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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep14 Ruins of the Sea




For me, the sea is something from stories.

I learned about it from my parents when I was still living in the village, from adventurers during my Races Union days, and from the books that came out of the Infinite Gacha.

It is not difficult for me to see the sea directly if I wanted to, but I never thought about it because I had no reason to go there.


Despite being inside the large-scale ancient civilization ruins, the scene spread out in front of me could only be described as the sea that I have heard or read about in stories and books.


Even though we are underground, sunlight-like light is coming from the ceiling. As far as my eye can see, the blue sea water waves come and go.

Below us, a small island (50m radius) is partially covered by a sandy beach.


"Creating a dungeon is one thing, but... Creating an ocean..."


I was surprised by the overflowing stone golem on the floor above, but the sight spreading out before my eyes shocked me even more.

I had never imagined that an ocean could be created underground.

How could they have thought of creating it, carried it out, and completed it?


Mei's thread cage safely lands on the small island.

The small island is only partially covered with trees and has a beautiful view.

Like on the floor above, we first go down to check for monsters, traps, etc., and then the dwarves go down.

There is no sign of monsters or traps on this small island.




Dwarves rush out of the thread cage excitedly.

Some dig the ground to collect soil, flowers, and sand from the beach.

Some take a lick of seawater, and when they find that there is no problem, they start to drink it.

One of them takes off his clothes to dive into the sea and observe the underseas, but we stop him. The reason is that we don't know what is inside the sea.


……excited dwarves might be more troublesome than strong foes. It feels like babysitting.


I sighed lightly and gave instructions to Mera.


"Mera, I need you to scout our surrounding area just like you did before."


"Kekekeke! Understood, my Lord!"


Mera transforms her body again.

She creates 4 birds of prey from her arms, and they fly away.

I see the birds off and look around.


"Maybe we should rest here until Mera's detached body comes back. It's dangerous to move in this sea without a destination."


"Raito-dono! Meanwhile, may I study this small island and the sea?"


The bearded, hairy, old dwarves appeal to me with sparkling eyes like little boys.

I can't say "No" here, so I sigh again and give my permission.

After all, we do have some time before Mera's birds come back.


"We will escort you, but please be very careful. This small island is fine, but we don't know what's under the sea."


This is not a threat. No matter how great my ability to detect presence is, it is still difficult to detect the inside of the sea.

The shore may be fine, but it is impossible to go deep underwater.

If we could transform our bodies into fish and explore under the sea, we could grasp the situation under the sea. Unfortunately, we can't do that.


"So it's okay if your subordinates escort us! I understand!"


When the Dwarf King replied cheerfully, the dwarves split into two groups.

They’re researching inside the small island and the beach.

I give instructions to Mera, Suzu, and the others.


"Mera, Suzu, you'll escort them."


"We can handle an underwater attack, so we'll be on the water side."




"Kekekekeke! Then I will protect the dwarves on the island side."


At Rock's suggestion, Mera will escort  the island group, while Suzu & Rock will be on the beach group.


By the way, Nazuna was not chosen as an escort......

She curiously swings her big sword at the waves and digs sand on the beach.

For information, her big sword is the second strongest weapon after my Gungnir.       


...By the way, Infinite Gacha cards don't have classes like Mythology class, fantasy class, and so on. Only distinguished by rarity, such as SUR, UR, and so on.

Infinite Gacha card's rarity classification is based on the rarity and capability. While the Genesis class to Relic class is based on the amount of magic power, attack power, defense power, recovery power, and so on.

In Infinite Gacha, strength is also important. But those with rare abilities are also sometimes classified into a higher grade. Infinite Gacha is a unique ability because I am the only one who has it.


(...... Well, Nazuna's sword is protected by magic. It won't rust even if it got wet by seawater, so it should be fine.)


"Raito-sama, the rest place is ready."


"... Thank you Mei."


It would take some time for Mera's birds to return.

Mei had already set up an umbrella, a table, chairs, a tea set, and snacks from her inventory.

She even had time to arrange the color, using white as the base color to match the blue sea.

Despite the fact that no one has ever returned from this dangerous site, the atmosphere of this place feels like a tea party in a nobleman's garden.


Mei pulls out a chair for me to sit down.

I sit down, and then she makes me a cup of tea with her expert hands.

I don't know where the tea leaves came from, but I liked this tea because it is sweet and smells nice.


"Yup. ...... it's delicious, Mei."


"Thank you."


The temperature, the thickness, the taste, and the smell are all to my liking and calming.


The sound of the waves, which I had never heard before, repeatedly hit my ears.

At first, I thought the sound was louder than I had imagined. But as I listen to it repeatedly, the sound of the waves becomes more and more pleasant.


Mei stands by my side as a waitress. She also seems to be listening with her eyes closed. It looks like the sound of the waves is comforting to her.

Even though we are inside the dangerous ruins, I feel very relaxed.


After drinking a cup of tea and relaxing for a while, I see Nazuna in the corner of my field of vision. She is imitating the dwarves. She takes a handful of seawater and drinks it.




The seawater tasted worse than she expected, and she spits it out.

Mei frowns at her bad manners, but Nazuna doesn't notice it and rushes over to me with teary eyes.


"My, my Lord~."


"Nazuna... what are you doing ..."


"Because the dwarves are drinking it, I thought it's delicious."


The dwarves take and taste the seawater, but she doesn't have to imitate them...

I am amazed by her act. I handed over the sweet cookies and the tea I was drinking.

Nazuna washes the seawater out of her mouth with the tea and replenishes the sweetness with the cookies.


"Indirect kiss with Raito-sama....."




Mei utters a few words. Suzu, who is accompanying the dwarves on the beach, looks at Nazuna with jealous eyes.

Nazuna does not notice any of their words or stares. She just smiles brightly as usual.


"Thank you, my Lord! As I thought, my Lord is so kind. I love you!"


"Okay, okay, thank you. Next time be careful not to put everything in your mouth, okay?"


"It's okay, I understand!"


Nazuna's replies still sound very energetic.....

Nazuna walks straight to Mei and asks her to take out another chair.

She sits down and starts eating the sweets in front of her.

She looks very happy as she eats the sweets and drinks the tea. Watching her makes me happy as well.




--A few hours later.


Mera's detached body returns. It seems to have discovered something.


It fuses back into her body and shares its memories with Mera.


"--kekekekeke! My Lord, I have found a small island in the south with a double-spiral building like the one we saw above. From what I can see from the sky, there is another hole leading down."


"Thank you Mera, that is very helpful."


"Kekekekeke! No need to thank me. We are happy when we can be useful to our Lord!"


Mera is so happy to be praised by me that she blushes bright red, trembles, and raises her voice.

Although some people are afraid of her because of her height and largemouth, she is extremely cute when she blushes and smiles with joy.

I think Mera is a somewhat sarcastic but honest and sweet girl. Why do some people seem to be afraid of her?


While wondering inwardly, I turn my gaze to our next destination.


".... Now that we're heading south, how are we going to cross this sea?"




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