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KoushaRyouri ~C23

  Lupus-Sensei : I made a new youtube video. Please help me to like & subscribe Chapter 23: A mountain named loneliness     300 years. .......   My words fall on the grass and flowers along the peaceful roadside.   Of course, everyone is surprised. No, maybe they are stunned now.   But instead of regretting it, I feel unexpectedly relieved.   While everyone is speechless, Karim is the first one to react to my words.   Perhaps he was certain of something.   He nodded his head.   "He isn't lying. It is not hard to imagine that he has gained the power of [immortality] by eating many monsters. The very existence of those monsters itself is surprising, but we have confirmed their skills."   Then Clavis-san turns to Fletty-san.   "Fletty. Your hunch-- Somehow, your hunch hit the jackpot in the wrong way."   "Hunch?"   I tilt my head, and Clavis-san looks straight at me.   "Fletty was the fir

Episode 39: Defense - part 2

  Lupus-Sensei : I made a new youtube video. Please help me to like & subscribe   The invasion of the city of Dragon Town includes the summoned monsters.Many demons under Ice Rock also participated. The number is overwhelmingly larger than the number of soldier that Fremine mobilize behind the Demon King back. Although to Shitennou they were only fragile monsters, they were a miracle for the humans who fought them all this time. Their number should be more than enough to bring down a city. The Demon King Army and the Shitennou who lead them has been defeated easily.... Even a wise man like Fremine need more time to admit Isla's words as facts.   (Well,No matter how far they go, small fry are only small fry.)   But even in a crisis situation where his allies had been wiped out, Fremine still have the confidence. With his ability he could survive this situation. ......After all for the Demon King Army of Brave Quests, those demons is nothing more than chess p