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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Mynoghra : Ep.35 part 1


Episode 35: Conflict between Evils 3 - part 1


"Ooooooooooooo !!"


 A roar like a beast ecchoed across the battlefield.

There is no majestic warrior like before, he just roared like a beast screaming its own sorrow.

Red blood tears flowed from his eyes.

It was an expression of pain and despair of a man who gain back all his memories and realized that he is only an actor on a stage where freedom did not exist.


Atou looks happy and enjoys his enemy's appearance filled with his enemy's sorrow, sorrow, and pain.

She had absolute faith in Takuto, she could be considered as a fanatic follower...

Even though they were both characters from games, there was a huge difference between the two.


"Then this will be the beginning! It's from here! The true world domination begins from here! This time, this time we will win!"


 Atou and Ice Rock on the battlefield. And the gold coins sparkling on the ground.


 One of the Demon King's Army’s Shitennou, Icelock, the ice demon, has lost almost all of his followers and is about to lose his reason for existence.


But just like Atou who have Takuto as the reason for her existence, Ice Rock also have a reason for his existence.


" Now is the time to offer the victory to our great Lord, the Demon King!My name is Ice Rock, the Ice Shitennou!A man who will crushes all enemies! !! "


Instanly his spirit get stronger.

If this is inside the RPG there won't be any change in the data.

However, certainly there is pride as a warrior, and above all, there is a will.

On contrary, Atou laughs at Ice Rock's resolve and decision. A decision that Ice Rock made by himself for the first time since he transferred to this world.


"Ahahahaha! Funny! It's really funny! With that level of commitment!

With that level of resolution!With that level of power do you want to defeat me?

Are you dreaming toconquer the world?"


Atou laugh and keep laughing.

She doesn't care about the other party's noble intention or what so ever.

Ice Rock trembles knowing that Atou only perceived him as garbage on the roadside.


That girl is an evil creature.

She considered people other than herself and Takuto worthless. She simply didn't understand Ice Rock's passion and determination.

Like people and animals that can't talk to each other.

Like animals and insects that can't talk to each other.

Like insects and rocks that can't talk to each other.

――Atou can't understand anyone else but Takuto.


Then I will deny everything believe in! I’ll destroy everything you believe in! My name is Atou, the Sludge! There is only one King in the world,  my lord Ira Takuto!


She is the sludge, Atou.

She is the hero of Mynoghra.


And so the first and last battle begins.

For Ice Rock, this is a battle for his pride and determination.

The ice war axe is swung randomly in all directions, and the earth shakes because of the contained physical force.

Atou's tentacles bounce like a living whip, and the holy knight sword is swung lightly.


Ice Rock's initial attack is avoided. The holy sword blessed with god attacked fiercely.

Ice Rock strongly stepped on the ground until it broke and flews. The rocks that was half frozen became bullets that shot towards Atou's small body.

Atou aimed her tentacles towards the ground very quickly, pulled herself back and dodged all of the attacks earlier.

Then she start attacking again.


A battle at God's speed was unfolding as if it were a recreation of a battle in a myth.

The earth was eroded by battle, and the sky was constantly shaken by the impact.

The effect reached the Dragon Town. The battle beyond human reason made everyone who witnessed tremble to the depths of their souls.


"It won’tend!I will not let it end like this!Even if I have to die here!I'll smash you!


"Ahahaha! What!? What is that!? Isn’t that just like the hero’scomrade that appears in comic book!Are you planning to do a replay of the final episode???"


Atou burst out laughing. Her words were full of malicious intent.

Mynoghra is set as the most evil civilization in the Eternal Nations.

Because of this, the hero of Mynoghra couldn't help but feel happy trampling on other people.


"Hey! Hey, hey! How are you going to turn back the situation!? How are you going to beat me!??Hey! No matter how you think about it, it’s impossible!"


Even though reversing the situation was already impossible, he couldn't just stand still and continued to attack. He don't even have time to listen to the taunts.

Even in a cornered situation, Ice Rock does his best to fulfill his life reason.


But there is one sad fact here.

RPG monsters usually has a fixed move pattern.

In the first place, the game must have several move patterns that enough for the player to enjoy.On the contrary, if there are too many move patterns not only it will cause bugs and errors, but also confuse the player and reduce the game fun.

After all, the Ice Rock battle was so monotonous that it was too easy to predict his move.


“I already know your attack. You ...... piece of garbage! Ahahahahahaha!”


Atou slides her body into Ice Rock's bosom as if she had anticipated the swing from the beginning.

He hurriedly stuck his battle-axe to the earth and shot ice bullets, but Atou crawled on the ground like a snake and avoid all bullets, as if she knew it will come.

If this is a game, all Ice Rock attacks would have been labeled as "Atou has zero damage".


Then the turn change and Atou's attack finally hit Ice Rock body.


“Critical hit! Ah! What should I do! You've got more damage than I expected! Are you okay? How many HPs do you have left? I'm sorry, I don't have a walk through book, so I don't know what level of small fry you are...!”


A huge arm dropped to the ground.

Although he managed to prevent a blow to his stomach, in return he lost one arm.

The Ice Rock battle ax only shows its true power when it swung with both hands. Since he only use one hand now, its attack power will be less than half.

Even with all his strength, he couldn't even hit her. Is it possible to defeat the enemy with just one hand?

Ice Rock's face is covered with despair.



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