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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C26: The man who came to inspect


Chapter 26: The man who came to inspect



The day had finally come.


"Shirou Onii-chan!"


Aina came running into the store.

She was out of breath, and she looked up at me with a serious expression.

I immediately understood what Aina is trying to say.


"Shirou Onii-chan, the inspectors are here!"


"Finally, they're here. It's been quite late."


"Aina, do you know where the inspector is now?"


"I know! Aina just saw the Mayor going into the town hall with the inspector!"


"I see. So they will come here sometime later."


According to what Karen had told me before, she would first show the visitors around the town and then explain the types and ecology of the monsters in the forest. Next, she would explain the herbs and minerals that could be collected.


After that, they are going to take a look around the market. Then I would show them the matches and other goods in my store.

And finally, she is going to ask if they are interested in setting up a branch here.


Karen is doing her best to convince them.

Speaking of anxiety, it seems that this adventurers' guild does not have a good reputation. Still, Karen has been a great help to me. I hope I can return the favor, even if just a little today.


"OK. Let's do our best."


"Yes! Aina will do my best."




"Thanks for waiting for us, Shirou."


Two hours later, Karen walked into my store.

She is wearing a dress with a wider cleavage than usual, perhaps because of the local culture or maybe because she is hosting the guests.


In addition to Karen, there were several other adventurers in my store.

Ryer is here too, perhaps because he's worried about me.


"Can I bring the inspector in?"


"Yes. No problem. We are prepared for them to come at any time."


"Thank you. It looks like......  he is a bit difficult. I'm sorry, but please bear with me if he says unpleasant things."


Karen suddenly bowed her head to me.

I haven't met him yet, but I can tell that the person in question is annoying from this dialogue alone.


"OK, I understand. I'm used to unreasonable customers and their abusive language, so I'll be fine."


At the black company I used to work for, abusive language is very common.

I've been hit by them so many times that I'm used to them.


"Thanks. I'll bring him in then."


After saying that, Karen-san went outside once and came back into the store with a fat middle-aged man.

The fat uncle looked around the store with a Buddha's face, and his eyes settled on Karen's cleavage.


"Gabs-dono, this is the store that our town is proud of."


Karen introduced my store to the man.

The fat, middle-aged man called Gabs looks at me.


"Nice to meet you. I'm Shirou, the owner of this store."


I introduced myself and bowed lightly.


"I'm Aina, the store staff."


Aina imitated me and introduced herself.

She's now an excellent store staff.




Even though Aina and I introduced ourselves, the fat middle-aged man remained silent and walked through us.

Or is he ignoring us?

He's ignoring us, isn't he?


"......I heard from the Mayor about a store that had some great goods, and I was expecting to see it, but....... phew. It's a very dirty store. Do you clean it properly?"


I can see that Aina, the Minister in charge of cleaning, is hurt by those words.

She glanced sideways, and tears were beginning to well up in her eyes.

Ugh...... Patience. Be patient, Shirou. You must not lose your cool over this and be patient.


"Well, I sweep and wipe every day."


"Is that all? Oh dear, people who live in the middle of nowhere can't even clean properly. Or is it because it is a remote area that this place smells dusty? To me, who lives in the capital, it's unbelievable that you can do business in such a dirty place."


Gabs shrugged his shoulders and said, "Oh dear".

Karen is panic after she heard that words.


"I'm sorry, Gabs-dono. Ninorich is surrounded by fields and forests, so the dust inevitably comes in."


She followed up.

Then she immediately grabbed a box of matches from the shelf and handed them to Gabs.


"Gabs-dono. These are the matches I was telling you about. Very useful for starting fires and can only be bought in this store.

Shirou, would you mind?"


When Karen-san asked, I replied with a gesture to go ahead.


"Oh. This is the rumored....... Can I try once?"


Gabs then took out a matchstick and light it up.



"...... I see. This store is dirty, but it seems to have good items. I can understand why the Mayor recommends this store."


"You get the idea, Gabs-dono? This store will surely be useful to the adventurers from your guild. I can guarantee it in my name as Mayor."


"Pfft. Even if the Mayor of this remote town guarantees..."




"But these matches are going to be useful for the adventurers in my guild. If that's the case ... hmm. Yes, that's fine. As a person who is entrusted with full authority by the General Guild master, I may set up a branch of the Labyrinth Looters Adventurers' Guild in this town."


Maybe it's because of the matches' effect, but I have a feeling that negotiations will come to an end at my store.

Karen was surprised to hear Gabs' words.

She immediately smiled happily.


"Really, Gabs-dono? Are you really going to set up a branch in Ninorich?"


"Yes. It is true."


"Then let's..."


"But ...there are some conditions."


"Conditions? What kind of conditions?"


Gabs smiled wickedly and quickly opened his mouth as if he had been waiting for this right moment.


"It's very simple. First of all, the only adventurer guild in this town should be us, the Labyrinth Looters. I'm sure that no other guild would be crazy enough to set up a branch in this town."


Gabs continued with his speech.


"Next is tax exemption. This is only natural since it is difficult to profit with a branch in the middle of nowhere. Also, we would like the town to pay for the construction of the branch. And finally ..."


Gabs narrowed his eyes and looked at me.

Then he says...


"I would like to have the exclusive right to sell these matches."


  1. Pretty obvious the woman that visited last night is from the first and biggest adventurer guild.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. There is no need to worry about no adventurer guild.


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