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DeokuTeima ~ C20

  Chapter 20: Weed     Today, I logged in again just after sunrise.   On my farm, medicinal herbs and other plants have grown and are ready to be harvested. Unfortunately, there is one disappointing news.   "The seeds in the field didn't become ★6 crops?"   The seeds we planted the day before came from ★4 crops. If the quality increased by two ranks like before, today I would harvest ★6 crops....... All the crops we harvested turned out to be ★5.   "Hey, Orto. Do you know the cause?"   "Muu."   "Is Orto's skill not high enough?"   "Muu!"   "Hey, don't get angry!   I'm just kidding!"   Orto crouched down on the spot and began to tap the ground.   "Could it be there's a problem with the soil?"   "Mumu."   Orto nods. Seems I was right. But is it the soil's problem?   "I guess it can't be helped if it's caused by