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DeokuTeima ~ C16

  Chapter 16: Maple's Tool Shop     I went back to the farming guild and asked if I could buy some vegetable seeds, but they said my rank isn't high enough to buy them. I could only purchase the seeds of medicinal herbs and edible plants.   I had no choice but to head to the general store. As expected, there were several seeds in the shop.   "Three kinds: spinach, green carrots, and orange pumpkins."   "The prices are 100G, 200G, and 250G."   "Hmm. What should I buy?"   Wait a minute, why don't I just buy some vegetables from the store and convert them into seeds?   The shop also has grown vegetables. Spinach costs 50 G, But when I asked the lady at the store if it is possible to convert the vegetables into seeds, she said it is impossible.   "The ones sold by adventurers and guilds can be converted into seed. Unfortunately, the vegetables in our store can't be changes into seed."   Apparently

ITSUJITA ~ C35: Excuse

  Chapter 35: Excuse   I ask you to take care of Aina after I die. A few seconds after she said that to me...   "You're kidding, right?"   It was all I can think to answer.   "No, I'm not joking. I'm serious."   Stella's eyes are serious. I could tell from her words that she was serious.   "I'm sorry for saying this so suddenly. But I don't think I have much time left......."   Stella stared at her legs in frustration.   "Did Aina tell you about my illness?"   "Yes, yes. She told me a while ago that...... Stella-san is suffering from a disease called living rot illness."   "Was ...... Aina crying at that time?"   "She was crying. She was crying so much, maybe because she had been holding back."   "As I thought."   Stella closed her eyes as if she was trying to withstand something.   "I am ...... a bad mother."