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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep15 A conversation with Sasha


Sasha the elf, her hair is like golden threads that stretched down her back and her ears are pointed.

Her face remained unchanged even though it had been three years since I last saw her.

If she is a human, she would have changed a bit, but she is an elf.

While suppressing my anger inside, I calmly reply.


"...... We're having a meeting right now. What do you want?"


"Hey, kid, take off that weird mask and let me see your face."


She doesn't listen to me at all and just talks one-sidedly about what she wants.


(Ahh, I can't suppress the urge to kill her right now!)


If I don't wear the mask, my anger will be completely exposed.

Anyway, it seems that the power of "SSR, Clown Mask" is working well.


"Didn't you hear that? We're in the middle of an important meeting to enter the forest. Suddenly you talk to us and just say what you want. Don't you have any common sense?"


"I'm not talking to you! Just because you're a human being with a pretty face, don't get cocky!"


"I'm not cocky. I know many people who are more beautiful or cuter than me, so I can't get cocky....... Don't blame me for your lack of confidence in your own appearance."


"This, this human........."


That sight made me feel better.


"Wait, Sasha-sama..."


If everyone around us is asked, "who is prettier, Sasha or Nemumu?”, I'm sure 9 out of 10 people would answer Nemumu. Sasha also noticed that, that's why her face turned red from embarrassment.


The sound of the two of them fighting was surprisingly loud.

The other adventurers in the area wondering, "What is going on?" or "What happened?".

The blonde and silver-haired elf adventurers who seemed to be Sasha's party members opened their mouths to warn her, but they only half-heartedly reach out and speak. Maybe their position is lower than hers.

It can be said that they don't have the courage to interfere in women's quarrels.


Nemumu and Gold are also trying their best not to show their emotions in front of Sasha, my revenge target.

However, I get the impression that they prioritize suppressing their emotions and not taking care of the rest.


...... It will be troublesome if we attract too much attention.


"I understand. You just want me to take off my mask, right? But I was badly burned in a fire, so I have to cover my face with a mask. To be honest, it's not something I would show to anyone else. So, are you sure?"


"I'm the fiancée of the White Knights vice commander. Don't mess with me. Just take off your mask!"


"……I understand"


I don't want to attract more attention if I continue to argue with this hysterical Sasha, so I take off my mask.


"Heee! Ugeeeh! So disgusting!"


As soon as she sees my face (or more accurately, the burns illusion created by the SSR, Clown Mask's power), she covers her mouth and starts to throw up.

The two blond and silver-haired elf adventurers behind Sasha also covered their mouths and averted their eyes.


Sasha hates ugly things, so she immediately shouts.


"Hurry up and cover your disgusting face!"




She asked me to show my face, and then she told me to cover it. ......

She was deceived by illusions because she's a stupid woman who is obsessed with appearances. She doesn't know what's real and didn't notice anything when she sees an illusion closely.

She is really stupid.


I silently put on the mask again.

Sasha stares at us again. Her face is pale and she spits out as if my burned face is still stuck in her mind.


"Don't show disgusting things like that! This is why I hate humans so much!"


"Sa, Sasha-sama, please wait!"


She curses and walks away, letting out her anger.

The two elf adventurers following behind her.

As she walks away, I can hear her muttering to herself.


"It can't be Raito, it's been almost three years. ...... If he's a human, he should be grown up......."


Apparently, she approached me because of my stature. I looked like the person she tried to kill 3 years ago in Naraku dungeon.


( In the past, she pretended to be fair to the human race, but....... I didn't realize how ugly she really is.......)


I guess it's easy to be deceived in a short period, especially for a boy in his early teens who had just left the countryside to become an adventurer.

It made me feel ashamed of myself for not being able to see her true nature.

At the same time, I got a new feeling that I would definitely take revenge on Sasha, the traitor elf.

After seeing off Sasha's back, I look back at Gold and Nemumu.


"...... We got an unnecessary interruption, but let's continue our meeting. I don't want to waste time, so let's just get it over with and head to the forest."


" Mmm, Roger that."


"That woman wasted our time....... As Dark-sama said, let's finish this quickly and go to the forest."


In fact, we had already figured out most of the forest thanks to the information we received from Elly and Aoyuki. So we won't get lost. When we reach a location in the forest where there is no one around, we will meet up with Elly and the others.

However, I wanted to act naturally to avoid attention.


Therefore, we had a meeting like ordinary adventurers.

After the meeting, we head to the forest with Nemumu as the lead.

She led us to a secluded place where we would meet up with the others.



  1. If everyone around us is asked > If everyone around us was asked

    1. Thanks for keep making the corrections. However, I don't think the TLer read the comments.

    2. Actually... I read the comments, but since I too busy do other things so, I just leave it. Only do corrections when have free time or the mistake is just too big to be ignored.
      Anyway, thanks.


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