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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Episode 11: Domestic affairs (1)


The Hydragia Continent is a circular continent with two lands connected from north to south if it is roughly explained. 

Some areas are not suitable for colonization to the south, such as the Daijukai and the barbarian regions. 

Several underdeveloped countries are slightly culturally inferior to developed countries, 

Further south, it connects to an undeveloped area. 

Some underdeveloped countries are culturally slightly inferior to developed countries. Further south is referred to as an undeveloped area and is unknown to anyone. 

On the other hand, there are only two countries that control the north. Qualia, the Holy Kingdom of Light, is dominated by the human race and the El-Nar federation governed by elf species. 


Various elements are needed to create a prosperous nation. 


The two countries enjoyed prosperity. Despite the tension, they believed in the same order. It cannot be explained in one word whether a harmonious relationship between the two has been achieved. But there is undoubtedly an existence that contributes to this. 

That existence is the decisive battle arms called Seijo (Holy Woman). 



The Holy Kingdom of Qualia efficiently governs its vast territory using a state system. 

With Qualia's royal capital as its center, they have states with administrative powers of their own in the north, south, east, and west. 


The Northern Province, which is the northernmost point of the country, has many cold regions and is the least developed of the four states. 

Moreover, there are many scattered fishing villages and agricultural villages that do not have any value. 

There was a girl who is wearing a white costume who looked out of place. She was looking at the snowy ground. 


"Seijo-sama, it's time. 

According to the messenger, a group of barbarians was approaching here as planned. 

By God's will, please perform those miracles. " 


"--I understand." 


The Holy Knights were wearing luxurious armor and pure white coats.  

Escorted by the knights, she glanced off into the distance. The notification just now came from the state cardinal that rules this land. 

The girl called by the knight took a step forward. 

Not long after that, from afar came a disturbing scream. At the same time, snow smoke was rising, and a group of demi-humans rushed over. 

Their bodies were about half the size of a human. Their skin was rough blue with sharp eyes, 

Sharp fangs grew on the face where no intelligence could be felt. They held sticks, short twigs, or stone axes tied together. 

A group of snow goblins suddenly appeared in the northern region. 

Their number is around a few thousand. 

To Qualia, whose province each had ten thousand soldiers, that group of goblins was just a parasite worm inferior to humans in every way. 

But that is when viewed from the comparison of the numbers. Their appearance has destroyed several villages, and many people's lives have been lost. 


And now only one person is standing in their way. 

wearing a white robe with gold decorations, 

A girl around 17 years old looks fragile, and there are flower decorations all over her body. 


Townspeople call her, 

The God mercy 

The Flower Maiden 

The Beautiful person 

The World Guardian 


One of the Seven Great Salvation Saints of Hydragia Continent, 

Holy lady Soarena the funeral flower. 

The Holy Kingdom of Qualia is proud of the person who is the embodiment of miracles. 


"Sin that engulfs everyone and creates many tragedies. It is unforgivable. The Lord's sorrow deepens, and the time for you to repent is running out. '' 


Soarena speaks openly. 

Even if they have intelligence, will her words reach the dubious snow goblins? 

Soarena's words continued to flow. 

As if she were singing to comfort those who could not be saved? 


"I can hear the suffering of many innocent people. I can hear God's voice wishing for peace. " 


Soarena raised her hand, then directed it forward. 

The snow goblins moved fast. Their threat was imminent; in a few more seconds, the mob would clash with them. 

The Cardinal behind began to rush, The Holy Knights behind her drew their swords and began to prepare for battle. 

But Seijo Soarena slowly spoke, 


"In the offense against the Holy God Aros, the crime of disturbing the order of the Holy Kingdom Qualia, 


――I will give you a funeral." 


The fire destroyed the earth. 

There is no advance action. Hellfire that completely burns everything out appears in front of Soarena. 

The snow goblins group burned down with the ground and vegetation, a sad scream, and a deep smell of burning meat fill the area. 

The screams of the snow goblins were heard. They were trapped in the fiery flames and then disappeared. 

The earth that was previously so cold now looks like it is experiencing eternal summer, even though the strong Holy Knights could endure. Still, cardinals and servants must take off their robes and roll up their sleeves. 


The snow goblins that numbered in the thousands and had destroyed many villages until she entered the battlefield. 

Now all that was left of them was ashes, and even their form could no longer be recognized. 


Finally, the flame went out. The atmosphere became silent. Nobody talks about this miracle. 

Before long, something change. One by one, the flowers appeared and bloomed.  

Finally, the burned area was covered with flowers. 

Like a funeral ceremony... 

Their army alone had a scale of strength that far exceeded its enemy. 


This is the reason why the Seijo was called the decisive battle arm. 


"... Cardinal" 


A flower garden suddenly appeared on the northern land, 

While looking at the flower petals scattered by the blizzard wind, without looking back, Seijo Soarena spoke. 


"How was it, Seijo-sama?" 


"What happened to the story I told you the other day?" 


"The other day? What was the story like?" 


"The Daijukai in the south of the continent, There were signs of disaster there. 

I want you to send Holy Knights to investigate. " 


"The southern region is outside the territory of our country. To send troops, we must coordinate with the authorities who control the area to be passed. We also have to consider military spending and payoff. 

In the first place, Seijo-sama should have known that the knight troops couldn't make any movement. Are there real signs? " 


The words of objection filled with displeasure came out. It was clear that Cardinal didn't want to do such troublesome things. 


The holy knight waiting around gave a sign with a nod of his head. Only the person knew what it meant. 


"Yes, no doubt... I don't have to move the Holy Knights. I can go myself..." 


"Seijo-sama, are you not aware of your position!" 


Hearing the Cardinal's angry voice, the young apprentice priest who was working beside him trembled. 

Seijo turned around and silently looked at Cardinal. 


There was no emotion in her eyes. 

Like a doll without emotion, after seeing those eyes, Cardinal finally let out a long sigh. 


"Jeez, why do you think like that? Please understand how important you are. Different from when you were just a farmer in the village? " 


Seijo Soarena said nothing. She did not reply to what was an insult, but not because she did not dare but simply because her heart was not moved to respond to the insult. 

It's just that his attitude is like looking at things philosophically, but also like giving up. 


"Tch ... There are some people I can personally move. Let's command them.'' 


The Cardinal had no reason to respond to her request because Seijo's status was different from him. Still, in the end, the Cardinal offered an alternative as if he had given up. 

Hearing that answer for the first time, Soarena nodded with a childish smile. 

One of her worries was gone. 


Then, in the end, the Cardinal grumbling in a small voice, the words “country girl” escaped her mouth. But Soarena acted as if she didn't hear it. 

…… Seijo is a lonely figure. 

Given their isolated physical ability and miraculous power from God, those girls need absolute dedication and loyalty as people of order. 

Even if others jealous of their position. 

To save everything to protect all smiles. 

She will continue to exercise that miracle for those who could not be saved. 


"Thank you. May they have the blessing of God Aros..." 


Without waiting for her words, the Cardinal withdraws. 

Without any emotion looking at his back, the funeral flower Seijo Soarena murmured. 


"I have to save..." 


Her words melted into the ice. 


The armed forces must have felt the signs that change was coming to the world. 







"It's fun, its fun building time!" 

Atou's lively voice echoes in the Great Curse World. 


The citizens also participated, and although it was just a form, the national management staff was assigned. 


The minimum appearance as a nation is already in place, 

The time for the internal affairs that Takuto and others were looking forward to has finally arrived. 


The country belonging to the great Takuto-sama is like a newborn. It will continue to expand beyond the sea, and its power will reach the heavens. We depend on all of you to take the first step. 


The stone pedestal that has become a fixed position since Takuto came to this world, 

At present, that place has changed drastically. 

The throne that the Dark Elves made by pouring out their hearts and blood was finished, 

Carpets are woven with grass, And most importantly, a simple building with a roof has been completed. 

The building was just a combination of several trees. Even so, Takuto's feelings wriggled like an eel. 

The conference is still being held at a simple table made in front of the throne. 

At the moment, only Atou and Mortar can sit there, but Takuto is sure that there will be a lot of people sitting there. 

While dreaming about that, Takuto trembled with joy. 


Everything is going well. 

Takuto quietly closed his eyes and reviewed all the domestic information. 

The magical power possessed by the nation was accumulating smoothly. 

They are uniquely collected from facilities and land. The fundamentals are like a tax that each month takes a fixed percentage from citizens. 

And as an essential factor, the amount collected is related to the welfare of the community. 

There is also a system called forced round-up, which disregards human rights, and forcibly takes away supernatural powers. 

But in the end, filling the nation with happy people was also the most efficient way to obtain magic. 


(With my hands, let's lead everyone to the height of happiness!) 


――In other words, the happiness of the people leads to the development of Mynoghra. 


Takuto determined not to become an evil leader; he stroked his throne and enjoyed his subordinates' work with satisfaction. 

Due to his communication disorder, the conference continued without Takuto being involved. He became a figure who could casually sit on the throne. 

Page Break"And Atou-dono, what kind of building should we make first?" 



"Hmm, let see." 


Atou supported his chin with his fingers and thought. 

Takuto had already talked to Atou about this area, so Takuto was sure he could handle it. 

Takuto is currently reviewing the previous management policies. 

Atou nodded as soon as he was satisfied, 

Takuto told the Dark Elves the original plan. 


We will build a food production facility. We cannot fight if we are hungry. 


"Yes, food is important. But, Isn't it possible for food to be produced infinitely by the power of the King?" 


"Of course, but why should the King do such a hassle? And when the territory becomes vaster in the future, there will be logistics problems as well.'' 


"I agree with you, please forgive my shallow thinking." 


"It's okay, for now. For now, let's make a facility that produces food icons. '' 


Atou waved er hand as if she didn't care. Then she took something from her breast pocket. 

Older Mortar struggled with Atou's strange words and phrases, 

But he could still understand the point and accept what turned out to be a tree seed. 


"Please plant and grow this tree. After that, it will be completed by building a management shed, a food storage area, and a storage shed. Details will be announced later." 



"What kind of tree is that?" 


The size is a little bigger than the palm. 

It has roots and strange, constricted branches. 

Unfortunately, Elder Mortar did not know about those seeds, so he didn't know what kind of tree would grow. 

However, unlike the seeds that Emul, who is Gia's aide, had planted personally, the seeds were deliberately given and ordered to be planted. 

Indeed it is not an ordinary seed. 



"It's a human flesh tree." 




"It's a human tree." 


It was completely different from the usual. 

Atou is impressive, right? Even though she had said that many times, she came back to say the same thing. She is proudly showing off. 

Elder Mortar didn't know how to react. However, Elder mortar understood that they weren't plants from this world. 

To be honest, he didn't want that strange plant to exist in this world. 


"Well, Atou-dono, regarding that. If you don't mind I wish you could explain in more detail ..." 


“It’s one of the food production facilities in my civilization. To be precise, it is a tree that bears mysterious meat that tastes like human meat. 


"I see, it looks evil." 


Soon the King who had the communication disorder stepped in. 

It seemed he was tired of stroking the throne, even though Takuto's attitude was like that, but the two people seemed to understand. 

Elder Mortar complained. Indeed food is essential. In particular, eating meat can provide more energy than eating whole grains and vegetables. 

However, just because he became evil didn't change his taste. 

Elder Mortar still prefers fish meat over other meats. Isn't this a difficult choice?  

Will he get worried? 

Furthermore, they had a feeling for human flesh... 


"Understood. However, it will take some time to get used to human flesh. 

I am not sure how to explain it, but some people have bad memories of human flesh." 


"I don't think we can cover everything at this facility, so that's fine." 


"There must be some likes and dislikes." 


Elder Mortar finally felt relieved. 

In any case, it seemed that the food problem would be resolved smoothly. 


He understood the suffering of hunger above all else. 

He sincerely thanked the King for not giving their tribe any more suffering and hard choices. 

However, one solution is a very ironic thing: a plant fruit that tastes like human flesh. 




A building facility has been selected. 



Under construction! [Human meat tree] 





[Human meat tree] Building 


Food +1 Food production +10% 


Demonic unit recovery +10% 

"Human Meat Eater" units receive +50% resilience. 

The human flesh tree is a facility unique to Mynoghra and is an alternative to food storage. 

In addition to the normal ability, it has the effect of increasing the monster unit's recovery power. 

It also dramatically increases the resilience of Human Meat Eaterunits. 



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