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Monday, September 7, 2020

Episode 14: Omen (2)


Between the construction site of the royal palace and the dark elves' residential area is a simple ceremonial place made by cutting down trees.

Even though in truth, it was just a place where Atou forcibly uprooted trees from their roots with her physical strength.

After the ground was leveled and the boulders were arranged there, that place became one of Mynoghra's essential strategic facilities.


“Takuto-sama, the preparations are complete. The food is in exactly the right quantities.”


“I see, thanks, Atou.”


A large amount of food was piled up in the center of the ritual site.

Although it was basically a horrific mass of meat from the Tree of Human Flesh, some new farmland crops could also be seen.

Takuto walked up to those piles and gently held his palm up to them.

Instantly, the food distorted from the center and began to pulsate strangely, as if it were condensing in the center!

The food became a lump while twitching and twitching.

It changed color; it changed shape, and now it was a piece of meat.

At the same time, a gush of pale-colored magic ran from Takuto’s palm.

They flowed linearly, intertwining into a mass of flesh, agitating each other in circles, and forming more shapes.


Something was born. Watching the scene, which was clearly the pulse of life, Atou watched the work that Takuto was doing with impressed eyes.

Eventually, the pale light emitted by the magic power stopped, and something was born on the ground.


“Gieeeee!” there was a familiar voice. It turned out that what appeared was a Long Leg Bug, the surveillance unit of Mynoghra.


“Thank you for your efforts, Takuto-sama. It's a pleasure to see that you have successfully created a new unit.”


“Yeah, yeah. I'm glad it worked out. I was worried about getting it wrong.”


Takuto patted his chest with a relieved expression, and Atou ran up to him with a pat on the back as if she's worried about him.

The unit production was done as an experiment because the foundation of Mynoghra as a nation was finally solidified, and production capacity increased.

He was a little nervous because everything was new to him. Still, the guidance of a mysterious memory in his mind allowed him to complete creating a new unit without much trouble.


“In the previous game, I didn't know about it, but it turns out we can produce units this way. It's very interesting.”

Yes, I also didn't expect unit production to be done by simply gathering food, the necessary resources, and channeling magic power... What kind of system is this?”


Takuto died in the real world and was reborn in this world as the leader of Eternal Nations.

In this world, there are supposed to be differences in many aspects. Takuto can act in the same way as the game system without any problems because of the strange information that comes to his mind.

For some reason, the information that comes after pondering a question was called “Eterpedia.” 

Eterpedia was the help function in the game Eternal Nations.

The same thing was applying for the unit production experiment just now.

In the game, all you had to do was select the units you needed from the list and click on the production icon, but in this world, it seemed that a particular ritual is required.

Even though the rituals are listed from one to ten, why was the system the way it was? Why did we come to this world in the first place? None of that information is listed - in other words, the system is limited.


“Is that so? In other words, a lot of thought and research will be needed in the future, including demonstrations and experiments...”


“Yes. It seems so, Atou… Okay, then, newly born Long Leg Bug, I hope you can cooperate with your other partner and investigate the outer forest from now on.”




As usual, the long-leg bug quickly disappeared into the forest's depths, emitting a nervous whine. While looking at the figure, Atou asked a series of questions to guess why Takuto created another bug even though he already had one this time.


“By the way, Takuto-sama. This time we produced a Long Leg Bug, but what if we can a group at the same time and not just one unit?


“This one was listed in my brain Eterpedia, but it seems that for group units, you need a base population. For example, if you want to make a cavalry unit, each unit would need a thousand horses, 1,000 volunteer soldiers, other resources and magic power for equipment, and training time. In addition to that, you'd need a lot of food every month to maintain it.”


“I knew it, but there's something wrong with the balance. Or was it because the individual units are too useful? After all, it's currently better to solidify our force with a small elite group of heroes, isn't it? Ah, I see! So that's why you chose the Long Leg Bug!”


“Yeah, the Long Leg Bug can be upgraded to a Head-Cutter through Technological Development. This would make them slightly inferior to the cavalrymen I mentioned earlier in terms of combat power, but as far as cost effectiveness goes, it's the best.”


Some units, including Long Leg Bugs, can be upgraded.

This is a way to rebuild a unit into something more powerful by acquiring new technology and resources. With the lifting of the ban on technology the upgradeable unit like Long Leg Bug, it can be upgraded twice.

Of course, each unit is an individual unit, so the cost also remains low. Plus, it was an insect-based unit. Atou's eyes sparkled as she thought about the strategy that came into view when she combined that information.


“Oh! Then that means... I see it now, My King! That means the next Hero to be produced will be....”


“I was wondering about a lot of things, but I thought I would call Isla, The Queen of Insects.”


“So Isla is your choice! Moreover, she was the most cheat-like character!”


Isla, The Queen of Insects' --.

She was the pride of Mynoghra's heroic unit, an insect-type Hero with robust characteristics.

One of them was the permanent enhancement of all insect-based units.

It had an unbelievable enhancement value of +2, and it was effective without any disadvantages.

It can turn the scouting unit, the Long Leg Bug, into a top-notch fighting unit. She was an excellent weapon not only during the beginning of the game but also at the endgame.

It also gave a bonus to several other insect-based units, so its benefits are immeasurable.

In fact, in Eternal Nations, most players who choose to use Mynoghra will summon Isla instead of Atou in their first move.

This allowed the Hero to have a playstyle that was powerful and consistent with the characteristics of Mynoghra.

In addition to strengthening insect-based units, Isla can also create a variety of Bug Child units.

Although the body's fighting ability itself was not very high, the Insect Bearer skill was still mighty, as it could be used for both warfare and domestic politics.


Excellent choice Takuto-sama! This will solve our labor problems!


Although Bug Childs are inefficient, they can cultivate and produce land as a replacement for workers.

The activation of the Insect Bearer and the maintenance of the hatchlings requires a large amount of food. Still, the fact that workers can be produced without waiting for the nation's population to grow is a plus in the long run.

In previous games, Takuto rarely used Isla, but she was classified as the best hero to summon at this time.

There are other Heroes, but they were too picky and difficult to use.

As he pondered the characteristics of the multiple Heroes that existed while digging through his memories, Atou applauded Takuto's choice with both hands.

Takuto also nodded with satisfaction after being able to get an approval from Atou.

It was still morning. Takuto, who had been experimenting since early in the morning because he was worried about causing trouble, returned to the royal palace to have a leisurely breakfast with Atou.

Atou, who has been busy handling various domestic matters lately, was happy to have the time alone with her king. As she followed along, it looked so obvious that her mood wass upbeat.



“Now that we've eaten breakfast, we can start gathering information about the area. I've already collected most of the information about the area, but I'm going to put the scouts on basic alert when I'm done. It's not like we're going to attack another country, we want to discuss that with them.”


“Vigilance -- about the human city in the vicinity of the forest. There is no reason to be alarmed, but I think we should pay close attention to them, My King.


“Holy Kingdom Qualia, right? It's not exactly a city, right?


“No, this is different.  The city with neutral attributes is located far east of the forest. It has some detached land, and it's not clear why they even bothered to build a city in such a place, but the problem is its location. The may be the first to notice about our presence.”


Despite his strange body and cries, The first Long Leg Bug they created upon coming to this world had done an excellent job.

The Daijukai, which was deep and unknown in size, had been thoroughly investigated. The investigation was now extending to the outer edge of the forest.

The human city they discovered in the process is the one currently being discussed.

The dark elves didn't seem to know about it, and it seemed like the city was relatively new, but the problem was the distance.

This is the most critical issue for Takuto and his Kingdom. They used stealth tactics, as the risk of their existence being found increases.


“It's just that there are many neutral attributes on this continent, that is information that calms them down a little. It would be better if we could understand the purpose of the city's existence and could find out more information, but we better postpone it for now.”


“Fortunately, the people in the area seem afraid of this forest and don't dare to approach it. But I would still order the Long Leg Bugs to carefully gather information so they won't notice.”


Takuto nodded and took it as approval.

Before they knew it, the two of them had returned to the royal palace.

Many materials have been brought into the planned site for the construction of the royal palace. The preparations also are being made steadily.

By the scale, the building is better described as a large mansion rather than a royal palace. The number of dark elves is still not that large, so the manpower available to build it is limited. Anyway, it will be made in a unique architectural style, and it will be a marvelous thing.

Eventually, they will grow this city into a vast city worthy of being a royal capital. The royal palace itself will reach the sky.

Takuto sits on his favorite throne dreaming of seeing his country's view from the balcony of the top floor of the royal palace.


''On the contrary. Since we've been so careful to hide our presence here, if anyone comes near this forest, there's a high probability that they have some kind of plan...”


“That's right.”


I'm not sure if they realized it or not. Although it has been months, the dark elf pursuers had never appeared, it seems that they won’t come anymore. At some point, I think the dark elves will be fine!


Loudly, he knocked on the throne’s armrest and cheerfully asked Atou to agree.

Pleased by her own King's carefree attitude, she replied to Takuto's words with laughter and a light tone.


“Takuto-sama really likes to joke, if you blatantly say it like that, you’ll set a flag!


As if it's that easy to set the flag. Atou must be worried ... HAHAHA”



In an instant, the expression of joy disappeared from Takuto's face.


“...? Whats wrong?”


Looks like they’re really coming.”


The joy also disappeared from Atou's face, and instead, a bottomlessly cold expression appeared on her face.


“A group of armed men came towards this forest.”


The Long Leg Bug was urgently notifying information about the armed group. Takuto remembered the words they just mentioned. He understood their meaning, and his anger was instantly ignited.

If the dark elves saw those hunters now, fear and horror would surely haunt their minds.

Even though they only lived quietly and peacefully.

There will definitely be conflict.

There is no such law anywhere in the world that ensured the safety of pacifists.

The time for Mynoghra to meet those who represent Goodness will soon come.



=Eterpedia = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =.

[Isla, Queen of All insect] Combat Unit

Combat Power: 10

Movement Power: 1

Evil Hero Childbirth

This unit increases the combat value of all insect-based units in the world by +2.

Any insect-based unit that encounters this unit is immediately placed under the nation's control that Isla belongs to.


~~ All the insects in the world are born from it and will fill the world.

The young children will be quietly waiting for orders from their mother, Isla ~~.


Isla is a heroic unit of Mynoghra.

The unit features the enhancement of all insect-based units and the production of insect units called “Bug Children”.

Insects are characterized by their weak fighting power without leveling up. However, they can be used for labor acts such as land reclamation, farming, and mining.

It is possible to carry out overrun and disturbance operations against the enemy's land using many insects. Still, it is also possible to enhance production capacity.



  1. Isla, Queen of All insect is from the other novel Her Majesty’s Swarm

    1. Doesn't appear to be the case. However I would be great if both series lived in the same universe.

  2. Thank you for the chapters!! Keep up the good work. Loving the translations.

  3. "The unit production was done as an experiment because the ground of Mynoghra as a nation was finally solidified," -->
    "The unit production was done as an experiment because the foundation of Mynoghra as a nation was finally solidified,"
    There are a few more, but this was the most glaring one.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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