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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Episode 49: And the game of the Gods begins (Part 2) - 1



[El-Nar Spiritual Alliance Absolute Defense Point Etroqual]


Currently, the witches' incident is happening in the Holy Kingdom of Qualia.

A kingdom blessed by God and overwhelmed by witches' evil, even their Saintess has fallen to its knees ...

Meanwhile, the El-Nar Spiritual Alliance, another great country in the Hydragia continent, is also under threat they had never experienced before.


"Report! Unidentified figure in front! Multiple!"


"OK! All members, stay on alert! The spirit warrior is ready to intercept the enemy in front of Etroqual!"


A messenger was just giving a report. A man who looked like a commander was issuing orders to the soldiers.

This was a large fortress made of wood that was built in the Forest of the Elves. The atmosphere is cool, mysterious and somehow felt majestic.

Its height is comparable to the castle's walls, the elf warriors waiting for their order.

The secret elf spirits mark engraved everywhere emits a faint glow that increase the strength of the fortress.

The embodied high-ranking spirits are patrolling the area like a flock of fireflies.


This is a huge facility that suddenly appears in the deep forest.

This fortress is called Etroqual, the absolute defense point the elves are proud of.

And the fortress was built with the enemy characteristic in mind.

With such a large scale, there is no way they build it just for fun.

This is proof that Etroqual is about to be attacked.


"They're coming! It's the harlot group."


An elf warrior holding a bow from the fortress and gazing ahead shouts.

What appeared is a group of beautiful women.

No, the expression "beautiful" doesn't do justice to describe their beauty.

Even for the elf race, which had many women with unrealistic beauty, their beauty was striking. The strong scent of feminine allure emitted from their plump and lustful bodies makes anyone fall in love even if they are enemies.

But the elf warriors knew well that they were the most terrifying beings.

On their bodies, there are characteristics the elves have never seen before.

They have a goat-like horns, bat-like wings, and a tail that does not belong to any life form in this world.


They are beings known a succubuses.


"One, two, three ... Ahaan ...! I wonder what's going on there are so many gentlemen! I can't stop drooling ."


The woman at the forefront cheered happily.

The young Elf, which was in defense position, involuntarily blushed and pressed his crotch.

The high-ranking Succubus can seduce men just with her voice.

The folklore, which had been ridiculed as mischief, proved its power as soon as it appeared in reality.


"Even so, it's the first time we get this much reception How many are there? Suddenly I feels so dizzy. "


The woman stood out.

Dressed in distinctive clothing that emphasizes her body curves.

From her attitude, it is clear that she has great confidence in her beauty.

Also, unlike the others, she wears a distinctive decoration and is dressed in luxurious outfit.

Apparently, she is the leader of the group.

The woman is standing ahead of her group, checking the elf warriors as if she is appraising them. ――Two people with contrast body profile, tall and petite, call out from her sides.


"My Queen, counting men by their numbers is not elegant."


"My Queen, please hurry and wipe your drool......"


It looks like they are succubus attendants.

The woman just laughed lightly at their complaints,


Instead of replying, she smiled a lusty, man-seducing smile.


Succubus Queen, Vagia.

This woman is considered the most powerful of the succubus clan. She is the cause of the great misfortune that now strikes El-Nar. The objective of the Elf council order is to hold them at this absolute defense point, Etroqual.


"Damn you snakes, Abominable Succubus! Stop fooling around!"


Acting as the chief is a promising elf. Zais-Tisloy, the commander of this defense base Etroqual, screamed in anger.

The current situation was more dangerous than he had imagined. Because of the delay in waiting for the invading army's status reports, he has been too late to stop Succubus's invasion until today.

As a result, they lost many compatriots.

No--their compatriots have changed sides because of the succubus' allure.

His anger has risen to the limit due to the extremely vulgar fact that the proud and sacred race like the Elves are tainted.

However, no matter how angry the proud Elf was, it doesn't mean the opponent will respond to him in the same manner.


"I never think of fooling around we are enjoying ourselves with all our might Yes ... we are enjoying live!"


As if she was proud of herself, the Queen of Joy smiled without shame.

At that instant, the vest she was wearing exploded, and her plump twin hills were exposed.

Vagia took off her clothes ... for no apparent reason.


"My Queen. Shouldn't you to take it off one by one."


"My Queen.... Yo... your boobs can be seen! Fuee....!


Maybe it's a violation of manners even among the Succubus? The two attendants complained.

However, she is ignoring them. Even among the ignorant Succubus, Vagia has the most ignorant personality.


"Shameless whore! Get dressed!"


Of course, Zais can't help but complain.

Although he was surprised that she suddenly took off her clothes, above all, it's a poison to the eyes.

At this rate, it may not be possible to concentrate on the sacred battle that is about to begin.

Of course, Zais is also a man. Because he is a man, he has a pathetic weakness.


"Eh? Get dressed?! ... Does that mean my boobs isn't attractive? It's a little shocking, pien "


"No, I'm not saying it's unattractive, but ... that's not what I mean!"


"Glad to hear that then; why don't you touch it for a moment? Come on, just a little, just for a moment. "


"EEI! Shut up! I'm not talking about that!"


Just because he asked the opponent to wear her clothes, why should he shout that loudly? Without realizing it, Zais became annoyed at his own behavior.

He must not get carried away by the atmosphere created by the enemy.

If this conversation continues then, the enemy will make fun of him.


This is what happened to his compatriots. When they realized it, they had already agreed with their opponent's opinion and were charmed by the pheromone she released.

In fact, Zais himself was starting to feel familiar with Vagia and couldn't hate her attitude.


"The Queen of Harlot, witch Vagia---I'll stop you here. By the law of spirits established by the Tetralucia Council, this Zais-Tisloy will save our compatriots from your devil's hands!"







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