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Friday, September 4, 2020

Episode 12: Domestic affairs (2)


By constructing a "human meat tree," it is expected that they can secure food production to some extent.  

In parallel with farmland cultivation, there will be no problems unless the citizen population suddenly increased.  


"Eternal Nations" and this world are very different from each other,  

But when considering Nation Prosperity, the points that need to be watched are roughly the same. 

That is, expansion plans, domestic development plans, military plans, and research plans.   

From these, they must temporarily suspend the expansion plan to prioritize the recovery of their national strength. The domestic development plan is to increase food production centered on the "human meat tree."  

All that remains is military and research.  


That day, Takuto held a meeting with the usual National Management Members to decide Mynoghra's policies.  


"So today's agenda is research. There isn't much work to do now, but it’s still important…"  


"Yes, research will give us new technology. New technology always makes a big difference in the power as a nation. We as a small country, have an urgent need to obtain advanced technology."  


"Exactly as you say. Then Atou-dono, what type of technology do you want to be prioritized? "  


"Isn't that already obvious. Magic technology!"  


"It's so exciting."  


"Fufufu, isn't it exciting, my king."  


Long has Atou wait to make that happy statement. 

Takuto and Atou have extraordinary thoughts about domestic affairs.  

Takuto in particular has a crazy character who always wants to push domestic affairs even in a strange situation where he is suddenly thrown into another world.  

It's still not clear where the source of the madness is. What was clear was that the Mortar Elders and Dark Elves were happy that they didn't need to conquer the world or kill all life forms.  


"Oh! I also have some magic knowledge, and I am a little excited about new magic techniques.  

And what kinds of technology are we going to research? "  


Lately, Elder Mortar rarely felt nervous in front of the King.  

Of course, he still feels the same admiration, but above all, he has become evil. Ever since he became a follower of the King, he no longer felt the terrible fear he had the first time.  

Hence, in this place, he spoke with relative ease.  

Maybe another reason is that Takuto, the King himself, rarely speaks, and Atou, who represent him, was easier to talk to.  

In a way, this of course, makes Takuto feel lonely, and it's even harder for him to communicate.  

But the meeting continued. In fact, Takuto had already approved to push the talk about Magic Technology because they consider it the most important subject right now. 


"Regarding military magic. It seems that your magic is usually only used between individuals or in group battles, several tens of people at most. 《Military magic》 expands that capacity and allows large scale battle of magic troops. This requires a great magic source... I'll explain the details later. "  


Atou actively spoke, and Elder Mortar listen carefully.  

Once, he was also the one who aimed for the highest peak of magic. But ever since he became the head of the tribe, he was forced to neglect his magic study because he was busy with various tasks.  

Even so, he still had the desire to look into the abyss of magic.  

He took pride in being able to use magic, but only for individual combat.  

Of course, he able to burn multiple enemies at once with his magic flames. Unfortunately, as Atou said, he can’t cast large-scale magic.  


In truth, what kind of demon world does the King know?  

Elder Mortar couldn't wait to know the wisdom of the unknown world.  


"Then, about the research, please select some of you who are good at magic. Let them develop new technology. Anyway, it's not a difficult technology. We can develop it right away."  


"Ready, let's proceed to personnel selection and building a research institute."  


"Good. From now on, you will be very busy ..."  


Takuto, who heard their conversation, nodded happily and stroked his throne as usual.  




A research subject has been selected.  


[Military magic] is undergoing research!  




General policy regarding research was decided.  

With the country this small, doing science and technology research requires a lot of workforces. Still, maybe this is the best option at the moment.  

Understanding that, Elder Mortar will put more attention to this and other details regarding personnel selection.  


"The next is about the military. Atou-dono, what kind of policy do you think of?"  


"Of course, how to increase our military power. But right now, I don't want to invest too much in that field.   

The army only consumes resources, magical power, and maintenance costs while produces nothing.   

Anyway, why it is needed? "  


"But, without troops, we cannot protect ourselves from foreign enemies. Our current army numbers only about a dozen. Truth be told, right now, the King's army was seriously lacking in strength ... Is it possible to create a powerful subordinate with the King's magic? "  


"Hmmm. Did you mean subordinates other than citizens who serve in the army? There are several ways, but it consumes a lot of magic power and food. After all, when we still growing, the military cost will really stand out. Anyway, at the moment, we can't afford it. "  


"First of all, is it urgent to increase national strength? Just order all warriors to exercise strict discipline. "  


The warrior chief Gia responded with a troubled face.   

Maybe he was disappointed because Atou assumed that at this time, there was no need to focus on increasing military power, let alone actively expanding their power.  

Before long, Atou realized something and speak to Gia with an expression as if she understood everything.  


"AA, maybe you are worried about the people who were hunting you? I heard there is a possibility that the bounty hunter group might come here."  


"That's right, although the federation doesn't have its own military force, there is reward money for capturing Elder Mortar and me as warrior chief. Dark elves who don't have human rights can also be sold for money."  


"Hmmm ……"  


Atou thinks for a moment. She sends a glance over to Takuto to make a decision.  

As expected, there would be people hunting down the dark elves.  

Having accepted the dark elves as citizens meant that they also had to take the dark elves' problems.  

But there are currently no plans to deal with these pursuers.  

The problem is how to solve it.  

Although currently there is no problem with their battle strength, it will be more reassuring if they decide on a policy to increase their power.  


"I'll make a hero."  


Atou nods when she receives the words of the King.  

Indeed, that method was the cheapest and the least risky.  

On the King's behalf, Atou explains to the Dark Elves, who don’t understand their King’s word. 


"Atou-dono, what is a "Hero"?  


"They are heroes under King Mynoghra. They were all strong, and all the screws on the head were removed. Due to various limitations, we can not summon them all, but it is still possible if we just summon one."  


"Hero... is such a powerful person? No, I must not doubt the great King and his subordinate. "  


Heroes are special units that exist within the "Eternal Nations."  

It goes without saying that Atou is Takuto's favorite Hero.   

They were so strong that they had an essential role in the game depending on how they operated, but of course, the Dark Elves didn't know such things and just put question marks on their heads.  


"Hero is a chiito."  


"Yes, Hero is a chiito (cheat)."  


"Chiito!? What is a chiito?"  




"Hero has great strength from the beginning. Besides, they can get stronger over time. The longer they were left alone, the stronger they will become. "  


"The longer are they left alone, the stronger they will become ..."  


Often on the battlefield, the survivors were those who received a smile from the goddess of war and luck.  

And let’s say such warrior takes command. You cannot measure how much the army overall strength will rise. 

A hero with incredible skill. Just by leaving him alone will get stronger. The dark elves could not hide their excitement.  


"In short, this is a situation where secrecy is needed, and military strength is not sufficient for the defense of the country."  


In general, forming an army requires enormous cost, time, and personnel.  

However, if Takuto prepares a hero that Eternal Nations is proud of, he can quickly solve it.  

The vital skill they have are enough to defend the nation,  

The cost is also different from the game. It's only cost for one person.  

Loyalty is high and  

, most importantly, inconspicuous.  

And Hero is inconspicuous, meaning he can buy time. The longer the time drags on, the stronger the Hero will be. In other words, a small country can have the same power as a large country.  

It was Takuto who realized the difference between this world and the game "Eternal Nations."  

The difference is in their favor. 


"Oh! What a reliable person! Suppose such a powerful person is in our army, the morale will rise to a maximum, and the soldiers would be able to exert their strength many times more than usual! ‥isn't that so, Gia? "  


"That's right, Elder Mortar. Their ability as spearhead will bolster our army!” 

"We have strong and brave commanders in the past, but only our country, our King, can summon such a person! "  


If a nation has a hero, then another country will not look at them with only one eye. At least several nations in the southern continent of Hydragia would not dare to meddle with them.  

In times of war, the existence of strong people will greatly affect morale. 

For example, strong men on the battlefield, their courage, and the sound of their warcry can do a lot of psychological damage to the opposing troops.  


"AA, I forgot to say that I am one of the "heroes." Seem you guys misunderstood a little, so I'll revise it, we are heroes--"  


Atou spoke some very shocking words.  

They finally understood why she was always by the side of the Great King and serving him, it’s because she is a hero.  

Then Atou gets up from the chair and walks out of the palace.   

The throne and conference table location are inside the royal palace. The palace building shape is simple and has no walls.  

Because the area is not large, they can see Atou from inside the palace...  

Finally, she stops and silence fell, suddenly from her back appeared tentacles that continued to grow.  

The stretched tentacles resemble worms that move strangely.  

The Dark Elves, who saw her action remembered again that a girl named Atou is directly related to the existence of darkness...  

Trees in front of them instantly wiped out.  


"A single horseman who can destroy an army, that’s a Hero."  


"NUOOOO !?"  


In an instant, the broken trees overlapped.  

Her tentacles cut dozens of trees from their roots.  


Elder Mortar was amazed at her incredible power. Gia's mouth fell open wide because he understood how strong the attack was.  


The dark elves had misunderstood. They thought a hero is just a brave individual.   

Because being a brave individual is the existence admired in the world of warriors.  


It turns out that being a hero is not that easy.  

A monster equal to an army.  

The elite soldiers whose power can overturn the war situation.  

That's the Hero Mynoghra is proud of.  


"If we can gather power like this, then dealing with the minor nations around the Daijukai is not a difficult problem.   

Then regarding the two great nations that were far south of this land, currently no reason for them to send troops here."  


How does it work? 

After hiding her tentacles that just now were still swaying  

, Atou returned to the palace.  

People who saw her abilities praised her in amazement. 


"This is still not one-hundredth of my true strength ...Do you understand how strong a hero is?"  


"Powerful, so powerful! I understand more and more about Atou-dono's strength and, moreover, Ira Takuto-sama's greatness!"  


"Fufufu! I will destroy all of Takuto's enemies. So don't worry about the military. As long as I'm here, there won't be any problems."  


Atou then sits down while puffing out his chest.  

These might only sound like words of praise, but Mynoghra's battle power was more than sufficient as long as she was around.  

The dark elves were sure she would be able to destroy the hunters who came after them easily.  

The dark elves' eyes shine with joy.  

The might of a great king dispelled Their worries.  




"Yes, my King!"  


The King spoke to Atou, who proudly turned around.  

Atou has managed to raise everyone's mood,  

She smiled innocently like a baby, turned to the King she admired, but he gave her a stern answer.  


"You have to clean that."  


"... eee!"  


The word from the King was, "Why are you deforesting without permission!"  

Everyone here fell silent.  

There's no need to destroy the forest.  

On the other hand, work increases because they have to do the cleaning.  


Atou is gloomily walking down to the trees she just destroyed.  

Elder Mortar and Gia, who felt uncomfortable, decided to call the soldiers to help clean the trees.  

At first, she thought the King would praise her but instead scolded her. Atou cleaned the woods while holding back tears. Elder Mortar looked at her back and thought.  


(This girl herself had a strength comparable to an army.)  


Moreover, her power was increasing every day.  


The dark elves pondered the fact they had just seen while clearing the trees with unexplainable facial expressions.  




[Sludge Atou] Combat Unit  



Fighting power: 5 Movement power 1  


《Amity of Ruin +2》 《Affinity of Darkness +1》 《Affinity of Chaos +1》  


《Evil》 《Heroes》 《Fantasy》  


* With a certain probability, this unit can gain the abilities of the units it has destroyed.  


= Eterpedia ============  


[Hero] Unit ability  


• The unit does not receive mental punishment.  


• Other countries cannot take over Units.  


• Units earn +2 experience points each turn.  



  1. Thanks for the update.

    I like how this actually leans towards the building a country and management of it. A lot of stories say they are but five chapters in the MC abandons the country to go travels as a adventure and it all does it's self while they are gone.

    1. when something get too easy the excitement will drops.
      Some people never realize that.
      I hope someday when a japanese animation studio decide to make the anime they won't cut the real story too much just to fit their anime time limit

    2. Adding Atou is super cute. I was thinking she was the starter tutorial type npc but come to find out she's the starter pokemon.

      Poor dark elves just realized that Atou was a WMD. Even more, their will be a second scary power being summoned soon.

    3. I'd like to see a manga/anime where the hero founds a nation, carelessly goes to adventure, comes back, and the kingdom is now on the brink of civil war. Two retainers disagreed about how to uphold his royal decree, but then faction infighting began and now there's a 5-way struggle for power. He has to spend time defusing the situation, facing assassination plots, quelling random uprisings from the citizenry, and worst of all, his former love interest is now leading the anti-royalty faction!

      Many chapters later, with the help of his adventuring partners, court retainers, a few favors from a suspiciously helpful church pope, plus a lucky break or two, and he finally gets things almost under control. But... A scribe runs into the room, panicking!
      "What is it?!"
      "It's the demon king, your majesty! Only you can save us!"
      "Yes, I am the hero! What's our plan?!"
      "You must go on an adventure!"
      "... ... ... ... ᴡʜᴀᴛ"


  2. [Military magic] undergo the research!  --> "is undergoing research"

    "The longer they left alone, the stronger they will become ..." --> they are left alone

    Just by leave him alone will get stronger. --> leaving him alone

    and quickly walking out of the palace. --> walks out of the palace

    soldiers whose power is can overturn the war situation.  --> power can overturn

    Thanks for the chapter!!

    I really love how cute Atou is, and i can't wait to see whose the next hero will be, i think it could be Isla, the Queen of Bugs.

    Thanks for the chap, Lupus-sensei! If you need any help in editing and proofreading, you can contact me!

    1. Thanks Bro/Sis,
      i really appreciate your input, thanks you for the offer but honestly i don't have budget to repay your kindness.

    2. Being able to read slightly ahead, while increasing the quality of translations is more than enough of a boon for me. I dont really expect to earn anything. Also, i could use some more english proficiency exercises.

    3. If you say so then i will take your kind offer, please send me an email (see contact page).
      So i can send you the translated chapter

  3. I kinda wanted that girl to join Takumi, but assuming she's a "Hero", she can't. But, then again, maybe she can.
    Probably abusing the fact that this is reality instead of a game.

  4. listen to some rap will reading this


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