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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Why this site have Ads now?


 Hi Isekai Mynoghra readers,

Thanks for all the comments and supports.

I am genuinely grateful that some readers have taken some real action to support this series.

But because my earning from Ko-fi and Patreon still not sufficient, I will have to put some ads on this site, hoping this site can make some money to cover some expenses.

To be honest, I'm not too fond of the idea of putting ads on this site.
Maybe if in the future, if I can earn enough financial support from Ko-fi or Patreon, the ads would be removed.

Anyway, putting ads also will not work if nobody clicks on it.

So to be fair, I can't promise anything for now.
I hope you can understand.
Additional note :
Goggle Adsense has rejected my application, so I have to try other Ads network that may be less reliable and less user friendly.
I have no choice but to do some trial & error. Please bear with me.

Thank you



  1. That would be fine. As long as you can at least give us a chapter in a regular manner. I would even be happy to click on those ad before and after reading a chapter if it means a continuation of this translation.

  2. Why don't you make it so each chapter is unlocked after watching 2 or 3 of those 30second video ads. I'll gladly watch it if it means it'll help continue the translation, this is currently by far my favorite novel. As a broke college student I sadly can't help with any donations but I'll gladly watch multiple videos before each chapter of that'll help.

    1. thank you for your input,... i will consider it and try to find out if that possible.
      Like i said before... currently my option are limited

  3. i just get nuked to virus oblivion.

  4. Better to have a patreon instead of those ads.

  5. just visiting this site has become near impossible. i don't mind banner ads but the site keeps redirecting to what my anti virus blocks as a virus uploading page

  6. I can't visit the site on my phone. Every link redirects me to another website that is virusburg. I get you need ads but would prefer ones that make it so it is possible to view the website and preferably are actively not trying to infect my devices. I am making this comment on my PC with a browser that has some serious defensive plugins.

  7. i just ask try to stop the redirects i am 5 chapters behind and cant read since i cant access the page.

    1. The pop up or pop under Ads that can directed reader to other page has been removed since yesterday.
      If your phone still redirected to other site, maybe you need to clean up your phone browser history or cache folder.

    2. That's definitely not the case. My first time on this site today, on a new phone I got just last week. Very first visit was a redirect porn ad. You're gonna need to sort this out. Not even close to remotely user friendly and it's just going to turn people away.

    3. Install Ads block app, it may solve your problem.

      What Ads show up is controlled by Ads Network company, I only copy paste the html ads code from them.
      Currently only 2 Ads company that have a reasonable rate and accept my application, so I have no choice, I stuck with them.

      If you don't like the Ads you can access my private website (no Ads) by donating through Patreon, even just $1 is OK.

      Sorry I can't make everybody happy, if people want to turn away just becoz of the Ads which cost them nothing..... just click the X button on the top right side.

    4. Legitimately was entirely unaware about a Patreon private site. That's a real good solution and I'll go ahead and do that shortly as I definitely want to keep reading. You're doing good work. The redirect ads are just rather aggressive and is all. I do have adblock. It still takes a few tries to not get a redirect ad. I get taken to a page that's prevented from loading. I highly recommend you make the ad-free patreon site a bit more visible somehow. So more know about it. Thanks for the response though!

    5. Let me be frank in here - Personally I don't mind most ads whatsoever, and I have no issue with ads that cover entire site, I have no issue with actual pop-up ads; Hell, I don't even mind those ads that are forced opened in other tabs, whenever you click, even if it's a chain of 10. What I do have issue with is ads that force you to redirect to other website, AND they redirect you to virus infected websites AND bypass 3 different types of adblockers, including 2 that are quite effective otherwise AND keep repeating no matter how many you close.

      Frankly - with the degree of infestation of adware, I doubt I will even consider donating to Patreon, as even checking if translation consistency is fine is beyond aggravating, and I am willing to bet I am not the only one who thinks so.


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