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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep32 Battle on the 3rd floor - part 1


"I am Nazuna! Nazuna is the strongest among my master's subordinates! I'm the strongest, you know!"




As soon as they stepped into the Giant Tower to kill the Red Dragon, the White Knights and Sasha were separated by a transfer trap.

When Hardy transferred, he met a beautiful girl in armor standing in front of him.


The beautiful girl introduced herself as Nazuna. She is short and has blood-red eyes. Her silver hair is long and her breasts are huge despite her short stature. She sounds like a beautiful young lady of a noble family, but she wears heavy armor and holds a sword that is bigger than her body. There is a big gap between her words and actions.


Maybe because of the transfer trap, the effect of "Silent" has been gone.

Thanks to that, Hardy can hear her words.

As Hardy moves his body and checks her surroundings, the sound of the armor he wears echoes.


(This place is... The atmosphere is different from the 1st floor, but it looks like I'm still inside the "Giant Tower")


He remembers the texture of the huge pillars, floors, and walls made of a mysterious building material that he saw on the first floor. Currently, he is in a large empty space.

Thanks to the regular layout of the pillars embedded into the walls, the empty space is circular and as large as a soccer field.

Except for the beautiful girl standing in front of him, there is no one else in sight, no place to hide, and it is the perfect place to fight.


"Hey! Old man, are you listening to me? You have to listen to what people say, you know?"


Nazuna shouted in annoyance at Hardy, who was still checking his surroundings while watching her.

She is not happy that she did not get any response at all.

Without even raising his eyebrows, Hardy puts his hand on his big sword and speaks.


".....I'm listening. You are our enemy, right?"


"Ou! You're the strongest among the elves, aren't you? My Lord wants me to fight you and see how strong you are!"


"I see."


Hardy raised his big sword without any hesitation.

As the White Knights' Commander, he has completed many missions. He had fought monsters disguised as children younger than Nazuna.

Her appearance is not enough to make him sway.


From that girl's words and actions, it is easy to predict that she has a Lord who purposely built this giant tower and prepared a transfer trap to divide the White Knights.

He doesn't know if the girl's Lord has other plans than checking his power, but.......

He feels that the girl in front of him shouldn't be taken lightly.


(But that's all...)


No matter how strong she is, there is no way she can match him.

He is the White Knights' Commander. The Silent Hardy is the most powerful man among the elves.


Hardy wants to neutralize her as fast as possible and extract information from her.

After extracting the information, it's just a matter of time before he regroups with his comrades, defeats the Red Dragon, and then captures or kills that girl's Lord.

For Hardy, this situation where he is separated from his comrades and left alone in the enemy base is no different from his usual works.


"Let's fight."


"Yeah! Let's have a nice fight!"


(...... Not a human child. A demon race? Big sword, armor, all are artifacts.)


Nazuna also raised her big sword.

Her eyes widen as she takes a fighting stance. She holds the sword easily even though it is obviously heavier than her and also wearing armor. He concludes that she is not a human being. From the way she holds her sword, he can see that his opponent is very powerful.

Hardy never loses his cool, even when his life is on the line and they are about to kill each other.


Coincidentally, they are fighting with the same big sword and heavy armor.


Nazuna made the first move.






Nazuna unleashes a flash of high spirit attack!

She swings out the big sword in her hand.

Her sword flash flies at Hardy, cutting his big sword and armor, injuring his body, and cutting through the Giant Tower wall behind him and creating a large crack.




Hardy couldn't withstand this attack, so he lost consciousness and collapsed.


".............. Are, is it over?"


Nazuna mutters to herself as she pulls out her big sword.

She was very excited about it, but it was only a small attack to test his response.

She planned to close the distance between them and slash his big sword while her opponent is avoiding or blocking her sword flash.

So her plan is ruined, and the power that she was about to use starts to drop down slowly as it has nowhere to go, but a telepathy connection makes her whole body stiffen.


Her telepathic caller is Elly, the "Forbidden Witch.


"Nazuna-san! You broke the wall of the giant tower so soon!


"No, I didn't break it!"


Elly's voice is full of anger, and Nazuna couldn't help but lie.

Elly's voice on the other side lowered down slightly.


You shouldn't tell lies that are so easily revealed! I've explained to you that the reparations of the giant tower are linked to my magic power! There's no other way this ridiculously high amount of magic power can be consumed except to repair the walls! I almost fell on my butt in front of the God Raito! Fell on my butt!


"So, sorry! Elly, I'm sorry!"


Imagining the embarrassing scene of suddenly falling on her butt in front of her beloved Lord, Nazuna's face turned pale.

Just as she said, the wall where she can see outside is slowly being repaired by Elly's magic power.

Elly complains even further.

"You've already defeated Hardy because you misjudged his power, right? It's the first time I've been assigned a job on the surface, so I can understand why you're fired up, but you need to learn how to control your strength a little bit. We all recognize your strength, but you're not very good at holding back, are you? If you do that, when God Raito asks you to use your power on the surface world, the damage will be greater than expected. Even if he wants to entrust a task to you, he might not be able to do so. Are you okay with that?"


"No, I'm not okay with that......."


"Huff... Then, make a little more effort. This time it can't be helped, but the next time you have a chance, at least learn to control your power so you won't break the giant tower wall."


"I understand...... I'm sorry, Elly......"


"As long as you understand, it's fine. As long as you understand."


"Guu, nuu.......!"


While she is talking with Elly, Hardy regains his consciousness.


"Magic power, manifest and heal my dying body..."


He uses tactical-class recovery magic to heal his wounds.


"It seems that somehow he's revived!


"...... Thanks to my magic, he didn't die, so he's healing his wounds and trying to get up again. The next time you do this, please learn to hold back and test your power! Just try not to break the giant tower's walls!"


"I get it! Now, Leave it to me!"


She cut off the telepathy and waited for Hardy to heal his wound and stood up.

It took about three minutes for him to stand up.


  1. She still don't how to hold back
    Her definition of holding back is world apart from others


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