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Episode 25: Dialog (2)

  ………   ……   ...   Tonukapoli was confused.   Because the situation was ended with a feast.   A feast held to commemorate the birth of friendship between Pepe and Takuto.     She wondered if it was a conspiracy. But the fact that Atou , the demon girl, is also celebrating this event with heartfelt joy convinced her that they really just want to hold a celebratory event.   While doing so, more and more dishes are brought to the table.   Dishes that they have never seen or heard.   However, the scent is superb,   Even Tonukapoli , who is usually so indifferent to food, unconsciously gulps down her saliva.     "Please eat more and more! Today is a happy day! Come on, Tonukapoli-sama !"     " AA , ah. Thank you."     As Atou asked. First, Tonukapoli picks up the fruit.     She chooses not to eat much meat and grains.     Fruit that carefully carved it has a fresh orange colour, and the sweetly drifting juice. Just by smelling its scent, she knows that are the mos