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Episode 34.3 : Conflict between Evils 2

  "You ... are even dumber than I imagine d ."     "What just you said!?"     The large battle-ax swung down with all its might.   Atou saw th e powerful attack, she turned her sword from below and countered the attack head-on. There was the sound of metal clashing and sparks.    Ice Rock's eyes are opened in astonishment, and Atou shows her wicked smile.    Atou has the observation eye and a sword technique of a veteran holy knight. Roughly she can grasp her opponent skill and strength just by clashing swords .   However, this is her final confirmation.   She already knows the opponent's strength from the earlier clash .   If this is all her opponent got, then it should be easy to beat him .     Atou judges that Ice Rock i s stronger than the holy knight she fought befor e, but still not a match for her now.     "[Holy Sword Technique]. This is the God sword technique created by Qualia to erase evil beings like you . How do