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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep22 A Small Miracle



"Huff huff huff......"


She gasps for air and keeps running.

Her lungs hurt, and her strength has long since reached its limit, but she can't stop running.

She's afraid that she will be killed if she's caught by that man.

Miya's feet were moved by a sense of responsibility that she could not waste the precious time her brothers had bought for her.


(Hurry, hurry, I have to tell everyone about the "adventurer killer"! If I can report it quickly, maybe Onii-chan can be saved!)


Miya knew in the corner of her mind that it is almost impossible, but she couldn't help but hope.

However, a loud shout of terror echoed, ending her hope.


"You two, brother and sister, how dare you all messed up with me?! ... You don't even know how to behave in front of me, the future hero. This is why I hate humans!"


"Im, impossible..."


Miya's shocked. She holds her breath and leaks a voice of despair as she sees Kaito is flying in front of her.

A broad sword resembling Grandius is floating in the air, and he is on top of it.

Kaito swung Grandius into the air.

The Grandius sword vibrates, making a sound like a musical instrument and creates multiple swords.

Kaito controls the blades to create a staircase that leads to the ground.

The reason why he can get ahead of Miya and that he can approach and ambush the veteran adventurer in the level 3 swamps without being noticed was all because of Grandius' power.

When he swings Grandius with his will, the sword splits.


The sword duplicates could be manipulated by the user's will.

Kaito was able to catch up with Miya by flying on top of the broad sword.

Also, each of the duplicates contained random attack magic.

The number of sword duplicates depends on the skill of the person who holds the Grandius.


The other day, Kaito created multiple sword duplicates, threw them in every direction, and pierced the back of an adventurer who escaped in the smokescreen.

When Kaito landed on the ground, he glared at Miya with a cold and frustrated expression.


"You brother & sister have annoyed me, this future hero. Especially your brother. Not only interrupted me, but he also humiliated me. As his sister, you must pay for it. I'm going to use you as an entertainment tool. After I've satisfied torturing you, then I'm going to kill you!"




Miya is so desperate when Kaito catches up with her that she's prepares to face her own death.

In this world, monsters exist, and humans are discriminated against by other races. Hence, death is something that is very close to them.

Therefore, when Miya decided to join her brother to work as an adventurer, she was prepared to die.

Although despair and fear still overwhelm her mind, she had already made up her mind long ago.

That's why she won't give up fighting until the end!


"Magic power, manifest and take form as an ice blade, ice sword!"


Miya is using her strongest trump card.

Three ice blades formed and floated around her.

This is her trump card in attack magic.


Coincidentally, Miya and Kaito's sword duplicates flew to one another.


"Ice Sword! Strike the enemy!

"Until the very last moment, you continued to struggle in vain ......"


At Miya's command, the ice swords attack Kaito.

However, he didn't move, and Grandius swords flying around him blocked all attacks.


 (Onii-chan and the others sacrificed their lives to help me escape, and I must not give up until the end and report about the Adventurer Killer!


"Tsk, humans really are a pain in the ass......? I don't care. I'll just cut off one of your legs so you can't escape, and you'll calm down."


"Don't come here!"


The second ice sword flew through the air, but Kaito was able to block the attack easily.


(I must tell him! If I tell him, I'm sure he'll defeat this "adventurer killer". Even though he is a human and younger than me, he can use tactical class magic without chanting. I'm sure that Dark-san will defeat this adventurer killer!)


Kaito's sword blade moves to cut off Miya's leg.

She instinctively moves her last ice sword and luckily manages to deflect the blow, so her leg is not severed but only slashed.

Still, her leg is bleeding, and she could no longer walk, let alone run.

Miya had fallen to the ground, but she keeps glaring at Kaito and not giving up.

Even though she had already used her strongest trump card, and there is nothing left to use.


"I was going to cut off your legs, but you were lucky enough to be able to deflect it with your ice sword. Well, with those legs, you can't escape anymore."


"...You, you are not a hero."


Miya took out the knife and held it in both hands, even though she understood that she can't win.

She was terrified and crying, but she desperately continued to drag her feet.


"The future hero is Dark-san, who is younger than me. He is a human who can use tactical class magic without chanting. You're just a loser who takes pleasure in bullying the weak. You are definitely not a future hero!"




Kaito was sure that Miya knew that there was nothing she can do to reverse this desperate situation, and the only thing left for her is to be killed.

But she didn't say a single word of begging for her life, even though she had been cornered. Kaito fell silent for a moment, without saying a word.


If she had been wrong, Kaito would not be so silent.

The reason for his silence was that deep down, he knew that he is a loser—a loser who had fallen off the elite path.

As a result, he became silent when someone pointed out the truth to him.

Kaito's pride was hurt not just once but twice in this short period, not only by Erio but also by his sister Miya.


"Shut! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You're just a human, you're just a human, you're just a human, and you're just a humaaaan!"


Like an erupted volcano, Kaito is in rage, holding the treasure sword "Grandius" with both hands and kicking the ground.

He swung the sword with all his might at a human girl who is only holding a small knife. Her leg is injured, and she can't move.


"Die! Screw you, die! Damn bug!"




Miya also prepared herself and shut her eyes.

At the last moment, she wished strongly.


(If I could tell Dark-san about "Adventurer Killer" to Dark-san, who is a future hero and human race hope, I'm sure he will defeat this elf. Dark-san!)


The sword swung down to Miya's head, but the sword never reached her.

A small miracle occurs.

The "SSR, Prayer Misanga" that Miya wears in her left hand glows brightly, and her figure instantly disappears from that place.


"What!? Huh, eh?"


Kaito, who is irritated and very angry at Miya, is confused by the strange incident.

He had lost Miya, who had all the information about him, including his description, race, and means of attack.


It was only natural that Kaito stood there for a few minutes with a confused expression on his face, unable to understand the situation.


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