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KoushaRyouri ~C36

  Chapter 36: Direction     ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ Knights side ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆   Meanwhile, the knights who left the Letivia mansion camped at the foot of the mountain where the dragon lives. After making sure they are in perfect condition, they leave their horses behind and begin to climb the mountain.   Their numbers are small, but they are an elite group.   Besides Mildy, Richil, and Garner, Fletty selected 50 men to go with them.   Including the guards in their territory, the Letivia family has around 1,000 knights and soldiers.   Fletty purposely reduced their number.   Dragons are generally very tough and won't be intimidated by half-baked attacks.   All Letivia knights are strong, but there are individual differences.   Inexperienced knights won't be able to fight the dragon, so they are asked to stay behind as a reinforcement in case of an emergency.   "From this point on, we will rely on the map that Luciel-kun drew for us."   Kari

KoushaRyouri ~C35

  Chapter 35: Do you...?     The knights climb on their horses and are about to depart.   Karim is among them.   Karim-san holds the title of Hero. I don't know how strong he is, but he is very calm.   The one who isn't calm is Miss Lilith, who sees him off.   "Brother, take this...."   Miss Lilith is already in tears. She extends her hand to give nicely wrapped Lurara herbs to him.   It is a phantom magic plant that Miss Lilith has been growing in the basement.   "Thank you, Lilith."   Karim gets down from his horse and gently holds the wrapped Lurara herb in his arms.   "It's going to be okay, Lilith. I'll definitely break our mother's curse."   ".... Yes."   Miss Lilith nods, but something is still bothering her.   "Don't do anything reckless... Do you understand, Karim?"   Sophinie-san's voice was trembling as well.   "I won't die