ITSUJITA ~ C18: The Beginning of Adventurer Experience and Emergency Food


Chapter 18: The Beginning of Adventurer Experience and Emergency Food 



After leaving the town hall, we went directly into the forest to the east of the town. 

This was the beginning of our adventuring experience. 


Me, the non-combatants, and the Blue Flash proceeded through the pathless forest. 

I guess this is what you call a formation. 


Kiki, the Cat-Sith (cute) scout, leads the way while Ryer walks diagonally behind her. 

In the middle is me and Nesca, a silent wizard, and at the back is Rolf, the armed priest. 


They placed people who could fight in close quarters in front and behind me, protecting me as we move forward. 

I think it's a very rational formation. 


"An-chan. We're going to avoid the monsters as much as possible, so don't worry." [Ryer] 


"OK. Thank you, Ryer-san." [Shirou] 


"I'll leave it to you, Kiki." [Ryer] 


"Fufu~n♪ Leave it to me nya♪."[Kiki] 


Kiki responded to Ryer's words by slapping her chest. 

Blue Flash's mission is to collect medicinal herbs. 

They're not looking for ordinary medicinal herbs but special medicinal herbs that only grow in this forest. 


That's why he said that they would avoid fighting monsters as much as possible and concentrate on searching for medicinal herbs. 

I was told that this was also the reason why they agreed to accompany me. 


We walked through the forest for about half a day and found some medicinal herbs, but we didn't find the "special herbs". 


"Well, I guess it's not so easy to find that thing. No choice. That's it for today. Let's get ready to camp for the night." [Ryer] 


In response to Ryer's words, we started preparing for the camp when the sun began to set. 

Ryer laughed and said that the key to a long career is to take a break while you can afford it. 

I wish I could say that to that young bald president of the black company I used to work for. 


"I've gathered the firewood nya." [Kiki] 


"Thank you. Now let's light the fire with the matches you sold me." [Ryer] 


Ryer-san used the match to light the firewood. 

Bonfires are so romantic, isn't it? 


"I'm really impressed with these matches. It's really amazing how easy it is to make a fire like this." [Ryer] 


"Thank you, Shirou." [Nesca] 


"No, I'm the one who should be thanking you for using our products." [Shirou] 


The match seems to have a good reputation. 

According to Rolf, they've become a must-have item among adventurers in Ninorich. 


"You can make a lot of money if you sell your matches in the capital, right? [Ryer] 


"I'm sure the merchants in the capital will eventually notice Shirou-dono matches." [Rolf] 


"Hahaha, that's right. Rolf's prediction is right. It's only a matter of time before the matches become widely known. When that happens, you'd better sell them at a very high price." [Ryer] 


"Eeh? High price?" [Shirou] 


"Yes. As expensive as you can. The merchants in the capital are predators, and a gentleman like you will become their prey." [Ryer] 


"You have to be careful with that." [Rolf] 


While we were talking about matches like this, Nesca suddenly speaks... 


"............ Ryer, I'm hungry." [Nesca] 



Kiki's stomach grumbled at the right timing. 

The two girls seemed to be hungry. 


"We've been walking a lot today. We should eat soon." [Ryer] 


"Yay! I'm starving, too nya." [Kiki] 


So, it is dinner time. 

The four of them took out dried meat and hard bread from their backpacks. 


Heee. As expected, adventurers who mainly work outdoors must eat simple foods. 

I thought so while observing them. 


"Mm? Shirou, you didn't bring any food nya?" [Kiki] 


Somehow, Kiki-san is worried about me. 

She chewed the dried meat into half. 


"Shall I give you half of mine?" [Kiki] 


She asked me. 

I quickly shake my head. 


"Ah, it's OK. I've brought enough food for myself." [Shirou] 


"I see. I'm glad. I was worried that my food would be reduced by half nya." [Kiki] 


"I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I was just curious about what adventurers eat." [Shirou] 


"Hmm? Not only adventurers but travelers and merchants also don't have many options for food while on the move." [Ryer] 


"Ryer-dono is right. We usually eat this kind of preserved food while we work, except when we can buy local food." [Rolf] 


Rolf shows me the dried meat and bread. 


"They both look kinda hard to chew......." [Shirou] 


Ryer shrugs his shoulders at my honest comment. 


"It's because they've been dried...... Wait a minute. Is your food different?" [Ryer] 


"Yes. These are my foods." [Shirou] 


I take out my own food from my backpack. 

Cooked rice made from instant rice. 

Bread and cookies. 

Chocolate and other bars type nutritional food. 

Various canned foods. 


They are all sold at the home center as emergency food in case of disaster. 


"............ Are these food?" [Nesca] 


Nesca tilted her head. 

She picked up a chocolate bar (in a bag) nearby and sniffed it. 


"Yes, it is. Please take a look." [Shirou] 


I opened the lid of the canned food and showed the four of them the contents. 

The four of them looked into the canned food. 


"This is chicken cooked in sauce. This one is a sweet snack, biscuit, and chocolate. And this is......." [Shirou] 


I explained the emergency foods one by one. 

I boil some hot water to cook the instant rice, cut the seal on the bread bag, and so on. 


The four of them rolled their eyes at the emergency food they had never seen before. 

Especially Nesca, she was drooling out of her mouth. 

No way. Is she a glutton? 


"An-chan, do you eat all these by yourself?" [Ryer] 


Many preserved foods spread out in front of me, which is too much for one person to eat. 


"No, this includes everyone's portions." [Shirou] 


"Ours too......?" [Ryer]  


"Yes. In fact, I'm thinking of selling these at my store. I'd appreciate it if you could try it and let me know what you think." [Shirou] 


"In that case, leave it to us! Hey guys, you heard right. Let's eat it for An-Chan's sake." [Ryer] 


"Yay! Thank you nya, Shirou!" [Kiki] 


"May the Gods bless Shirou-san for his kindness." [Rolf] 


"............ I'll eat this." [Nesca] 


The four of them quickly take the emergency food. 


"What the hell is this? What kind of seasoning is this? Why does it taste so good?" [Ryer] 


"It's delicious! Shirou, this is delicious nyaaaa!!!!" [Kiki] 


"This bread is so soft. I've never eaten anything like this in the temple." 


"............ It's sweet and delicious. Shirou, give me more." [Nesca] 


And so, the four of them all had the same impression about the emergency foods: "Delicious". 



Translation note : 


The cat-sìth is a fairy creature from Celtic mythology, said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on its chest. Legend has it that the spectral cat haunts the Scottish Highlands. Some common folklore suggested that the cat-sìth was not a fairy, but a witch that could transform into a cat nine times. 


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