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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Episode 51: Clever Scheme (1) - 2



"But I was relieved. Takuto-sama the other day was a little.... that... "


"Was it scary?"


When she noticed, Takuto raised his face and turned his gaze toward Atou.

Atou was momentarily confused because his gaze looked different from the previous one, but she nodded, thinking the question needed to be answered.


"Ye-yes ..."


What kind of reaction would she get?

She was a little worried, but what came back to her was a soft smile, as usual.


"Yes. You're right. It was scary, wasn't it? I'm sorry, Atou. Also, both of you, I'm sorry....... It must be hard to express your opinion when talking with a scary king."


Takuto begins to talk fluently as if his depression just now was a lie.

Apparently, he was talking with the twins before Atou came here.

Isla's case may become a thorn in each of their hearts. In that respect, Atou thought that being able to talk with the twins until he was calmed down would have positive implications for Mynoghra's future.

Because ... these two have become heroes.


"Yes. Mearia likes the current King. So does Oneechan-san, right?"


"Yeah. I like the King who isn't chuunibyou."




"Stop it!!"


But the new heroes seemed a little tomboy.

Of course, the two don't have any ill intentions. But they still don't understand that innocence sometimes can hurt people.

Is it necessary for the three of them to get along with Takuto this time? Atou is watching the lord with half worrying and half hoping, but Takuto stands up as if he has come up with a decision.


"Well, I am not joking when I said I'll do my best. World conquest is ... not a lie. I've decided to do it, so I'll do it by all means."


Takuto, who said those words made them feel some strange charisma. They even felt his majesty, which made them want to serve him.


"I promised to the two of you too. Let's do our best together."


"... We won't let anyone die."

"Cearia and Mearia are no longer a being that needs protection."


The twins also had a strong determination in their hearts.


Atou remembers the crazy twin girls that she saw on that day. That memory won't fade away.

They are still screaming in their hearts.

From now on, that scream will be directed to the world.


That day, Mynoghra has reborn.


"Takuto-sama ......"


Atou muttered with a look full of confidence.

It was the expression of a subordinate who believed in her master's greatness.

She looks like a girl in love or a fanatic follower before her god.


Eventually, Atou quietly thanked her retainers. With an expression that looks like the demon had fallen, she speaks another sentence.


"I am Atou the Sludge. I am the spawn of the mud that destroys the world. From now on, my body and my heart belong to you. I will go with you wherever you go. My King."


"--Yes, I'll rely on you. Atou."


For Takuto and Atou, this sentence has been said a thousand times,

But that sentence has a powerful meaning.

The views of the two meet as if to reaffirm their bond.

Finally, they held each other's hands and got close to each other …….


"Takuto-sama ..."


"Atou ..."



"Gigigigiiiii !!"


An intruder suddenly appeared as if the time had been deliberately set.

A subordinate came in front of them, shaking his body parts. It is clear from her expression that Atou is annoyed.


"What's wrong with you, bug? Just now was a very nice moment... Are you suffering from a disease that would kill you if you didn't disturb me and Takuto-sama?"


"By the way, Mearia & Cearia are also here, but we were completely treated as outsiders."


"Don't disturb us!"




"Oh, it's finished. Thank you for your hard work, Mushi-kun."


The one who appeared is a Long Leg Bug.

A disgusting unit in Mynoghra

Due to their high mobility and low production cost, they are popular among the players, not only as a scout but also for many other things.

As usual, he is spilling saliva from his mouth. His expression looks like he is ignoring everyone and walking toward Takuto.

Since Takuto was asking a question that seemed to confirm something, he came to report his work.

Atou watched him while holding back her anxiety.

Suddenly, she saw a large basket attached to the long-leg bug's back.


"Takuto-sama? What is the basket that the bug carries? By the way, I remember that the long-leg bugs had been mass-produced for the past few days ..."


Atou also remembers that Takuto used his precious national stockpile to produce long-leg bugs.

She could understand that there was an urgent mission because he was doing emergency production using magical power.

However, she initially thought they were created as inexpensive supplementary personnel for national defense. But, it seems they have been created for a different purpose.


Atou asked Takuto a question, But when he was about to answer .....

Mearia found something on the Long Leg Bug's head. She raised her hand that was holding a shining coin towards Takuto.


"My King. This..."


"... Hmm? Oh, Maybe it was dropped and stuck to his body. Mushi-kun, it's important money, so be careful from now on."


"Gigigie !!"


"OK. Good."


If Atou's memory is correct, the shiny thing in Takuto's hand is a gold coin of Brave Quests.

A certain number of coins appeared in this world when a demon was defeated as part of the RPG system.

The battle against the Demon King's army was brief yet fierce. The number of enemies defeated and turned into gold coins was countless.

By now, the area around Dragon Town and the southern part area under Mynoghra's control, where the battle took place, is filled with mountains of gold coins.

Some of them are here.


Atou has passed countless battles with Takuto. She can guess his mind to some extent. However, she is still just a pawn that is moved by her lord's will.

It can't be helped if sometimes she can't understand his acts because Takuto's thinking ability is far beyond her.

Atou is confused by her master's actions. She stares at Takuto.


"Takuto-sama? What the hell is that ... unless you tell me soon, I won't know what's going on."


"Haha,  sorry, sorry. That's right, I haven't explained about that point yet."


Takuto laughed a little while apologizing. He flips the gold coin with his finger.

The coin flew over Takuto, turned around in the air, and then fell back.

Unfortunately, it didn't fall right in the palm of his hand ... the coin fell to the ground.





"Well... Isn't it faster to see than to explain with words? Alright, let's go to the city center. Both of you also come."



"Yes, sir."


 Takuto quietly picks up the gold coin and continues the conversation as if nothing had happened.

 Atou and the twins didn't try to question him again.

 Honestly, it would be too troublesome if he gets depressed again.


"Hey! Atou, hurry up. We will leave you?"


"Oh! Please wait. I'm coming!"


When she heard Takuto's voice, Atou came to her senses and quickly ran after him.

Atou was relieved and felt a hint of joy at their steady relationship.

The unpleasant sense of urgency that she initially felt disappeared. The only thing left is her strong determination to serve the King.




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  1. I had hoped we'd see more of serious King mode, and not baby loser mode.


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