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Thursday, November 4, 2021



Chapter 38: Let's make it ourselves.


Thanks to the vitamins, Stella and the other people who lived on the outskirts of town feel better.

Another good news I heard is that Ninorich is about to start a construction rush.


Whether it's an inn, a tavern, or an adventurer's guild, building them all requires manpower.

Ninorich is a remote area that is difficult to find workers, so in this situation, they would borrow any hand they can get, even if it's a cat's paw.


Half of the people who live on the town's outskirts are old people, but the other half is still in productive age.

According to Karen, those who can work in the farm will work in the farms. The men will be assigned to work in construction.


She also said that the other half of the elderly people can do simple work.

When I heard this, I decided to implement the plan I had been thinking about for a while.......





That day, I was conducting an experiment in my store kitchen.

I put a pot filled with water on the portable gas stove, turned on the fire, and then waited for a few minutes.


When the water was boiling, I turned off the heat and put a can on the pot.

The empty can contains a shaved candle, which will be melted by boiling water.


"The heat is ...... maybe around this level?"


While I was adjusting the portable gas stove's knobs.


"Shirou Onii-chan, what are you doing? Cooking?"


Aina, who finished cleaning the shop, looked into the pot.

She looked curious.


"Is this a ...... candle?"


"Yes, it is. I'm melting a candle.


" ...... You cook with candles?"


"Haha, no way. I'm going to use the melted candles to make survival matches."


"What? Survival matches! Are you going to make Survival Matches now? This is the first time Aina see how to make survival matches!"


Aina gets excited at my words.

She's so excited that she's snorting and snorting.


I wonder if this means that.

Aina also thinks that I'm an alchemist.


"Oh? If you're interested, would you like to try making one with me?"


"Yes! Aina wants to make survival matches too!"


According to what I heard from my acquaintance, survival matches are easy to make if you have a candle.

When I heard this, I looked up how to make them on the Internet and bought all the necessary materials at a nearby 100 yen store.

First, I took out the matches from the box.


"Look, Aina, the candle has melted into liquid, right? Put a match into this liquid wax like this......"


Soak the tip of the match in the melted wax and remove it immediately.

Then, I put matches in the empty space and arrange them to dry the wax on the tips of the matches.


"When the wax hardens, the next step is..."


As I said that, I opened the lid of the small bottle I had prepared.


"What's that?"


"It's called 'nail polish,' and it's supposed to be applied to the nails, but this time we're going to apply it to the matches. Watch this. You paint it on like this."




"Yes. I heard that if you apply too much, it won't catch fire."




Aina's eyes shine, and she stares at the match I'm holding.


"When the nail polish is dry, it's done. Now it's time for the real show."


"The real show?"


"That's right. Yes, I need to test the survival matches I just made to see if they will light up."


Then I take the finished matches and.......


I grabbed a few of the matches I had just made and threw them into a glass of water.


"Aah! Shirou Onii-chan, it's going to get all wet!"


"I'm wetting them on purpose. It's not a survival match if you can't use it when it gets wet. ...... OK. That's enough."


I pick up a match floating in the water and hand it to Aina.


"Aina, try to light it."


"Oh, OK."


Aina takes the survival match I just made...




She rubs it against the side of the matchbox.

The result is...


"It's lit on ....... Shirou Onii-chan, it's lit on! Look! It's on fire! Even though it's wet, it still lit on!"


Aina was very excited.

Aina was so excited that she lit the homemade survival matches one by one.


"The experiment is successful. Aina, did you understand how to make it?"


"Yes! I think so."


"OK. Then let's make it together."




So Aina and I forgot about the store's opening time and were absorbed in making survival matches.



Translator note:

猫の手も借りたい (neko no te mo karitai)

literally means “I even want to borrow a cat’s hand.”

You use this kotowaza when you are so busy that you feel like you would even take help from a cat.


  1. I know paper matches is what made him popular but why not just sell lighters? They're highly portable, doesn't easily break, cheap and can be reused. Also you can educate people on how to properly dispose of it since it's plastic and can harm the environment and you can also offer a charging service for lower price.

    1. Probably lesser supply at stores on earth, more expensive to purchase on earth, and matches run out faster, so they have to come back more frequently to buy more

    2. Novels have to be real plss its called fiction. That means its not real its fantasy. Just read the authors imagination and leave the realistic trend to reality


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