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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C6: The Hero’s mother, mourns.


After confirming that there are no survivors, Clore goes straight back to Wiel and Mion.


"Dear, welcome back."


"I'm back, Wiel."


Wiel gives him a wet towel and wipes off the blood and dirt from his body.

Wiel isn't surprised and acts as usual, but Mion can't help but frown.

But she immediately shakes her head and speaks to Clore.


"Wel, welcome back. So, Clore-sama. Where are my fellow tribes....?"


"Aah. No one left alive in that village."


"No way....!"


"But maybe some of them still alive. The bandits who attacked your village are hired by a slave trader."


"Is that true?"


"Yeah. I found out from the bandits who were still in the village. Besides, some of the corpses had slave collars on them."


Their eyes widened when they heard the word Slave Trader.

Human trafficking is prohibited in this country. It is still fresh in their minds that the government has eradicated slave traders as well.

Wiel looked at Clore with a bitter expression on her face.


Mion is so shocked by the news that she looks desperate and slumps down.

The slave collar is some kind of restraining device.

The collar has magic mechanisms designed to cause extreme pain to the body when its grip is tightened.

It is a tool used to keep slaves from escaping, but the source of its production was also destroyed when the government destroyed the Slave Traders. All the collars should have been recovered and destroyed by the government.


There are two possible reasons for it being there.

First, the government is involved in the slave trade.

This is impossible. Rumor says that the current King hates such inhumane things so much that he would vomit in disgust.

Second, this is the most likely reason.

There is still a manufacturer of slave collars somewhere.

This negative cycle will not stop until the Slave Traders and the collar production source are destroyed.

Clore looked at the corpse of the female rabbit tribe that had been tortured to death earlier and gritted his teeth.


"Dear. I think it's better to move on from here now...... Mion-chan looks really depressed too."


"You're right. Mion-chan, can you stand up?"


Mion is lost in thought, but she nods at Clore's words and slowly stands up.

But her legs are not strong enough to walk, so Wiel lent her shoulder to help her walk.


"Mion-chan, can I ask you one thing?"


"Ye, yes...?"


"If we leave this village as it is, monsters may come and steal the bodies of the victims. If that happens, the dead won't rest in peace. If it's all right with you, I think it would be better to burn this village."


Clore's suggestion shook Mion's heart.

Certainly, monsters or beasts would come by if left alone. If that happened, the bodies of her people would be cruelly devoured.

The Elves who coexist with nature would leave it as if it is a natural thing.

But as a survivor of the rabbit tribe, Mion could not allow such a thing to happen.


"...... Please do that. Please let my fellow tribe rest in peace."


"I understand. Wiel, I'll rely on you."




Clore supports Mion while Wiel extends her hand toward the village.

High-density magic concentrated in his hand, and a white magic circle appeared.



"To the drifting spirits, let it be a guide of light -- Holy Flare."


After the chanting, countless white, pale, snow-like flames appeared from the magic circle and descended throughout the village as if riding the wind.

Then the pure white flames engulfed the entire village.

Clore and Wiel clasp their hands together as they watch the scene.

Mion is stunned, but she follows their example and clasps her hands together.


After a while, the pure white flames disappeared.

The village, corpses, and everything else is gone. It becomes empty land.


"This should have purified the lost soul."


"Thank you, Wiel-sama. Now everyone ... Uh, uuh...!"


As Mion bows deeply, tears drop from her eyes and seep into the ground.

Wiel looks at Mion and gently hugs her.


"Okay, okay, everything will be fine. The Slave Trader have captured them, but your fellow tribes are still alive. We will definitely save them, so please stop crying. Okay?"


"Ye, yes... Ueeen... Uwaaa!"


Mion cries loudly in Wiel's arms.

With a smile like a holy mother, Wiel holds Mion in her arms the entire time.




"I, I'm sorry, Wiel-sama. I have stained your dress..."


"No, no. Don't worry about it."


After leaving the village, Mion finally stopped crying.

Wiel's clothes are stained with Mion's tears and snot.

Maybe feeling embarrassed for crying so hard, she blushed and bowed her head repeatedly.


"But, but that..."


"Really, don't worry about it. I can clean up this much with magic."


Mion lightly waves her index finger.

A magic circle formed at Wiel's feet, spinning and passing through Wiel's body, leaving his clothes clean and spotless.




"Oh, wow...! Magic is amazing! It really can do anything!"


"Not everything can be done. Magic is a way to increase what you can do."


"But it's amazing! It's so cool!"


Mion's eyes are sparkling.

Magic is determined by talent. Not many people can use it. Depending on the environment, some people may never see it in their lives.

Mion had never seen any magic until she turned this age.


"I want to use magic too! Wiel-sama, please teach me!"


"Well, that's ......."


She looks at Clore with a troubled face.

While half-laughing, Clore speaks.


"Well... The first thing we should check is if she has any magic power, right?"


"... You're right. Let's check it out."


"Ye, yes! Please!"


Wiel goes around to Mion's back and puts her hand between her shoulder blades.

A few seconds later, Wiel's face turns slightly gloomy.


"This is...."


  1. instantly changed from sobbing to "WOW MAGIC IS REALLY AMAZING!" like everyone you know was brutally killed and the rest were sold into slaver, how are you able to switch from being super sad to being happy that quick? seems like bad writing to me


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