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Episode 28 [Side story]: The decisions of the staff bearers

  Tonukapoli returned to Crescent Moon , the capital of Fawncaven .   She immediately called all the staff bearers to held a Fawncaven leader s meeting . She explained everything to them without miss any details .   At first, the other staff bearers were shocked, but when the story got to the part about Ira Takuto, everyone fell silent. The atmosphere was quiet and awkward; only the voice of Tonukapoli can be heard.     E veryone looked like they were biting worms . Clearly, there is confusion and bitterness on their faces .   Eventually, Tonukapoli's story reaches the last part, where they make an alliance with Mynoghra. Tonukapoli left Pepe to manage the Dragon Town, and she back to the capital city to inform the elders.     An unpleasant silence filled the place .   All the elders were silent and deep in thought.     E ven though Tonukapoli was prepared to face criticism or accusations , t his silence felt ve ry uncom