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Thursday, June 22, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C55


Chapter 55: Lecture.



"This place should be fine."


Clavis-san's voice echoed in a swamp.


The swamp must be pretty shallow. I see some white and yellow perennial flowers.


Oops, we must be careful.


Some poisonous chimeranou flowers are blooming.


It is a magic plant that lives in swamps. It kills and eats butterflies or bees that come to suck its nectar.


The nectar is harmless to the human body, but it is enough to paralyze small birds like sparrows.


By the way, the origin of its name is because the plant is as evil as a chimera.


“There's a chimeranou growing over there.

We probably shouldn't go there."


Chimeranou usually lives in deeper swamps.


Most likely, that part is deeper than the others.


"Hee.......... I've never heard of it before."


"Mildy should learn a little more about plants and magic plants."


As Mildy-san voiced her impressions, Richil-san looked irritated beside her with a blue streak on her temple.


"It was the first time we heard this. Right Miss Lilith?"


Mildy-san didn't look offended and passed the topic to Lilith, standing next to her.


Lilith smiles bitterly.


"No, I knew about it."


"Eh? Is it possible that I'm the only one who doesn't know about it?"


Is it possible that I'm the only one?


"Stupid. You know that Miss Lilith's medicinal plants knowledge is extraordinary, right?"


Richil-san pointed out to her.


"Ahahaha... That's right."


Mildy-san laughs bitterly.


But Lilith stays humble.


"I'm not that great. I only know about magic and medicinal herbs that can be used to treat illness. I'm nothing compared to Lucile."


"As expected Luciel-kun. Even Miss Lilith has acknowledged your knowledge."


I'm more impressed by Miss Lilith, who has so much knowledge although she is only 5 years old."


I replied and smiled back at Mildy-san, who winked at me.


"Hey, hey. You guys. You're too relaxed. Especially Mildy. You're our young lady's bodyguard. Behave yourselves."


Fletty-san scolded her from his horseback.


As if she was lightly struck by lightning, Mildy-san put on her helmet.


"I'm sorry. I'll be more careful, Commander."


"As long as you understand."


But she still doesn't calm down. Fletty-san sighs as he sees her reaction.


Karim-san laughs lightly at their interaction.


"Fletty, you are the one who is too serious. Are you nervous because it's your first battle as the Red Flame Knight?"


In the end, Karim-san narrows his eyes.


Fletty-san gets tense for a moment.


"No, that's not true!"


"Ah~. Commander's face is bright red. It seems Karim-sama was right."


Mildy grins back at him.


Fletty-san's face is bright red.


"Hey! This kind of hiking mood is fine, but I don't want you guys to forget our goal."


Clavis-san reminded them.


As expected, the Lord's direct warning was effective. Fletty, Mildy, and the other knights who accompanied them immediately quiet down.


As expected of Clavis-san.


Our purpose for coming to the swamps today is to investigate monsters. Although that purpose is just a pretext, it also serves as training for the knights.


And the content of that training is .......


“Now we will begin the slime de-crystallization training.

Everyone, please take this seriously."


"Yes sir!"


About 100 knights in total shouted in unison.


"Now, let me introduce you to the person who will be your instructor for today's training. Luciel-kun."


Fletty-san introduced me exaggeratedly, which made me nervous.


I think the knights already know about me.


That's right... I came to the swamp today to teach the knights how to decrystallize slime.


The method of de-crystallization differs from one monster to another. Still, slime de-crystallization is one of the easiest ones.


Plus, the results will be worth the effort.


"Luciel-kun, salute......."


Oh, salute.....


Eh, eeh~. That's a bit too.......


I never spoke in front of so many people, not even 300 years ago.


"Nufufu..... This will be a good experience."


Clavis-san laughs wickedly.


Could it be that it was Clavis-san's idea? In the first place, Clavis-san suggested that the Knights should learn how to decrystallize slime.


This time he got me off guard.


I think briefly about what I will say, then clear my throat.


"I’m Luciel Ha........ Sorry, My name is Luciel Grand Letivia. De-crystallization is not easy, but anyone can learn it if they study patiently. The opponent is slime, so it's not that difficult to handle. I hope everyone can enjoy learning it together. My goal is to learn the names and faces of all the Knights by interacting with all of you. I look forward to working with you."


I lower my head.


I guess I was a bit too stiff.


I regretted it a little, but I heard applause and raised my head.


Clavis-san beside me strokes his beard.


"Mm-hmm. That's a pretty good greeting. Well, 95 points."


"That's a very high score, Father. But, I agree with you."


"Nice greetings, Luciel."


Even Karim-san and Lilith praise me.


"We're looking forward to working with you!"


The knights bowed their heads as well.


Apparently, my greeting went well.


I pat my chest. I am happy to receive the praise but also a little relieved.


Venson-san's efforts to teach me the modern language might have paid off. I was worried. But judging from everyone's reaction, everything seems to be fine.


But there may be more to come. When I return to the mansion, I'll ask Venson-san to teach me how to give a good greeting.


"Then, first capture the slime that lives in this swamp. After that, we will begin the lecture as planned!"


Fletty-san's voice echoes again.


As I thought, he is really fired up today.


This is how my lecture began.


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