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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C24: Adventurer Guild


Chapter 24: Adventurer Guild


According to Karen, the adventurer's guild inspector had arrived in the neighboring town.

It seems so because the source of information is a carrier pigeon.

The distance to the next town is about three days by horse carriage. Considering the traveling time of the pigeon that carried the letter, the inspector would arrive here tomorrow at the earliest.

At the latest, the inspector would arrive the day after tomorrow.


"Shirou Onii-chan, we had a lot of customers today, didn't we?"


"Yes. I'm grateful."


Now that I had a store, I started to sell other products besides matches.

Most of the items I sell are goods that make life a little easier, like toothpicks, dustpans, and brooms.

They were well received by the housewives who kept the house and sold out in no time.


That was the end of today's business.

Aina and I are in the middle of arranging the items on the shelf.


"Shirou Onii-chan, can I put this over here?"


"OK. No problem."


"Aina thinks it's nice and shiny, so I think it should be on this side....... Shirou Onii-chan, what do you think?"


"Ou, you're right, Aina-chan. I'm sure people will pick it up if it's placed there. OK, you can put it there."




There are two things I have learned since opening my own store.

One is that you need to have a good sense of how to display your products, and the second one is that I absolutely do not have that sense.


But God hadn't abandoned me.

As if to make up for my weakness, Aina showed me her excellent display sense.


When Aina arranged the products, the shelves became beautiful and easy to see.

It was like magic.


"Here, Aina-chan, can you arrange these too?"




I took out the items from the space storage and handed them to Aina.

In the end, I told Aina that I had the space storage skill.

I thought it would be better for Aina to know that I had the skill since she would be helping me in the store.


"Shirou Onii-chan, I'm done arranging the items."


"Thank you, Aina-chan. Well done."


Just as we finished arranging the items...


"Yo! How are you doing, An-chan?"


Ryer walked into the store.

Nesca is next to him.

Here comes the real-life couple.


"Hello, Ryer-san. You too, Nesca-san. I'm feeling a bit lonely."


"............ I heard that Shirou's store is doing well."


"Thanks to you guys."


During the Murder Grizzly incident, Ryer revealed his love to Nesca.

I don't know what happened after that, but it seems that they started dating.

I hope their love keeps on burning forever.


"Ou, An-chan! I heard there's some big shot from the Adventurers' Guild coming here to this town."


"Yes. I heard they'll be here at the earliest tomorrow."


"Inspection hmm....... If all goes well, they might even set up a branch of the Adventurer's Guild in this town."


"That would be great. As a matter of fact, Karen-san is going to bring the inspectors to our store."


"Hou. That means... you're going to show that Ninorich town sells the most amazing items for adventurers?"


"You are sharp. I'm just now arranging items for adventurers to make a better impression on the inspectors."


"I see."


Ryer looked around at the shelves and nodded his head.


"The items An-chan sells are all useful for adventurers. I can guarantee that."


"Thank you."


"The number of adventurers looking for materials in Ninorich has been increasing lately. I would not be surprised if there are one or two adventurer's guilds."


"Ahaha. Hey, Ryer-san! What do you mean by one or two? Isn't it enough to have one in the town?"


When I laugh at Ryer's joke, strangely, both Ryer and Nesca looked back at me with puzzled faces.


"An-chan, you don't know about that by any chance?"


"What do you mean?"


"............ Shirou, there are many adventurers' guilds."




"You really don't know much, do you?"


"Sorry, I don't know much. If you don't mind, can you tell me?"


"Sure. I can tell you, but...... Nesca is more familiar with this kind of explanation. So, Nesca, please tell An-chan."


"............ Damn it. Ryer always relies on me."


Nesca puffed her cheeks as if she is sulking.

Ryer hugged Nesca's shoulder and smiled apologetically.


"It can't be helped. I'm not very good at explaining things to people, so you're going to have to fill in the gaps for me."


"............It can't be helped."


Nesca looks away with a smile on her face.

When I look closely, I see that her cheeks have turned red.

I really hope this couple keeps on burning forever.


"............ Shirou, there are many adventurers' guilds in this country."


"Are you talking about the branches of the Adventurers' Guild?"


"............ No."


Nesca-san shook her head.

So she didn't talk about the branches.



"............ Let me tell you about the guild. The Adventurers' Guild is......."


Nesca-san explained about the Adventurers' Guild.

She explained the guild's background, the guild's size, position and role in the country, etc.

The summary is as follows.


The Adventurer's Guild is an organization that brings together adventurers from all over the country.

If you pass the exam, you are given a qualification card that also serves as your ID, and you can take jobs at the guild according to your rank.


This part of her explanation was just as I had expected.

However, Nesca's following words surprised me.


"............ and there is more than one Adventurers Guild. Not the ...... branch, but they are different Adventurers' Guilds."


According to Nesca, several organizations run adventurers' guilds in this country alone.

In other words, many organizations call themselves adventurers' guilds, just like professional wrestling organizations in Japan.

Finally, Nesca says...


"............ There are different kinds of adventurer's guilds as organizations. I don't know which guild is coming to inspect, but I hope it's a decent one."


She finished her explanation."


"Eeto ... 'Hope it's decent' means that there are guilds that are not decent?"


Ryer-san nodded as if it is so obvious.


"That's right. The most infamous adventurers' guilds are the Devil's Trident and the Poison Dragon's Fang. But the worst of the worst is..."


"............ The Labyrinth Looters."


Nesca took over Ryer's words.

If she can say it without signaling each other, it means that they are really famous in a bad way.


"Are they bad ......?"


"Yeah. The Labyrinth Looters is the second-largest adventurer's guild in the country, and rumor says they do some pretty nasty things."


"By the way, Karen mentioned the name of the adventurers' guild....... What was the name again? Hmmm......."


 As I folded my arms and tried to remember my conversation with Karen, Aina shouts...




"The mayor, I think she said, The Labyrinth Looter."




The adult team fell silent at Aina's comment.






"Do you think Karen-san knows about the Labyrinth Looter's reputation?"


"Maybe she doesn't know. Even some of the adventurers don't know about it. She is a Mayor, but this a remote town."


"I see."


This is a world without social media or phones.

It's not uncommon for stories that are famous in some circles to be unknown in other places. 


The worst adventurer's guild is coming to visit us.

Do your best, Karen-san.

I'll also do my best to help you.

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