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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep25 Hunting the Adventurer Killer 3


"Dieeeee! You shit human!"


Kaito had reached the level of 1500. He is very confident his opponent would not be able to match him. That's why he recklessly swung his sword.


I block the sword with the wand in my hand, then push his sword away until his defenses fell apart.

The next moment I hit Kaito's stomach, which is full of gaps with my wand.




I won't feel satisfied if I kill him instantly, so I hold back my power. But the attack's momentum is more than enough to make Kaito rolls down on the ground. And when he sank on the ground...


"Ough, guuu, geee--"


He even threw up a lot. It is the right time to finish him off, but…. Kaito's way of fighting is just too weak, and I unconsciously let out a heavy sigh.


"All you can do is swinging your sword like a boar without thinking. There is no strategy, no tricks, no reading your opponent's movement. It's so full of gaps that I wonder if it's a trap. ...... was that your real strategy?"


When I pointed that out, as a knight, Gold couldn't help but comment too.


"As my Lord said, this guy's basic swordsmanship is lacking. Erio and his friends, who are still learning the basics of swordsmanship, are better than him..."


To raise my adventurer rank, I want to capture the "adventurer killer" before anyone else, extract information from him, and then kill him.

I don't want to kill him right away, but I want to make him suffer for his crimes of attacking Erio and the others.......

But he is so weak that I may accidentally kill him before he feels the pain.

I never expected him to be this weak.




As we are discussing our impressions, Kaito is enraged. Maybe his nausea has subsided, and flames seem to light up in his eyes.

He is drooling from his mouth and shouting like a madman.


"Kill! I'll kill you! I'll definitely kill you! Grandiuuusssss!"



With a sound like a musical instrument, Grandius' sword shakes to create many sword duplicates.

There are 30 of them in total.

Kaito is kneeling on the ground, and then he points his Grandius sword to me.


"Skewer that shit human!"




At his command, 30 swords flew toward me like arrows.

I hadn't taken a single step because I didn't feel the need to.


(I have a bad feeling about this. I'll just avoid it.)


I followed my instincts and moved my feet.

Several of them stab the spot where I was standing, and the rest continue to follow me move around.

Its speed is the same as it was the first time.


(That's enough to kill an ordinary adventurer or monster. But from the atmosphere, I know there's more.....)


As I am pondering about it, I reflexively swing my staff towards my back.



"Tsk! You managed to block that attack!"


I used his sword as a foothold and deflected the sword coming from behind me.

He irritably gritted his teeth.


"I underestimated you at first because you look like a magician, but I didn't expect you to be a first-class warrior! You're disguised as a magician to catch your opponent off guard. This is why I hate cowards and sneaky humans!


"? Well, I'm technically a magician, but..."


"No, there is no magician who can fight me equally like you! Stop mocking me!"


 I'm not mocking him.

 According to Mei and the others, my fighting skills as a vanguard are not high enough to be considered an expert. But as a rearguard, I can use the infinite Gacha cards to cast spells almost as good as a first-class magician.


If I had to define it, it would be a new occupation called "infinite card magician," which has never existed in this world before.

So, in terms of classification, I can call myself a magician.


"As expected of Dark-sama! Cleverly make the opponent lose his composure! What a skilled fighter!"


Meanwhile, Nemumu somehow misunderstands that I'm talking as a tactic to make Kaito lose his composure.

That may be the result, but I'm not even trying to do such a thing.......


"Enough! Stop making fun of me!"


Kite swings his sword and directs his multiple swords flying towards me again.

Just nice.

It's a good opportunity to prove that I'm technically a magician.


"Ice Sword!"


Using "R, Ice Sword" card, I create 25 ice swords around me.

I also accurately directed them to intercept the 25 swords that were coming towards me.

This makes Kaito so surprised as if his face splashed with water.


"Eh, without a chant? And to create that many ice swords! Im, impossible.... impossible, impossible, impossible! Are you really a magician? There's no way a magician can fight me like this!?"


"I told you already. I'm classified as a magician."


In addition to that, it is an advanced technique to cast multiple spells and control them at will.

It's a skill I learned in Ellie's magic lesson.

For me, the limit is around 30, but Ellie can control more than 1,000 easily.


As expected of the 'Forbidden Witch'.


(But Kaito's swords are also quite impressive. I didn't expect them to create fire, wind, and lightning when I hit them with my ice swords.)


Apparently, not only the sword can duplicate itself, but it can also put magic into the duplicates

 without using the user's magic power.

That's quite impressive.


When I am focusing on Kaito's sword, he noticed my gaze and wiping his face, trying to calm down.


"Aha! Hahahahahaha! That's right. I still have this treasure sword, the Grandius! This is the national treasure of the elves' country! This holy sword was given to the previous Master by the heavens, the Grandius! If you touch it, you will be destroyed by battle-class magic. Your magic power and physical strength are not infinite! I wonder how long you can avoid them!"


I am not the only one who gasped at his words, but Nemumu and Gold gasped as well.

Instead of the holy sword, we react to the word 'Master'.


"...... You said 'Master'!?"


"Do you know about the Master......?"


"Ahahahahaha! That is right, I am the one chosen by the world to be the Master! I have been chosen by the Goddess!"


"To be precise, I am a descendant of the Master. A future hero called Sub-Master. A hero with the God's blood flowing in my body! I'm a noble being, different from you trashy humans! Too cocky! You're too cocky! Know your place! Humans!


"...... 'Sub-Master'? Not 'Master'?"


I came here and got some new information.

It seems that the descendants of 'Master' are called 'Sub-Master'.

Apparently, he is not the Master, but he seems to be related to it.

Still, he is a valuable information source.


"... He isn't the "Master", but he's still a valuable information source. I'll change my plan. I won't kill him here. I'll still kill him, but... I will bring this guy to Naraku."


I quickly made a decision and took a position with a wand in my hand.


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