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Thursday, August 26, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C16


Chapter 16: Maple's Tool Shop



I went back to the farming guild and asked if I could buy some vegetable seeds, but they said my rank isn't high enough to buy them. I could only purchase the seeds of medicinal herbs and edible plants.


I had no choice but to head to the general store. As expected, there were several seeds in the shop.


"Three kinds: spinach, green carrots, and orange pumpkins."


"The prices are 100G, 200G, and 250G."


"Hmm. What should I buy?"


Wait a minute, why don't I just buy some vegetables from the store and convert them into seeds? The shop also has grown vegetables. Spinach costs 50 G, But when I asked the lady at the store if it is possible to convert the vegetables into seeds, she said it is impossible.


"The ones sold by adventurers and guilds can be converted into seed. Unfortunately, the vegetables in our store can't be changes into seed."


Apparently, the vegetables and plants sold in NPC stores cannot be converted into seeds.


"I guess I'll have to buy seeds."


I'll just buy the cheapest one I can find. I bought a pack containing 5 seeds of spinach for 100 G. Then I can leave it to Orto.


"I think I'll buy some fertilizer, too."


That's for the new field. I'd also like to buy some humus, but it's difficult to get that on my own. It would be nice if I can buy it somewhere.


"Before we go back to the field, I think we should go to Alyssa's shop."


The Players' Shop might have some humus. We can also take a look at the other stalls in the small square.


"The map is getting more colorful."


When I look at the map, the places I've walked will be colored. The path from the Farming Guild to the shop and from there to the South Small Square had colored blue. However, just a small part of that area is visible on this map. It would take a while to update this map.




"Welcome. Thanks for always coming."


"Even if you said that I'm not a regular customer."


"No, no, if you come three times a day, you're a regular customer."


When you said that, I realized that this is the third time I've been here today. That's a lot. No, I did it because it's convenient.


"Are you OK? I heard you got into a fight."


Apparently, she already knew what happened during the day. Quite a few players were watching our fight. They saw the moment Mirei was banned, and I'm sure there aren't many players who would spread information about me like that. Alyssa-san also seems to only know the story through light gossip.


" I am OK. It seems that someone had already called the GM. The management intervened during our fight. They even deleted her account about an hour after the investigation."


Alyssa-san nodded in admiration when I told her more details.


"Hee. So they respond so fast."


"Yes. In fact, they apologized to me properly."


"But the information about you leaked out, right? If she showed the screenshots, people would recognize your face, isn't that right?"


"It's no use worrying about that. If people know that Mirei has been banned, they probably won't tell anyone about my face. I'll wait for the rumors to die down."


"Hmmm. I'm glad to know that Yuto-kun doesn't seem to be too concerned about it. I'll spread the word that Mirei's account has been deleted, so there won't be any more players doing stupid things."


"Are you sure?"


"Yes. We failed to call the GM early enough this time. Even though we're selling the title information, it's not related to us at all."


"Thank you very much."


Thank goodness for that. Now I can avoid getting tangled up with strange people.


"So, you want more information?


"No, I want to buy some things. Some plants that I can grow on my farm. Also, do you have any humus?"


"No, I don't think we have any. It was sold out a while ago. We didn't have much in the way of materials to begin with. The production players are monopolizing everything."


"I see......."


"If you want such things, you should go to Maple's tool shop in the south gate's small square. The owner is an ex-farmer merchant, so the shop has all kinds of tools."


"Hee. That sounds interesting."


Maybe I can find some humus there.


"Yup, yup. You should go there."


"That's one of the Sharp Ears Cat clan members' shops, isn't it?"


"How do you know?"


"Because you didn't charge me for this information."


"Don't mind, don't mind. I'm sure the shop has a lot of stuff!"


" Yeah, I'll go there."


"Say hi to Maple for me."


Since I have a map, I can easily find my way to the south gate small square, where there are three NPC stalls and one player stall. The player stall doesn't seem to be very popular, probably because it's a farming area. Maybe that's Maple's tool shop.


"Excuse me."


"Yes, welcome."


"Are you Maple-san?"


"Yes, I am. And you are?"


"My name is Yuto. Alyssa sent me."


"Alyssa has recommended my shop? Then I'll do my best."




She's a unique person. Even though her speech is prolonged, she does not give the impression of being slow. She's like a gentle sister with a fluffy impression.


"Do you have humus?"


"Yes, we do. Are you a farmer? Not many people work in agricultural fields, so I'm glad to know you."


"No, not exactly. I bought a farm for a reason."


"Oh, that's interesting. But if you are not a farmer, it will be hard to manage a farm. Will you be alright?"


Well, the concern is justified. Normally, you need skills to do farming. In my case, I don't have to worry about it because I have Orto.



"Well, I can manage that."


"Hmm. If I ask Alyssa-chan, will she tell me what's going on?




"Well, I'll ask her later."


" So, I need some humus for my farm."


"Yes, we have some. We have some, but it's just the lowest grade."


" That' s good enough. How much for one?"


"250 G."


"That's more expensive than fertilizer."


"Well, it's more effective than fertilizer."


"Is that so?"


"During the beta test, I verified that the quality ranking was high-grade fertilizer > humus > fertilizer."


Moreover, fertilizer and humus have overlapping effects. No wonder they are so expensive.


"What else can I grow on my farm?"


"There are many things you can grow. Here we have herbs, vegetables."


"I prefer herbs than vegetables."


The lineup is familiar to me: medicinal herbs, poisonous plants, paralysis plants, and youmei plants, all of which are of low quality. I guess this is a safe bet.


"Then, there's ...... dried medicinal herbs?"


"Yes, I dried these."


By the way, the NPC store is selling dried red tengu mushrooms. I wonder if the effect will change.


Name: Dried medicinal herb 

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★3

Effect: Restores 7 HP. Cooldown time, 10 minutes. It cannot be converted into seed, but the effect is increased when the material is used.


I see. It's great that it increases the effect of blending. However, it sucks that it can't be converted to seed. I'll leave it for now. I'll try it sometime later.


And besides, this store belongs to the Sharp Ears Cat member. If I ask the wrong question, maybe I'll be asked to buy information. I put the dried herbs in my hand back with an indifferent face.


"I want to turn it into seeds, so the dry material is ......."


"Oh, I see. Well, how about this?"


"Bleeding grass? First time I've seen it."


Name: Bleeding Herb 

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★1

Effect: The user has a low chance of bleeding.


Bleeding is one of status abnormalities. This game is recommended for R12 and may be played by children. Therefore, there is no bleeding effect when attacking. However, when you are bleeding, there will be a bleeding effect. The effect is that the damage taken increases while bleeding.


"It occasionally grows in the northern plains. There aren't many of them, but you can find them anywhere in the second area."


"How much is it?"


"It's 100G."


It's a little more expensive than poisonous plants, but if it's rare in the first area, maybe it's worth it to buy. If I think it's the same as poisonous plants and paralysis plants, I should be able to make a bleeding potion with three of them.


"So, I'll take the humus, three bleeding herbs, poisonous plants, and paralysis plants."


"So 530G total."


I have 4,690G left. I'll have to buy some logs, so I'll save them and look for a job.


"See you later!"


"OK, see you later."


I leave the south gate's small square as Maple sends me off. I'm sure I'll be visiting Maple's tool shop again in the future.


"I'm back."




"Hoi. Here's another souvenir."


I handed him the herbs I had bought, and he jumped up and down with joy. Then he immediately started to make seeds from the plant. I was already used to see it.




Is he humming? Orto is happily singing "muu-muu" and spreading seeds, humus, and fertilizer. Now, the second farm is all filled up.


The farm's current condition is as follows.


1st field

★ 2 x 2 medicinal herbs, ★ 2 x 4 poisonous plants, ★ 2 x 4 paralysis plants, ★ 2 x 2 youmei plants, ★ 2 x 6 wound medicinal herbs, ★ 2 x 1 edible grass

Green Peach Seedling


2nd field

Medicinal herbs x 2, Youmei plants x 2, Edible grass ★ 2 x 1, Bleeding herbs x 6, Poisonous plants x 2, Paralysis plants x 2, Spinach x 5


"Good, good, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's harvest."


I excitedly started to draw water from the well to help with watering the plants.


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