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Episode 21: Twins (2)

    The twin girls. The younger Sister Cearia and the older Sister Mearia.   Atou tilts her head slightly at their different looks, even though she is a monster that defies logic. Without hesitation, she asks about the girls' situation.   “What the cause of your scar?”   “It is a disease.”   “Oh, you poor thing.”   "Your majesty ......, this suits Cearia.”     Her Sister's Cearia just tells Takuto one word, then she fell silent.   Takuto doesn't seem to want to hear any more about it, either.   Elder Mortar explained that the burns were the result of the plague. Apparently, even now that she's healed completely, the scar still remains.   Whatever the reason, Atou decided that it would not be a good idea to dig up too much just to find out what it is, and that's the end of it on this matter.   If it didn't affect the king, she wouldn't care.   “What happened to your sister?”     “She's the most beautiful,