her eyes and continues to speak.


"Let's live together, OK?"


I closed the door softly and go out alone.

The setting sun is very beautiful.

As I look towards the setting sun, I mutter to myself.


"If Grandma is still alive, would she praise me?"


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  1. Update yay.....
    Thank you very much for the update ^∆^

  2. Finally, Aina gets her due reward. 😍️

  3. Thanks for the update i just found this story, by the way, this chapter title is incorrect (show chapter 36 instead of 37)and i don't know if its only me but chapter 35 link is broken, links to chapter 36.

  4. thanks for the chapter. I don't know why I like stories like this so much. a sweet child and a beautiful mother

  5. I hope he'll let them live with him

  6. Why Japanese novel has to be fill with cutescence and everything is harem. They always have good storyline but ruin it with the yucky emotional part


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