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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C52


Chapter 52: Special night lesson.





I hear a voice that sounds like a bell tinkling, and I move my gaze.


The moon is shining through the thin clouds.


Lilith is standing in the Letivia family garden.


She is wearing a simple housecoat and a slightly thick children's gown.


I stand up and bow my head.


"Good evening, Miss Lilith. Welcome to a special night lesson."


"Night lesson......?"


"...... No, no. I'm not teasing you."


I quickly wave my hand, but Lilith just blinks her eyes.


It seems her blink just now didn't mean anything.


Of course, she did. She is only five years old. Well, I'm supposed to be the same age as her.


Well....... When I was in Tristan's family, I was surrounded by adults, and my playmates were the knights.


They told me all sorts of things that only an adult would know.


What the hell am I thinking about......?




"Oh, sorry. Anyway, come this way. It's cold, so I'll start the lesson right away."


"What lesson?"


"Just wait for it."


I grin and show my teeth.


Richil side


I wonder if those two are okay.


I heard something like "special night lesson" or something similar.


I got permission and even forbid people to enter this place so that Miss Lilith wouldn't lose her concentration.


But what are you going to do, Lucile-kun?


Richil Onee-san feels extremely curious.


I can't wait to see how their romance goes...!


Although they are adopted, Luciel and Lilith are not blood-related.


And I have a hunch that Clavis-sama wouldn't be against it.


That means it's officially approved by the head of the family, right?


Doesn't that mean the first obstacle has gone?


No, the biggest obstacle is Yulan.


The love race has suddenly become much more interesting now that she's in the picture.


I wonder what Luciel-kun will do.


Will he choose Lilith-sama since he already got her parents' approval?


Or will he choose Yulan? Even though she is a white dragon.


I'll watch you closely, Luciel-kun.


"Richil....... What are you doing here?"


"Mildy, shut up for a second. I'm in the middle of something."




As Mildy looks at me with a blank expression, I watch the two from a distance.


Luciel side


It's really lit up.


A fire appears from a pile of tree branches...


It's not big yet. Smaller than the palm of my hand. It is a beautiful fire.


I didn't know we could make a fire in this way.


Lilith looks again at the bocklin in her hands.


By rubbing the resin-rich fruits together, we can easily make fire.


I used to make a fire this way when I was first abandoned in the mountains, and I still can't use magic.


"I always thought fire is something you make with magic."


Lilith is impressed.


Probably because she has been surrounded by people who can use magic since she was born.


It was the same with me when I was in Tristan's family.


The knights of the Tristan family taught me how to make fire other than with magic so that I could survive even if I was left alone on the battlefield.


"Even if you don't have a bocklin', you can always carry a flint to make fire. You can also make fire with friction, but this might be too difficult for Lilith...."


"Amazing. As expected of Luciel. You know a lot of things I don't know."


"Thank you. Thanks. So, let's stoke the fire a little bit."


I gradually add more wood to the fire.


The fire slowly gets bigger. But it is only slightly bigger than my palm.


"It's warm."


Sometimes it is sweaty during the day, but the nights are still cold.


The current heat is just right.


"The fire is beautiful when you look at it closely...."


I stare at the bonfire.


The fire flickers like a wave through the wood. The fire is not only red.


It is purple, orange, or bluish.......


Every time it surges, it shows us different appearances.


It looks like a shimmering jewel.


Lilith and I stare at the flickering flames for a while.


We never get tired of just staring at the fire.


What surprised me is that Lilith is not afraid of fire.


My strategy is to change her perception of fire by letting her start her own fire, and I wonder if it is working.


I think it's working. In fact, I think it's changing her perception.




Yes. What is it?"


Are you no longer afraid of fire?


I was going to ask her that but decided not to.


Instead, I thought it would be better for Lilith to keep today as a good memory than remind her of her fear.


I quickly put fist-sized stones around the fire.


Watching me take out the stones from my magic bag, Lilith is amazed again.




"You can pull out anything from your bag, right?"


"Ahahaha ....... It has everything I need for cooking. Weight doesn't matter as long as I put it inside this magic bag."


After surrounding the fire with stones, I finally pulled a pot out of the bag--. No, it's not a pot. It's a large oval object.


"What is this?""


"It's the shell of a magma turtle. It is only the child's size, though."


"Magma Turtle?"


"It's good for grilling. It's easier for the heat to spread out than cooking them in a pot or sauce pan."


"It's as if you are going to cook now."


"Yes, I am."


I laugh.


"Eh? What are you going to cook? Grilling.... sweet potatoes?"


Lilith asks with sparkling eyes.


She is probably a little excited.


Her blue eyes sparkled under the moonlight.


Unfortunately, I disappointed her.


"I couldn't find any good potatoes this season, so I prepared this one."


What I pull out of the magic bag is an eggplant about the size of Lilith's upper arm.


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