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Friday, April 28, 2023

TanboHiro: Ch 1 - Ep 6

TanboHiro - chapter 1 episode 6~10


Chapter 1 Episode 6: Tomato Penne with Long Eggplant and Tuna


"Phew, I think that's enough for today."




When we finished harvesting, the containers in front of us were full of long eggplants.


"It's amazing to see so many eggplants lined up."


"Ah, I've grown nice shiny eggplants."


Harvesting is troublesome when there are so many, but seeing so many eggplants lined up is satisfying.

But the progress is much faster when I have help.

Although Seram is a novice farmer, she is physically and mentally strong because she used to work with knights in another world.

She worked long hours without complaining and did more than I expected.

Although I didn't hesitate when hiring and letting someone from another world with no common sense live in my home, her hard work alone was worth it.


"What are you going to do with these eggplants?"


"The eggplants are going to be sorted and arranged. After that, we'll pack them in bags and take them to the direct-sale station. The delivery company will take them to the market and then sell them at the local supermarkets."


"I see."


I tried to explain the delivery arrangements, but it must be difficult for Seram to imagine. She still doesn't know much about this world.


"We still have some work to do, but we'll have lunch first."


"I see!"


She must have been hungry. When I stopped work and told her we would have lunch, Seram looked happy.

The harvested eggplants were wrapped in freshness-preserving bags and set aside.

As we did so, I took the ones that were misshapen or slightly damaged for lunch.

They can't be sold, but they are not inedible, so it is perfectly fine for me to eat them.

As soon as we got home, Seram asked me excitedly.


"What are we going to have for lunch?"


"We've harvested a lot. I'm going to make a dish with long eggplants."


"Oh, I can't wait to eat them!"


However, we had deep-fried eggplant simmered in soy sauce yesterday. It would be boring to cook the same thing.

What shall I cook?

I checked the refrigerator to see what ingredients were left. There were few ingredients left.

I checked the cupboard and found pasta and canned tuna.


"Okay, lunch is tomato penne with long eggplant and tuna."


It's a simple recipe that uses leftover ingredients and is easy to make.

Let's go with this.


"Is there anything I can help you with?"


When I was taking out the ingredients, Seram asked with a nervous look.


"You've been saying that since yesterday. I don't like to wait around by myself. Let me help you."


"'Then, after you cut off the stems of the eggplants, peel them with a peeler."


"Huh? Peeler?"


When I handed her the peeler, Seram looked puzzled.

Apparently, this tool does not exist in Seram's world.


"Hold the blade like this and pull downwards to peel off the skin."


"Oh, that's very convenient!"

After I demonstrated how to do it, Seram seemed to understand the principle, and soon she could peel the skin by herself.

Meanwhile, I removed the tuna from the can and prepared a frying pan on the stove.


"......I thought about it yesterday, but Jin-dono is a good cook even though you are a man."


"Well, I've been living alone for a long time. In Seram's world, men don't cook?"


"Of course, there are men who can cook, but most of the time, it is left to the women. There is a belief that men don't belong in the kitchen unless they are cooks."

It's like the early Showa era way of thinking.

If you speak such words nowadays, you will be scolded for sure.


"Jin-dono, what should I do with the peeled eggplant?"


"Oh, I want you to diagonally cut them into big slices."


"Diagonal slices?"


Hm? Isn't this way of cutting exist in another world?

No, it must exist there. The name may be different. It's a relatively easy way of cutting.


"Cutting diagonally means cutting the food diagonally like this."


"Oh, that's how to cut it..."


When I showed her how to use the knife, Seram nodded.

Then I handed her the knife, and she held it tightly.


"Wait a minute."


"Hmm? What?"


"Why are you holding that knife like that? It's not safe to hold it like that."


"Mmm. I'm sorry. How should I hold it?"


Hearing Serum's question, I realized I had overlooked a certain possibility.


“…Have you never cooked before?”


"I am ashamed to tell you that I come from a family of knights and have been practicing swordsmanship and horseback riding since childhood. I have no such experiences in cooking at all."


"... You should tell me that earlier."


No wonder her behavior in the kitchen and how she held the knife was weird.


"I'm sorry. If I told you I had no experience, you would kick me out of the kitchen... I just wanted to try cooking for once."


Seram looked like a scolded child.


"If you are a guest, I would do that, but you will stay here for a while. I'll teach you everything you need to know, but you must tell me what you don't know and can't do."


"Thank you, Jin-dono! I will do so from now on!"


When I said this, Seram smiled.

At first, I taught Seram how to hold the knife and cut the ingredients.

Then she began to slowly slice the ingredients diagonally in the right way.

Her left hand was a bit awkward. Maybe I should buy her a ceramic knife next time.

I put some olive oil in the frying pan when she finished cutting the eggplant.

Then, I put the eggplant and the tuna into the frying pan.

The shape is a little distorted. It's okay because it's sliced diagonally.


"Can you put some water in that pot over there?"


"Oh, sure. As I recall, if I lift this lever, the water will come out."


Seram did not know anything about tap water. But after seeing me use it a few times, she seemed to understand how to use it.

She lifted the lever timidly and lowered it back at the right time.


"I did it!"


"Well done!"


It's pathetic to be praised for that. Still, I must credit her for successfully mastering something she'd never touched before. I feel as if I am adopting a dog.

"Next, I need you to turn on the stove."

I place the pot of water on the stove and continue to teach her.

Just like running water, she'll get used to this kind of thing if she uses it.


"Let's see, it's a fire tool. As I recall, it's a knob here that you turn to the right. Am I right?"




I nodded, and Seram turned the knob to the right.

Then, the fire lit up at once.


"It's lit up!"


"Good job. Now move the lever on top of the knob to the right."


"Oh! The fire's getting stronger!"


"Remember, you can adjust the heat by moving that lever."


"I didn't expect to be able to make water and fire with such a simple action... The tools in Jin-dono's world are really convenient."


Seram stares at the fire in amazement.

As long as she has access to running water and a stove, leaving her alone in this house will be fine. As long as the ingredients are available, she can cook cup noodles or something else on her own.

As I teach her how to use the water tap and stove, I add tomato sauce and stir-fry the eggplant and tuna until they begin to brown.


"Oh, it smells so good already."


Seram was standing next to me, watching as I cooked. She had a happy expression on her face as she muttered to me.


"The aroma of tomato sauce and tuna is so appetizing. I've been working hard since morning, and I'm hungry."


I added dried herbs and basil to the sauce and simmered it over low heat. While the sauce was simmering, I added penne and salad oil to boiling water. Once the penne was cooked, I mixed it into the sauce that had just finished simmering. I added a little salt to taste while adjusting the seasoning.

After confirming everything was fine, I served the penne on a flat plate.


"All right, tomato penne with long eggplant and tuna."




Seram brought the plate of food to the table. After pouring chilled barley tea into our glasses, we sat on the cushions.




We clasped our hands together, then immediately picked up our forks and brought them to our mouths.

"This is delicious! The eggplant is so juicy!"

"I told you so, didn't I?"


The sourness and flavor of the tomatoes spread in our mouths.

Above all, the long slices of eggplant were very juicy.

Even though there was no meat in the dish, it was just as satisfying as eating a large piece of meat.


The tuna's slight seafood flavor and fatty meat were well blended into the tomato sauce and nicely mixed in with the penne. The unique taste of dried herbs and basil wipes off the flavor and fat in the end, creating a refreshing aftertaste.


It can be said that tasting fresh ingredients like this is a farmer's privilege.


“Jin-dono’s long eggplants are really delicious!” Seram said as she munched on her penne, her big smile making it clear that she meant it.


"That's how I make a living. Otherwise, what's the point?"


It is meaningless if it is something that anyone can make. It is valuable because it has a taste people are willing to pay for. That is what farming is all about.

But I certainly felt happy as a farmer when I heard that. Even if my vegetables are lined up at the market or supermarket, I never receive direct customer feedback. It makes me happy to have people eat them right before me and tell me how delicious they are.


"Thank you for the food."


When I was deeply moved by her words, I noticed her plate was already empty.


"You finished eating so fast!"


"Jin's cooking is delicious!"


Her portion has  been quite generous, but she finished it quickly.

It seems our lady knight is also quite the foodie.



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