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Thursday, November 11, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C23


Chapter 23: The title's value



I came to the southern square before reporting my quest completion. I want to check if I can sell the information about my new title. Even if Alyssa-san already has the information about this title, I have nothing to lose.


As usual, it's crowded. It's like a night festival with all the food stalls in the square.


"Hello, Alyssa-san."


"Oh, it's unusual for you to come here at this hour."


"Actually, I have some information I'd like you to buy."


"Hohou? Let's hear it. Yuto-kun, you always surprise me, so I'm looking forward to hearing it."


The hurdle had been raised. Maybe it's not essential information, but...


"I'm sorry if you already have this information, but this information is about a title."


Alyssa-san was surprised at my words. Then, her face turned serious.


"Did, did you get another title?"


I was a bit intimidated by her seriousness. I feel bad if she already knows this information. I mean, I think she already knows....... After confirming that there is no one around us, I started whispering to her.


"'Yes, actually, I do."


"Did you get it automatically? Or do you have a clear idea of what the conditions are to get it?"


"I'm just guessing, but I know the conditions for it."


"Are you sure?"




"Wait a minute."




"I need to calm down. I'm a little freaked out by all this big information."


Alyssa takes a deep breath. Is it a big deal?


"Nah, maybe you already know about it."


"By the way, is that title on this list?"


Apparently, it is a list of titles. There are 11 in total, which is quite a few. And that includes the names of the three unique titles given on the second day, including the White Silver Pioneer. Luckily for me, the "No-kill" title is not on that list.


"Is this all you have?"


"Do you think it's too few?"




"That's how hard it is to get a title. It's more difficult than you think."


"Oh, really?"


"So, tell me. Is your title on the list?"


"My title is not on this list."


"Really? That's great!"


Alyssa's excitement seemed to have reached its peak. Her cat ears are standing up straight. Hee, such a detailed effect.


"I want to praise myself for calling out to you first! You don't seem to understand, but this is a big deal, you know?"




To be honest, I was very confused by the difference in reaction between her and me.


"Is it possible for other people to get it? Is it first come first served basis, so Yuto-kun is the only one who got it?"


"No, I think other people can get it."


"Are you sure?"


"Ye, yes."


Alyssa leaned forward and put her face close to mine.


"OK, I'll give you 3,000G."




"That's how much that information is worth. No, depending on the accuracy of the information and its usefulness, I may be willing to pay 10,000G."




Finally, I began to understand how valuable my information is and get a bit nervous.


"So? What kind of title have you got? If you don't mind, I'd like to see your status."


"I don't mind. Here it is. My title is No-Kill."


I show her the title and tell her what I know about it. I also told her my thoughts on the conditions for acquiring the skill, showing her the log of when I acquired it. When I finished telling her all the information about the title, Alyssa suddenly shouts.


"Wait a minute!"


"What's wrong?"


"This skill"


She's pointing to the column of skills that can be acquired by the No-Kill titleholder. Her fingertip is trembling.


"This, this is not Merciful attack, but Mercy?"


"That's right, but ......"


I've heard of the Merciful attack. It's a wand or mace type of attack that does not kill the opponent in any case but leaves them with only 1 HP. It's similar to Mercy. It can also be used with tools and magic. I wonder if this is a higher rank.


"It's a new skill......"




"I said it's a new skill!"


"A new skill, what do you mean?"


"It is a brand new skill that no one has ever acquired yet, not even during the beta test......."


Does that mean I'm the only one who's acquired this rare skill?


"No way."


"It's true. If you don't believe me, take a look at the statistical data we received this morning! It's not listed there."


Indeed. That data also listed the number of people who acquired individual skills and arts. In other words, if even only one person had acquired the skill or art, the name of that skill or art should have been listed there.


I hurriedly looked at the statistics. Just as Alyssa said, there is no art or skill called "Mercy" listed.


"For real?"


"So you're the only one who has this Mercy skill right now."


The story is too great to be true. Is the title that great? Why nobody got it during the beta test in the first place? Alyssa answers my question.


"When you first log in, you're excited and more or less fighting, right? And even if you don't fight monsters, you can still get food by fishing or hunting. Without any prior information, it's hard to never kill for 4 days after first logging in. Unless someone plays in a very unusual way. For example, someone like you."


"So that's the reason."


I wouldn't have this title if Orto can fight. Everyone tries to fight a monster at first, and not everyone loses straight away. Even if their character's creation had failed, there is a way to recreate character. Usually, people would recreate their characters.


"So, would you buy this information?


"I'll give you 25,000G."


"Not 10,000G......?"


"That includes the price for information on that extremely rare skill. Anyway, I'm sure I can make a lot of money with that the No Kill information."


"But if a player ever kills a monster after his 1st login, then that title can't be obtained, right?"


"Don't worry. About 10,000 new players will be coming in from now on. After 6 days in real life, the 2nd and 3rd batch of new players also will be coming in with more than 100,000 people. And if you're not a full-time player, you'll only have about half a day in real life to play. Some of those players are wondering if they should recreate their characters. For those people, this is useful information. After all, it's a title you can definitely get."


So, I unexpectedly got 25000G.


What should I buy with this? Even if I buy new farms and logs, I still have more than 30,000G. Hmm, stop daydreaming. Let's go to the Farming guild and buy logs.


"Then I'll leave now."


"Aa, wait a minute. Would you exchange friend code with me?"


"With me?"


"Yeah. If you exchange friend code with me, I'll send you an email whenever I have good information. In return, when you have any good information, please sell it to me."


"Are you sure you want to be friends with me?"


"Yes, please."


"I'm just lucky this time, you know? For real."


"I look forward to that luck in the future."


Well, OK. There's no harm in exchanging code with a well-informed beta tester.


"I'll send you my code, then."




Alyssa sent me her code as well, and the exchange of friend code is complete.


"I'll be waiting for more good information!"


"Please don't get your hopes too high."


Alyssa sees me off and I leave the small square with a big smile on my face.




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