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Monday, May 15, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep10 The broken piece and going down

Infinite Gacha c5e16~20 (Text & Reading Voice)


"At, at first, Mera tried, but she failed. I thought I'd try with my full power.... and then, it broke off..."


"Nazuna... It broke off..."


The strongest person in Naraku just broke a part of the wall that the dwarves couldn't break over the years.


"Uuuuh..... I, I'm sorry, my Lord."


"Geez... They found these ruins and own them, so you can't just randomly break things unless we've been attacked by enemies."


"Yes, yes... To all the dwarves, I'm sorry!"


After getting scolded by me, Nazuna apologizes to the dwarves with a pale expression.


Mera, Suzu, and Rock also apologize to her.




"I'm sorry. I should have stopped them sooner."


"Keke, kekekeke! I, I'm sorry. I was tempted when I heard that the material had never been broken before. I just couldn't resist testing my power..."


I also apologize to Dagan.


"I apologize for the inconvenience caused by my comrades. They did not damage the ruins out of malice. They just wanted to test their strength. So please forgive them for this incident."


"I, I don't mind, I don't mind. Anyway, young lady, can you show me the broken pieces in your hand?"


"Ra, Raito-sama?"


Nazuna asks my permission.

I nod, and she shows him the broken piece.

Not only Dagan but other dwarves gather around Nazuna like ants swarming sugar.


"Uhyoo! Finally, we got a piece of the unbreakable wall!"


"King Dagan! Let me see it!"


"Me, too! Let me see it, let me touch it, let me take a little sample!"


"Wait, wait, wait. Don't be greedy! Let me take a closer look!"


Dagan looks closely at the broken piece.

The broken piece kept changing hands as they took them from each other and started coming up with ideas for experiments.

During this process, a fight breaks out among themselves over who has the right to keep the broken piece.


"My, my Lord. Did, did I do a bad thing?"


Nazuna clings to my arm with a confused expression.

Suzu and Mera also distanced themselves from the dwarves, who began to fight over the broken piece.

Even Mei is pressing her temples with one hand because of this unexpected situation.

I also press my temple in the same way.


"It's okay. It's not Nazuna's fault. We just underestimated the dwarves' passion for creating things.... "


I did not expect them to start a fight over a single piece of the wall.

The dwarves were so enthusiastic that they didn't think of the option of asking Nazuna to take more pieces for each of them.

That shows how much they want that piece as a sample of the new material.


Before the fight gets more violent, I shout.

"Why don't we ask Nazuna to get more pieces for each of you?"

And they start to calm down.


I asked Nazuna to get 4 more pieces, and all 5 dwarves participating in this mission received the pieces with smiles on their faces.


After they finish storing away the samples, they look at Mei. She is already done preparing to go down the hole.

She nods silently and gets into a cage made of her magic threads.

As the one who made it, she has to show that the cage is safe.


She enters the thread cage and raises her right hand with an open palm.


"I created this box with my magic thread. I have tied the threads to several buildings here for support, so you don't need to worry. The threads will not break even if the number of people riding it doubles."


"We will surround you, so please stay in the center of the cage so we can easily protect you."


"Mera. If there is a problem with Mei's magic thread, you will handle it."


"Kekekekekeke! Leave it to me, Raito-sama!"


Mera is determined to atone for her mistake.

Even if the magic threads break, Mera should be able to keep everyone from falling to the bottom of the hole by transforming her body.

She is the most suitable to be Mei's backup.


At first, we planned to go down to the hole using SR-Flying. But we were not sure if we would be able to respond immediately if the dwarves under our guard suddenly made a move.

In the end, we decided to use this method to go down.




Mei looks at me as if to say, 'I want Raito-sama in the center of our protection.'

I pretended not to notice that and let Dagan and the others get on first.

If I am in the center, the burden on Mei and the others will increase.

Above all, we are going to explore an ancient civilization ruin.

I can't put myself in a safe zone by letting my friends take the danger.


After making sure everyone is inside the cage and closing the door, we begin to go down.


"...... Hmmm, we go down slower than I thought we would."


"If we go down too fast, it will put a strain on our bodies."


Mei answered Dagan's question.

He understood and nodded.


We go down slowly to the bottom of the hole.

Even though more than 10 minutes had passed, there was no sign that we had reached the bottom.

Mera was constantly wary of monsters or traps. Finally, she laughed.


"Kekekekeke! Just how deep is this hole? There is still no sign of an exit, not even a sign of people or monsters. If someone tells me that it's connected to Evil God's place, I'll believe it!"


"Mera, don't say scary things."




The timid Suzu nodded at Mera's words with a face so pale that anyone could see it even in this darkness.

Suzu hates scary stories. Sometimes she cries when she hears scary stories from the fairy maids.

But I think ghosts or zombies wouldn't be a threat for someone as strong as she is...


A few minutes later--.

Mei notices something unusual.


It seems that the thread she is hanging down below the cage has reached the end of the hole.


"Everyone, we will reach the end of the hole in about 100 meters. Please be careful because there is a possibility of a surprise attack."


We can detect monsters' presence before they attack. They can't break through the thread cage made of Mei's magic threads unless the attack is too powerful.

Still, we must be careful.


After going down roughly 100 meters, we reach the bottom of the hole.


Despite being deep underground, light is coming in through the gaps in the thread cage.


Mei carefully loosened a part of the thread cage to make a big window.

Beyond the window, there is a Double-spiral building that looks as if they connect the sky and the earth. They are glowing faintly.

But that is not the light that illuminates this underground world.

Light similar to sunlight is pouring down from the ceiling.


"I never thought I would find a world like this after going down the hole... Are these ruins made by an ancient civilization?"


I couldn't help but talk to myself.

However, no one was listening to me.

Everyone here is stunned by the world that unfolds before their eyes.







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