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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Episode 20: Twins (1)



After defeating the investigation team from the Qualia Holy Kingdom, for a moment, Mynoghra enjoyed their daily life. 

 As initially estimated, the time is working in their favor, they are steadily building up their strength. 

Today, the construction of yet another facility to secure the Mynoghra's position in this world is completed. 


"Finally, it’s completed!" 


"Yes!! The royal palace has been completed." 


The [Tactical Magic] is also already in the testing phase, with this, is the stronghold ready?” 


In the Eternal Nations game they were playing, there is a technology called tactical magic. 


 This was a vital strategic element that allowed for the use of powerful magic based on various attributes. Still, The mana for each attribute is required. 

Usually, they would seek out a dragon vein resource and provide the mana they need for themselves. 

The Royal Palace can generate this mana on its own as a support building in the game. 

The mana type that the Royal Palace of Mynoghra can create is the Mana of Doom. 

 Besides, it could also generate some magic power. 

 It was a natural decision to hurry up this facility's construction, which would bring benefits to the nation just by building it. 


At this point, they have made a good start. 

In particular, it was Mynoghra people main problem. 

Although the situation was still difficult to predict, once they got to this point, they would be able to catch their breath. 


"However, we will need more and more human resources from now on. How to secure these ..." 


"If we wait for it to increase naturally, it will take too long." 


Takuto and his team still have a pile of problems. 

 The next problem was the shortage of people. 

 Naturally, the population would increase over a long period. Still, considering the current situation on the continent, they don't have much time. 


''I've heard that the dark elves have other clans that are in exile. If we can welcome them, we can keep some men on hand, but even so, it's not much. 


“There's got to be some kind of...” 


The two of them spend a lot of time thinking in the finished royal palace. 

 These days, Elder Mortar and Gia are too busy with their various tasks to talk to each other as often as they used to. 

Simply because there are not enough people to do the intellectual work. 

It is also a proof that various mechanisms need to be established to properly run the state. 

 The longer they live in this world, the more they can see what they lack. 

However, there's no point in thinking about this and that under the current circumstances. 

 Just start with what's in front of them, and work out the solutions little by little. The population problem has been shelved for the time being. 


"But it's impressive. Our world starts here." 


Atou looked around the royal palace as if she wanted to change the conversation dead-end topic.  


The palace wasn't too big because it was still in its early stages, but it was already excellent. Made of unique wood and woven together in several layers. The unique architectural style makes it look like a work of art in itself. 

Of course, the decorations on it are no less attractive. 

The weaving that the elf women have created is a perfect 


Mynoghra's history is embroidered on it, which gives the illusion that a mythical story is being told just by looking at it. 

 It is dignified enough for a king to live in. But even this is still in its early stages. 

 The final stage of the royal palace that they know is even more massive and beautiful. 


Yeah, yeah. We'll make it big in the future. I love the big royal palace! 


Takuto is in a good mood too. 

 As they say, *"one feudal domain and one castle" is a man's long-cherished desire." Since the royal palace's completion, he has been busily frolicking around like a child who has been given a new toy. 

 It's no wonder that Atou is in a similarly good mood when she sees her master. 


"It is true, my King! Our palace that pierces the heavens and takes root in the earth! The vassals who serve you are all heroes of bravery and courage! I've lost count of the number of working maids!” 


Oh! It is exciting. I’m excited. It makes me forget all the bad stuff.” 


UWAA! Takuto, who was excitedly stretching out his arms, was in his mood at the peak, and he unconsciously danced. 

Suddenly, Takuto realized that Atou looked into his eyes as if she wanted to look into them. 


"What is wrong?" 


"No, it seems that it just my misunderstanding!" 


"Oh! I often misunderstand, here and there." 




 What's going on? 

 Takuto had been worried because she had been acting a little strange lately. Still, from the way she's acting now, it seems that his worry was unnecessary. 

 After all, she's best when she's energic, as usual. Takuto nodded with satisfaction, but 

Atou's next shout made him jump from his seat. 






Her voice was so loud that even Takuto couldn't help but jump and fall off his throne. 

 What in the world happened? 

 While calming his racing heartbeat, he looked at Atou, who was still trembling. 


"I just realized something terrible..." 




"Takuto, Takuto-sama doesn't have any maidservants!" 


Oh? Speaking of which, that's right. 


With those words, Takuto realized for the first time that a maidservant was indispensable to a king. 

 Until now, it was good that Atou had taken care of this and that. 

 Besides, Takuto was the type of person who would do his own thing, so he hadn't encountered any problems. 

But their new home is large. It's clear that the two are alone in this large royal palace and that various inconveniences may arise. 

 It's not good to spend time in the same way as before in the current state of stability. 

Because he is the King of Mynoghra and the leader of the dark elves. 

 The King of a country doing everything on his own is already a problem. 

 At the very least, that fact would be unbearable for a girl who does not hesitate to declare that she will give her all. 


"This is a failure! I have failed as retainer!" 


Atou began hysterically cursing her own failure.  

Even though it was a common mistake, it made her regret going on a rampage like a child. 

Takuto tried his best to calm her down. 


"That's an exaggeration. I don't mind." 


"But I do! -Do you have any particular wish!?" 


 Atou cried. She cried for her King, who still have a communication disorder issue. 

 Takuto continued to offer words of comfort to her as he stayed close to her. 

 But once she’s sulked, she doesn't get her mood back easily. 

 She sits on her knees on the throne and mumbles out words of regret. 


"Ugh, I haven't been able to talk to the dark elves at all, and I feel like such a loner.” 


 But then Atou speaks words that Takuto hadn't expected. 


''Well, Takuto-sama is a bit too majestic....... they might be afraid of you.” 




 His eyes widen in astonishment. 

 Why should they fear him so much? 

 In fact, he had no clue what the word "majestic" she meant. 

 However, if it is said so, there is a part of him that understands it. 

 Although it was somewhat better, there was a mixture of fear in the dark elves' eyes as they looked at him. 

 It was something that was clearly not present when they were conversing with Atou. 

 But Takuto was not feeling sorry for that. 


“I'm a loner.” 


 Wistful words escaped his mouth. 

 Then the retainer changed her expression when she heard her master admitted that he is a loner. 


''I will always be at Takuto-sama's side!" 


 Atou cried out while hugging Takuto. 

 Takuto thinks that if it weren't for Atou, he would completely fall into despair. 

Thank God for this devoted and childlike retainer. 

 Oh, how blessed he is. 

 It's really a blessing to have a girl who thinks of him so much. 

 Takuto's heart is filled with happiness. 


"HA! I have a good idea!" 



 But the happiness instantly vanished, and instead, an uncomfortable feeling and sweat poured down Takuto's forehead. 

 He remembered this pattern. 

 Usually, when Atou gets too excited, what will happen is not a good thing. 



"Can you leave it to me? I came up with the best solution!" 


"Eh, eeto ... cal, calm down and tell me the details--" 


"Leave it to Atou! Can you leave it to me!?" 


 But he's pushed away. 

 For some reason, Takuto has a sweet spot for Atou. 

 Even sweeter than his own expectation. 

 Therefore, once she asked him to go this far with her confidence, there was no way he could refuse. 

 So Takuto gave up and accepted her request. 




Elder Mortar! Go gather all the little girls you can find! It’s the King's wish! 


Wa, Wait, Atou-dono! Why would you give such an order? What does the King think? 


"The king likes little girls!" 


 Takuto cursed himself for willingly leave this matter to Atou a few moments ago. 

 He cursed and cursed and then held his head up to focus on breaking this situation. 


''Oh, the king likes little girls...'' 


 Takuto realizes that the gaze has been drawn to him. 

 It's an indescribable gaze. Takuto realized that he was at a crossroads. 




 Therefore, he shouts. 

 If he didn't deny it here, he would earn a very disgraceful title other than just a communication disorder patient. 

 The voice he let out was surprisingly loud that make Takuto understood that even he could do it if he tried. 




"--Ha ha ha! I see. Having an innocent child by his side will remind himself not to get caught up in common sense! As expected from the King." 


"Sure. Children say random things, but sometimes they can surprise the adults." 


About tens of minutes have passed. 

But for Takuto, that amount of time equal to eternity, but nevertheless, people's suspicion that he is a lolicon had been successfully erased by his first-ever defense. 

Is it easier to talk to a child, even for a loner? 

 He thought it was probably a strategy adopted by Atou for such a reason. Still, it's more than enough to make Takuto's heart and soul tremble.  

 One wrong move and he'd be treated like a pedophile. In other words, a pedophile king. 

 No wonder Takuto was screaming with all his might. 

 Incidentally, Takuto came up with this after racking his brain.  

He desperately explained the scenario to Elder Mortar and Gia while gazing at Atou. 

 He can't shake the feeling of being slightly uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean he can refuse. It's already impossible to refuse. 

 It was an exquisite responsibility afterall. 

 Atou watched with a smile. 

Even though it would be better if Takuto explained it from the start, so now he had to explain it until he out of breath. 





"Oh, King ... because it was things done by a child." 


"It's okay." 


Let's start with the conclusion. The operation of calling the girl into a maid was about to fail. 

Some unexpected things happen in real operation. 

In this case, the result had come about because Takuto himself had misjudged the situation. 

 In other words, the dark elf girls they had been gathering were scared the moment they saw Takuto, and they all cried out. 

 Even Takuto, as expected, couldn't hide his shock at this. The fact that they looked so depressed was even more pathetic. 


"The King is upset! Isn't there a child who doesn't cry when he sees the King?" 


"No, all the children in this country have ...." 


"Weak! Too weak!" 


 Takuto is depressed, and Atou is ranting and yelling. 

 Elder Mortar really troubled and looked at Gia, thinking with his arms crossed next to him as if asking for his help. 


"Elder Mortar, did you give those twins an audience?" 



"No, no, with those kids. It's disrespectful to the King." 


"...? What's going on?" 


Atou, who was jittering next to Takuto, heard the conversation between the two. She came in front of them with uncanny speed. 

 Elder Mortar, who actually didn't want to accept Gia's suggestion, reluctantly began to talk about the twin girls who had come up in the conversation. 


“What can I say? There are twin girls who have no other relatives. They are both intelligent, but I'm afraid they are not quite fit to be the King's maidservant.” 


Hmm? Their speaking manner is bad, isn't it? Well, I will judge by looking at them for the time being. Please bring them in.” 


"I've already brought them here." 


"Gia! You work fast!" 


"Hehe, unlike the old man, I'm always thinking about two and three-step further for the  

King. My brain spins faster than the senile head. " 


“Damn you, young bastard! 


 Atou lets out a sigh as the two of them begin to glare at each other with giggles. 

 The sight of these two dark elves competing with each other in devotion to the King is already an everyday occurrence for them. 

 When they started again, Atou's face began to look worried. The two of them bicker childishly, and then she shifts her interest to the last potential maidservant. 


"Fine, fine, you two are old, so stop fighting. - Quickly bring the twins into this room immediately." 


"Yes, Mam! With pleasure!"  


 Eventually, after being prompted by the warrior chief Gia, the two girls came to the throne room. 

 ........The moment those twin girls entered, Atou's eyebrows twitch at an unnoticed level. 

Their age probably around 12 to 13 years old? 

Among the girls she had seen so far, they are relatively older, but that is not important. 

 The first stage is passed when they don't cry when they see Takuto. But the atmosphere they carry is different. 

 No, it's not just the atmosphere. It's already obvious from the twin appearance that they have particular circumstances. 


“Nice to meet you, great King. My name is Cearia-Elfur.” 


 The twin girls walked in, holding hands in a friendly manner. 

 First, the girl on the right bowed with a polite greeting. 

 The silver hair peculiar to dark elves is cut short, and the costume she wears is a lovely ethnic outfit that is easy to move around in. 


However, on the right side of her beautiful white skin, a red-black burnt scar is noticeable. 

Not only on her face, her hands and feet also had similar scars. 

Without being covered, it was as if the scars had been shown intentionally. And the girl shows her grace. 


"This is my older sister! 



“My older sister's name is Mearia-Elfur.” 


 Next, the girl on the left greeted Takuto with a smiling, carefree smile. 

 Her silver hair is long and down to her feet, and she is dressed in a long, fluffy skirt, unlike her sister, who is dressed shorter. Her attire is somehow looking innocent, and Atou feels a little dazzled. 

However, the ability to speak is also an essential factor. 

Atou thought to remind them of their disrespectful attitude, but then she realized the girl's abnormality. 

There's no mistaking that cheerful smile. 

Atou judged that girl's heart was probably much younger than her appearance due to a problem, and so that's fine. 


"Nice to meet you." 


 Takuto's voice echoes in the throne room as if he would have done his best to get it out. 

 He doesn't seem to be moving in any particular way, and his gaze tells Atou to take care of the rest. 

 Seeing that his own King is didn't mind with the twin girls' condition, Atou begins to assess whether or not they are fit to serve as maids of honor, as the king wills. 



"The Idiot and the ugly girl ..." 


 Mearia, The idiot girl, and Cearia, the ugly girl. 

 They are children with a mysterious story to tell. 

 She not sure if they are suitable as the King's maidservant. 

 The two girls stared into Atou eyes as she is thinking about it. 


= Eterpedia ============ 


[Mynoghra's Royal Palace: Lv1] Building 


Every turn, the player will get 

Magic resource 10 

Mana of ruin 1 

* This facility does not require maintenance fees 


 translation note: 

*"one feudal domain and one castle."  

一国一城 (ikkokuichijou) 

it's mean being independent (acting without compromise or assistance) 



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  2. the mc seems like the type of person to watch a whole village get killed and just walk there like there is nothing happening in other words the mc might not care about the enemies and thats fine but brushing of the enemy being messed can cause problems such as leaving survivors because reinforcement came and you were to busy messing around


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