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Thursday, June 10, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C29: Adventurers' Guild, Silver Moon Apostles


Chapter 29: Adventurers' Guild, Silver Moon Apostles


The adventurer's guild, the Silver Moon Apostles, would like to have a branch in Ninorich.

Everyone in the room was surprised by Ney's words.


But as expected of Karen.

She immediately calmed down and put on a serious expression.


"......, the Silver Moon Apostles want to have a branch in Ninorich?"


"Yes. Initially, we were supposed to go through the formal procedures and make a proposal, but we heard that the Messenger of the Labyrinth Looters was planning to set up a branch in this town. That's why I came here in a hurry. I apologize for proposing this in this way.

If you don't mind, would you listen to me?




Karen threw a glance at me.

It seems like she's having trouble deciding.

Maybe because Ms. Gabs had just demanded unreasonable things, she is wary that she might be asked to do the same thing again.

I wondered.


"Shirou, what do you think?


Are you asking my opinion?

But I mustn't get distracted now.

I try to act cool.


"Why don't you talk to her first?"


I felt that when Ney came to my store a few days ago, she was very polite.

She didn't seem like a bad person, at least not to me.


"You're right. I understand. Messenger-san, let's hear your story in my office. This way, please."


"Thank you very much."


"And Shirou."


"Yes, what is it?"


"I'm sorry, but can you come with us?"


"Eh, me too?"


"I would like to ask you to come too. Actually, our guild want to cooperate with you on something."


"Huh, cooperate?"


What kind of cooperation do they expect from a small tool shop owner?

Of course, I don't think they want the exclusive right to sells matches again.


"All right. I'll go with you. Aina-chan, can I ask you to watch the store?


"Of course, Shirou Onii-chan. Aina is a store staff, so I'll be fine."


"Thank you, that's reassuring. Then I leave it to you."




In this way, I was asked by Karen to join her discussion with Ney.





"Now, may I listen to your proposal?


Once we are seated on the sofa in the office, Karen begins the discussion.

I am sitting beside Karen, and Ney is sitting on the sofa in front of us.


"Yes. I would like to start by explaining why our guild wants to set up a branch in this town. The great forest that stretch to the east of Ninorich are filled with many monsters and rare medicinal herbs----."


Ney's explanation was something that Karen and I already knew.


According to her, some of the monsters are in high demand in the capital.

She said that rare medicinal herbs are bought at high prices by pharmacists and alchemists.


However, her next words are something that neither Karen nor I knew.


"The other day, some adventurers from our guild discovered a map of the continent that appears to be from an ancient magical civilization in a dungeon."


"Oh. A map?"


"Yes, a map. Until now, no map depicting the continent had ever been discovered. That's why it's been called 'the great discovery of the century' by the guild. But the important part starts here."


Karen suddenly stands up.

Her body is shaking, maybe because she's excited.


"We, the Silver Moon Apostles, have decided to use our guild's full power to conquer the Great Eastern Forest. We have been searching for a suitable town or village to set up a branch office....... We decided that Ninorich would be a suitable place to set up our base of operations. The reason is--"


Ney stopped at that point and glanced at me.


"Shirou's store is located in Ninorich. All the goods in your store are wonderful. I was convinced that it would be of great help to our guild's adventurers."


"I see. Shirou's existence was the deciding factor. Then, what did you mean when you told Shirou that you want his cooperation?"


"We want you to set up a branch store inside our guild when our branch office is finished. Can we ask for your cooperation?"


I was preparing myself for another match sale, but then I got an unexpected offer to open a branch store.


"Of course, we don't expect to hear your answer right now. That's only if we are allowed to set up a branch in this town. Please consider our proposal."


Ney bowed to me.

She's so different from Gabs, who was overbearing.

I guess different guilds have different ways of doing things.


"So what do you think, Mayor? Can we set up a branch?"


"If that's the reason, I'd like to ask you. What conditions are you going to demand from my town for setting up a branch here?"


"Demand? ...... What do you mean?"


"Before you, there was an inspector from the Labyrinth Looters. They want tax exemptions, money to set up a branch, and--"


"They also want the exclusive right to sell matches from our store."


After hearing what Karen and I had said, Ney's mouth dropped open in disbelief.


"Did he make such demands ......? Even though you're the one who's going to let them set up a branch?"


"He is very thick-skinned. He made fun of the adventurers in this town and called me an idiot."


"And he touched my breasts."


"I see.... Don't worry. Our guild will pay for the building construction of the branch, and we will pay the taxes as required. What we would like to ask of you is manpower for the building construction, and of course we will pay their salary. We just need to secure the manpower and the land for the branch. What do you think?"


Hearing Ney's words, Karen nodded.

Karen reached out her right hand to shake hands with Ney.


"We would love to work with you."


"Thank you very much."


Karen and Ney shake hands firmly.

In this way, the Silver Moon adventurers' guild will set up a branch in Ninorich.


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  1. Excellent translation work and the ‘perfect’ guild, but I kind of want to know more about this map. I’m also beginning to wonder where or what happened to his grandmother who has been missing for 3 years. Don’t know if he has figured out that she is likely in this world or not.

  2. The worst outcome for Shirou would be that map containing directions to enter his home and his homeworld.

    Though buying enough Earth's products for a lange guild may also prove itself to be quite troublesome…

  3. How far ahead are the RAWs of this series, if I may ask?

  4. sorry for asking here because comment are turned off in chapter 30, but is the chapter got mixed with earlier chapter

  5. Yeah he touched your tits, big deal. Move on


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