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Monday, September 28, 2020

Episode 21: Twins (2)


 The twin girls. The younger Sister Cearia and the older Sister Mearia.

 Atou tilts her head slightly at their different looks, even though she is a monster that defies logic.

Without hesitation, she asks about the girls' situation.


“What the cause of your scar?”


“It is a disease.”


“Oh, you poor thing.”


"Your majesty ......, this suits Cearia.”


 Her Sister's Cearia just tells Takuto one word, then she fell silent.

 Takuto doesn't seem to want to hear any more about it, either.

 Elder Mortar explained that the burns were the result of the plague.

Apparently, even now that she's healed completely, the scar still remains.

 Whatever the reason, Atou decided that it would not be a good idea to dig up too much just to find out what it is, and that's the end of it on this matter.

 If it didn't affect the king, she wouldn't care.


“What happened to your sister?”



“She's the most beautiful, perfect, ideal sister in the world, but she’s going through a hard time and closed her heart.”



“I ate my mother.”





 A stare shot straight to Elder Mortar.

 What did her sister mean with those words? That’s what the question is.

 However, the questioning stare is only for confirmation. As Atou had already guessed what happened from their situation...


“It was a hard decision. Their mother was truly a proud one. Our family has never forgotten her sacrifice......”


The dark elves could not stand the hunger and ate their comrades.

 They were driven from their homeland. Their long journey forced some of them to make extreme choices.

 Atou was not in a position to judge what that decision was, and she was not interested in finding out more.

 But it was awful and painful to them, and it was easy to see that it was a tough choice.


Also, the two girls' life-sustaining sacrifice caused lasting scars that cannot be wiped away. ......


…… Atou finally understood why Elder Mortal was reluctant to introduce them.

Judging from their backgrounds, it wasn't bad, but it was still not a good idea to recommend them as the king's maidservants.

The old man is also suffering because of this problem.


 Atou has a headache.

 Although the king will make the final decision, she has full authority over them for now.

 While there was a risk that the maid would be seen as the king's representation, their appearance is a little unpleasant.

However, their fearlessness and boldness were appealing...


"King, pure white ..."


Suddenly, before Atou noticed, one of the girls-older Sister Mearia approached Takuto's side.

Mearia is staring at Takuto with her round eyes.

Takuto seems not surprised, and that answered her question.


“It's called a hospital gown.”




“Yes, that’s right. Do you know?”


“I don't know.”


The clothes Takuto was wearing right now were the hospital clothes he usually wore.

Takuto is also wearing several accessories even though it not a good match. His appearance dressed all in white was indeed unusual.

 The girl nodded in as if she was interested in the white outfit, and intently staring at it.

 Takuto, perhaps feeling familiar with the situation, he kindly smiles and gently pats Mearia's head.


"Mearia-chan, would you take care of me?"


"Yes, I will take care of the king."


"Oh, the king, the king is having a conversation with a little girl!!"


Atou realized that the conflict within her mind has disappeared at this moment.

Her judgment was correct.

If the opponent is a little girl, her king can talk properly!

 If Takuto continues his rehabilitation at this rate, he'll eventually be cured of communication disorder sickness!

 She had already decided to adopt these twins in her mind.

 For better or worse, she was more concerned with practical benefits and had no interest in their personality.


"Are you not scared?"


Takuto's interest shifted from Mearia, who was still chewing the hem his white gown, towards her Sister Cearia.

For a moment, her little sister was shocked and looked scared.

Unlike her older sister, she seemed to be a little scared of Takuto.

Her reaction is natural. On the other hand, Takuto was impressed by her effort to stay strong even when she felt scared.

"As her younger Sister, Cearia have a duty to always be with my sister. If elder Sister wants to do that, Cearia will follow her. "


"That's great, that's great .... Then can you come too?"


"Yes, please leave it to me!"


With this, it was decided that the two girls became Takuto's maidservants.

Elder Mortal and Warrior chief Gia's also felt relieved and told the two girls to work hard.


"The king's approval has been granted. Let's have them work as our king's maidservant from now on."


Everything went well, and Atou is happy.

And Takuto, who is almost suspected as lolicon at one point, shows relief that he has successfully escaped from the crisis.

The royal palace that previously felt lonely for Takuto and Atou would become more beautiful and cheerful.




Now, let's talk about what happened after that.

 With two maidservants in the palace, Takuto's life should have been more comfortable.

 But what is the reality? Takuto's life has become even more troubled than before.


"Your majesty, your drink."


"Thank you."


"I spilled it"


"Don, don't mind."


Takuto's clothes were wet and stained.

This is Mearia's carelessness. Takuto was surprised at first, but it always happened, so he got used to it.

However, reality cannot be changed. Thanks to that mistake, the beautiful white patient gown is full of stains.

However, Takuto doesn't mind. He wanted them to do their best, and above all, he couldn't get angry just because of children's mistakes.



"Oh, Your majesty! I'll wipe your clothes!"


"Thank you."


Her Sister Cearia is always with her and tries her best to follow up for her shortcomings.

The younger sister seems really love her older Sister Mearia.

She works many times more than her sister and is actively try to cover her sister's mistake.

 Despite this, she still seemed to feel the same fear of Takuto.

 Therefore, Takuto was unsure of how to behave.

 That's why this kind of weird incident has become a part of his daily routine.

Takuto, who was being taken care of by those girls from a distance, looked like a miserable big brother.

In fact, he was in a very annoying situation.

 But that day was different.

 Usually, Mearia would go out to play with her sister after work, but

Mysteriously she is staring into Takuto's eyes.


"Your Majesty.”




"Your majesty, are you a bad person?”


“Well, my attribute is evil.”


 Takuto has come to this world as the leader of the Mynoghra.

 Therefore, his attribute is evil.

 Of course, since they are also a citizen of Mynoghra, their attribute is evil. Takuto wondering what’s wrong with that. He still can’t understand the intention of that question.


"Why don't you kill?"








"E, *eeto your majesty. My sister is asking why the great king is merciful to children like us."


Hmmm! Takuto folded his arms and thought about it.

He is not being merciful.

They are his vassals, and also still children.

He didn't intend to punish them, even if it was necessary to scold them at times.

Killing is a barbaric action.

Are they that scared? While thinking of that, Takuto tried to answer the previous question in a soft voice.


"Because you take care of me?"




"My older sister is upset because even though the king is a bad person, but the king is being kind to us..."


"Eh ..."


Mearia is upset.

Looks like she's annoyed and sulking.

Takuto was confused even though he thought her act is cute.

However, because he somehow understood what she was trying to say, he softly spoke to remind them.

Takuto thought maybe they were still confused by their change in attributes.


“I'll tell you one good story. Listen carefully.”


 The twin's honest and adorable replies were directed at Takuto.


"A good person should only do what is right. Murder is out of the question."




“Yes, of course.”


“Then who's the bad guy? What do you think bad people should do?”


“He mustn't do anything but bad things.”


“Do a terrible, terrible crime!”


"That's inhuman!"


 Naturally, the two girls reply to his words.

 It's just as Takuto had expected. And their answer is fixed.


"That's not right. A bad person can do whatever he wants."


At that moment, the eyes of the two are wide open, revealing their surprise.

Their adorable attitude made Takuto smile, so as not to deviate from the topic, he continued his story.


"He can do good things, He can do bad things. He can do anything or do nothing. Bad people are very selfish and free. He trusts what he thinks is right, he won't listen to other people's opinions, and never turn around. That is the real bad person."

"So, it's okay for me to be nice to you two!"


And Takuto showed a funny wink.


“It's not fair!”


“Of course. Because he is a bad person.”


"Will he be punished someday?”


“No, the bad person will first kill all the good people who are supposed to do the punishment, he is that kind of character.”




While laughing at his own, Takuto fluently talks to explain his theory.

 In the midst of it all, he suddenly realized something.

 If his guess is correct, then it can explain the true meaning of Mearia's earlier question.

 In other words, that’s.......


"The mistakes you've made so far were intentional, weren't they?"

 The older Sister Mearia nodded with clear eyes, and her Sister's Cearia trembled as if she was frightened.

 Look at that attitude, Takuto confirmed his speculation.


''I see......."

 Takuto finally comes to an answer.

 She..., they want to die.

 He already knows that the dark elves have gone cannibalistic because of their hunger in the previous explanation.

  And also know about their mother's sacrifice.

 Takuto doesn't understand the love of family, but he understands that their mother tried to help them with her love.

 But whether or not they wanted that fate is a different story.

 He sure they didn't want the future to be like this.


"Cearia and ... my sister ..."


"Should have died."


Cearia continued her older sister's words. Her words were so rational that people wouldn't think that her heart was broken. 

No, maybe her heart isn't broken.

However, the curse on her painted everything black.

Only emotion like a baby will appear on the surface. There was something that made people feel so vague.


"But, are you scared to die?"


 They gave a small nod as a reply.

 They were unable to forgive themselves for surviving by sacrificing their mother's life ... they wanted to die so much, but they also feel scared for death.

 They beg for someone to kill them, and they just hurt themselves by destroying their hearts out of desperation.

 They thought that if they did something that would provoke the king's wrath, and he would surely kill them.

They live day by day in search of salvation in death.

The two girls continued contradicting themselves.


 Takuto quietly waves to them and calls them to get closer.

 Sensing the unconcealed cry of sadness in their eyes.

He desperately searches for the words to somehow help these two innocent and kind-hearted girls.


"You girls are here for a reason. Because there is a person who has given her life. You who knows that person? "


"It's sad ..."


"It's too painful."


(Oh, what beloved children they are.)


 For some reason, Takuto felt touched.

 What a touching and beautiful love, he thought.


 Takuto had never received any love from his family. That's why he doesn't really understand about family love.

Even so, it was easy to see that these girls and their mother had a strong bond with each other.

This love will be lost if this continues.

Eventually, their hearts would be shattered, and they would really break.

For some reason, it seemed very painful for Takuto that wonderful love may disappear because of crap, such as ethics and common sense.


"... What did your mom say?"


"Live on ...”


Takuto thinks it was a natural word.

If he thinks about the love that existed between them, it is natural for the mother to tell them so.

Therefore, he listens to their words sincerely and gives them encouragement words with hope to reach their souls.


"Bad things are not always wrong. Your mother, and you girls, did the right thing. Feel Proud, you are here because your mom's love has won over your destiny."


Those words made them feel something absolute.

A unique atmosphere and majestic aura come from that person wearing an evil leader's mask.

The two girls were swallowed up by those words and felt like their souls had been lost.

It feels like their ego collapses as it is surrounded by a massive entity outside their mind scope.

It was a horrifying but also incredibly sweet experience.

The great king has erased their heart-wrenching self-punishment.

After common sense, ethics, anxiety, and loss disappeared, the only thing left is their mother's love.

"Your Majesty, we ..."


"What should we do?"


Two girls start to shed tears.

Maybe because their worries had cleared up or because they are finally able to feel their mother's love.

The two girls just keep crying.

Takuto never knew, but... it was the first tears they spilled after they lost their mother.


"You can live as you like. To answer your mother's love. So that your mom can be proud."


Innocent eyes shoot through Takuto.

Takuto didn't know if there was any change inside their heart.

However, he understands that their facial expression has changed a little, and they feel relieved.

In this way, the king's words have encouraged them, and the two girls were saved a little.






"Takuto-sama! The investigation is over!"


"Welcome back……"


"Mmm? What's wrong?"


"We became friends."


After finishing the miscellaneous things and returning to the royal palace, Atou frowned at the king's appearance.

There was nothing wrong with it.

No, is it a big problem for her?

Takuto is sitting on the throne while the two girls are supposed to be the maids, seated on both sides, and sleeping with a happy expression.


"Don’t, don’t tell me you have done anything indecent?"


Unconsciously, inappropriate words came out of Atou's mouth.

Atou almost shouted, "You should only do indecent things to me!". But because she didn't know what Takuto would think of her. so she finally locked her mouth and gritted her teeth.

Atou is staring at Takuto sharply as if she is blaming him. She innocently felt jealous.


"I didn't do anything! More importantly, the report! The report!"


"Oops, my apologies. We've been investigating a nearby town since the other day. The details have come out. --a multi-ethnic neutral nation with humans as majority population called the Fawncaven."

"Multi-ethnic, hmm?” ......


 Secret investigations into the nearest city to Mynoghra had been carried out for some time.

 It was Takuto's intention to have a friendly relationship if possible, so he gathered information secretly.

It seems that the results have been summarized.

There may be other details, but in general, there is no problem.

Takuto began to strategize for the future. He tilted his head, looking at Atou's expression as she said something.


"What’s wrong? What happened?"


"Apparently, there is a dragon vein inside the city."


"EEE ..."


 Takuto's eyes narrowed quickly.

 A country with a dragon vein

 means that country possesses some military technology related to magic.


= Eterpedia ============


[Dragon vein] Map resources


To be precise, it is called a dragon vein hole, a place where a large amount of mana possessed by stars blows out.

By securing mana, various magic units will be able to use powerful tactical magic.

Also, some heroes can become more powerful by securing mana. By gathering more mana than other countries will help win the game.



Translation note:


eeto doesn't have meaning. Usually Japanese unconsciously speak this word when they starting a conversation or when they wondering how to explain something to his opponent. 



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