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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Episode 49: And the game of the Gods begins (Part 2) - 2


"The Queen of Harlot, witch Vagia---I'll stop you here. By the law of spirits established by the Tetralucia Council, this Zais-Tisloy will save our compatriots from your devil's hands!"


At the same time, as his words ended, the gloew of the spirit marks engraved on the Tetroqual fortress behind Zais increases.

The spirits floating around gathered inside the building as if returning to the nest.

Eventually, the glow became a ray of light and landed on Zais's body.

Words are no longer needed. The only thing he needs to do is destroy the enemy.

Implicitly the light expressed those words.


"It's a large-scale spiritual ritual that is passed down to us, the elves. It gathers the spirits and magical powers from the surrounding area. Even a witch likes you won't stand a chance!"


"Fufu, it's definitely rising tremendously. That's right-- let's talk with our body I love that kind of thing Come, this succubus queen. Vagia, will talk with you, slowly, stickily, and passionately!"


Zais held his weapon, the spear.

It has a spirit mark and receives auxiliary magical power from Etroqual, and shines with a spiral swell.

At the same time, the spirit warriors behind Zais hold their weapons, and the archers in the fortress are pulling their arrows.


"Elf. Feel free to attack me from anywhere."


"Mr. Elf. Please ... please be gentle."


"Fufufu Come on, let's do something ecchi with Onee-san (big sis) "


"Spirit! Bless me with Victory! Brave spirit warriors, Attack!"




At the same time as his words, Zais became a ray of light and fired a full-spirited blow toward Vagia.

The forest shook due to the impact, birds take off in a hurry between the trees.

The overflowing force made the ground rippling. The hammer of light certainly hit the witch.

All elves were convinced that their leader would win.

Even the Succubuses surprised, theirs eyes are wide open.


However, Zais is more surprised.


"... Naa!"



――Zais is the only one who understood.


Poyong, he understood that the blow was prevented by the soft mound.


"Eat this special move, boobs slap in the face!"



Zais is shocked and screams while rolling around the ground.

His cheeks swelled bright red, indicating that the blow was intense, contrary to the words.

However, it didn't really matter to Zais.

There was a fact that confused him much more than the pain on his cheeks.


"Wha, What happened !? What --"


Zais stood up staggering while being supported by his fellow Elf at the end of the roll.

Vagia lying on her back with legs outstretched in front of him looks no different from before, and the beautiful chest that should have taken the blow wasn't even scratched.


"Did you know? Men can't win against boobs ... it's a sad fact, isn't it ?"


"Don't mess with me! It's a blessing of spirits! It's a spirit ritual! It's a blow that gathers all the spiritual power of Etroqual! It's impossible! It's impossible!"


Zais was confused and screaming because the incident just overturned his reasons.

His confidence crumbled. He was haunted by despair about how to destroy this witch.

Seeing such reaction from Zais, Vagia quietly opens her mouth.


"Ecchi Ecchi Succubus official News Vol.14."


"... What?"


Zais asked a question without realizing it.

Although this was clearly not the time for discussion with the enemy, he heard something very strange.

At the same time, he realized that he didn't understand any of her words just now.

What is she trying to say?

Vagia continues to talk to the man whose abilities are recognized and expected to be the clan's head. The confused man.


"The level of Succubus Queen is over 90. Its attack capability alone is comparable to the latest aircraft carrier strike fleet. With her defense power, even tactical nuclear weapons cannot do much damage ... Excerpt from page 56. "


"Carrier? Nuclear ... What is that? What the hell is that!?"


As an individual, her combat abilities were too far above standard.

However, Zais couldn't understand her words.

Words from another world. There is no way to know about the weapons that raged this world and controlled by principle different from principle they know.

The Queen turned around while showing her chest, with seducing face she looked at the confused Zais,

The two succubus attendants also smiled broadly.


"Elf. We are more powerful than you can imagine."


"Mr. Elf. Our race has a different standard, fuee."


Both of them are aristocrats called Noble Succubus.

They calmly analyzed the strength difference and facts.

The elf spirit warriors who charged together with Zais are rolling on the ground.

All of them were those who got the title of spirit warriors through constant training and complicated rituals.

They are proud of El-Nar, who is on par with the Holy Knight of Qualia. Even if it costs their life, they have to win.

But more than words, this fact showed an unacceptable reality for Zais.


"Well, that kind of thing When I saw this setting, I thought that the maker that had such a setting inserted in eroge is a fool , but it's surprisingly useful. "


Vagia is talking...

About her origin, about what kind of existence she is.

However, there is no one among the elves who can understand her words.

Even though she knew no one can understand her word, she continues to talks.


"It's convenient because I was summoned to a dangerous world like this."


Finally, she giggled and started laughing.

The seductive laughter of the Succubus gradually gained momentum, echoed, and hypnotize the elves.

The elf warriors also saw signs of defeat in the lewd chorus that seducing the men, depression spreading in their hearts.

But no one runs away.

Because they were already captivated by this group of unrealistic beauties.


"But it doesn't matter to you now, and it also doesn't matter to us now. "


At the same time, as the Queen snaps her fingers, the Succubuses who were waiting behind come out to the front.

Everyone smiled with a stern smile and waited for Queen's words as if they couldn't wait for the upcoming mad festival.

Then, the beginning of a feast for the world's pleasures by the ruthless Queen was declared.


"Now everyone, it's dinner time! Show the elves a play that can even beat a niche project AV!"




The elves who have returned to their sanity run away in a hurry.

However, one by one, they are caught by the Succubuses, who has an extraordinary fighting ability.

It goes without saying what happens to those who are caught.

After watching the fellowship of men and women that started everywhere, the two noble succubus attendants turned to the Queen.


"My Queen. What are we going to do now?"


"What to do? What are you talking about?"


"My Queen. It's about the enemies from other games ... Uh, why all of them are from serious and violent games? We who came from stupid and ecchi games will surely lose."


"If we lose, we lose. It's an ecchi defeat, so it's doesn't matter, isn't it?"


When the petite noble Succubus hears Queen's words, her face blushing bright red.

Eventually, she whispered, "Maybe it's OK..." then she went silent.

Her companion, the tall Noble Succubus, acts more like a succubus than her. The tall Noble Succubus shook her head lightly and sighed.

She looked up at the sky only because she couldn't help it.

While watching the attitude of the two, Vagia laughs in a good mood.


"Hatred, killing each other, war ... all, all are useless, useless It's useless, meaningless, worthless, and not productive Ecchi ecchi If you forget everything and do ecchi, any problem will be solved That's why we came here..."


Even her voice that laughs vigorously has the magical power to defeat men.

Her existence is to captivate men.

That's why Vagia was born. She is alive for that.

Vagia has no purpose. She has no dreams. There are no particular wishes that she wants to fulfill.

She only does so because of her God, and she wants to.

It's called the ultimate desire because it is unique. If it's sharpened to the limit, then it will be very sharp.

Sometimes it even has the power to cut through the world.


Queen Vagia smiles. The charm that defeats all living beings.


"Now, as our God of Expansion wants... Should this Feminine Witch Queen Vagia conquer this world? "


New threats were surely invading the world.



[Mynoghra Royal Palace Emergency Meeting]


The Brave Quests Raid by the Demon King Army and the fallen hero problem couldn't be ignored.

Takuto gathers the key members in the meeting room to discuss future policies.


Although it was usually always in a relaxed atmosphere, today was different.

Of course, considering the impact of losing Isla, it is undeniable that the meeting atmosphere will be even heavier.

But that not right. Today will be different.


Everyone gathered here trembling because they feel the horror. They are just shrinking like a small animal waiting for the storm to pass.

Takuto quietly declared as he looked around at his men, who were confused and frightened by their first experience.


"………… Conquer the world."


The word that cannot be said, it made all the listeners feels a mysterious fear.





  Isekai Apocalypse Mynoghra episode 50 (Full version)


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