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Friday, May 21, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep19 Side story - Elly, the Forbidden Witch


 "If we are here and ...... the Elf Queen Country is there, then a little further back would be more suitable for our mission."


Elly, the "Forbidden Witch," checked her current location against the map in her hand and started walking through the dense virgin forest.


She wears a magician's hat with a large brim, and her beautiful blond hair is tied in two. Her height is around 160cm, and she always wears a hat and heels, which make her look taller.

Her breasts are firm, her waist is curvy, and her hips are well rounded.

Her face is also gorgeous that can make many beautiful women fumes in jealousy.

So it's more appropriate to call her a magical girl with a triangle hat than a witch.


Now, she is going on her own to inspect the site to perfectly carry out the plan to take revenge on Sasha, the elf, as requested by her Master, Raito.

The location is in the depths of the virgin forest, some distance from the Elf Queen Country's capital.

If she goes north, she'll see the mountain range that borders the Dwarf Kingdom. If she goes south, she'll see the ocean.

The forest is dense and dark, and the grass and tree roots grew and twisted underfoot.

Even the most experienced adventurer or hunter would have to be careful not to lose their footing.


"If we are considering not only this mission but also the future,...... a little further to the north would be better."


Despite this, Elly walks as if she were on a well-maintained path, unhindered by grass, roots, hollows, or moss.

Her gothic dress swayed as she walked, and several magic books slowly floating around her.

But none of them are caught in the trees or in her way.

This is because Elly has used the "Action Inhibiting Magic" on herself.

Therefore, she was not disturbed by the trees and was able to walk smoothly in that forest.

She walked for a while with the map in her hand and then stopped at a certain point.

She looked at the spot and the map alternately and shouted happily.


"This is the place! This is the right place to realize God Raito's wishes!"


When she mentioned Raito's name, Elly's eyes started to melt with fascination.


"Ahh, God Raito, ....... If I carry out this plan perfectly, I'm sure that God Raito will love me more than that arrogant maid."


The "maid" she refers is Mei, a SUR, level 9999, the seeker maid of the same rank as Elly herself. Her hair is black and ponytailed, and she always wears a maid's uniform.  It is a fact known to almost everyone in Naraku that Elly considers Mei as her rival.


"Geeez... Why? I really don't like the way she acts as if she's God Raito's number one! I really don't like her! …… But it's a fact that if Mei wasn't summoned and saved God Raito, God Raito must have died.......”


So even though she sees her as a rival, she never forgets her gratitude, not even for a moment.

But at the same time, she never forget to grit her teeth and laments, "If only I was the first person summoned......."


"In the end, I was the third person summoned after Aoyuki-san ... At least if I was the second, I might still have been able to win. I can't really stand it..."


By the way, Mei was the first to be summoned. The second was "SUR, Genius Monster Tamer Aoyuki Level 9999", who always wearing a cat hoodie and had a small breast and short body. The third was Elly, and The last one is the red eyes, silver hair, and armored "SUR, True Vampire Knight Nazuna Level 9999".


"It seems that Aoyuki and the idiot Nazuna are also trying to win God Raito's love, but they are no better than Mei. Aoyuki is too childish, and God Raito sees her as a younger sister rather than a girl, and Nazuna is a stupid child......."


Elly couldn't help but look far away.

Whenever they see each other in Naraku, she usually makes fun of Nazuna and often argues.

The two of them are famous for their teasing each other in Naraku.

However, it's not that Elly doesn't like Nazuna.

In fact, she even respects her in a way.


" She's very lighthearted, but that's what God Raito is looking for, isn't it? That stupidity and cheerfulness support the atmosphere of "Naraku" itself as a mood maker. No matter how smart I am, I can't replace Nazuna-san."


As Elly had suspected, Raito really likes Nazuna's cheerfulness.

Nazuna's cheerfulness was so natural that even Elly could not copy her with her genius mind.


"But it's a fact that she' s too stupid to be loved by the God Raito. After all, my biggest rival is only Mei-san, isn't it? ...... There are no rules in love and war, and in war and justice, the more capable allies you have, the better. I wonder if I team up with Aoyuki-san, will we be able to win. But sometimes she looks at me like I'm a disappointment, and that bothers me. I wonder if she's plotting something."


Aoyuki is too childish to be her enemy.

It's reassuring to have Aoyuki as an ally. But she's also concerned about why Mei is looking at her that way.

She also thought of the faces and personalities of the other 9999 level residents of Naraku. She began to consider who she could recruit to get an advantage.


"I can't take Nazuna-san for now. Her fighting ability is perfect, but she's just too stupid to be on my side."


Even though that's one of her good points, but Nazuna is too explosive(unpreditcable, full of surprise).

"In that sense, God Raito is really an amazing person, isn't he? He's able to handle and control Nazuna well."


Once again, Elly felt respect for her Lord and God, worthy of her total devotion.

At the same time, her sense of loyalty explodes again.


"--In any case, it is important to complete this plan perfectly. If I complete the" Sasha Revenge Plan", God Raito will surely praise me! Ahhhhhh! I can't be happier as a woman. Ufu, Ufufufufufufufu... I love you, God Raito."


Elly holds her cheeks with hands, thinking of Raito and whispering her crazy and paranoid love.




What answered her whisper of love was a group of ape-shaped monsters.

Because she had moved too far into the virgin forest, where even high-ranking adventurers usually won't enter. She had run into a group of ape-shaped monsters.

Their level is around 50, and their number is over 100.

They are over a meter tall and strong, and even one of them would be dangerous for an ordinary adventurer.

The ape-shaped monster with red eyes and a big mouth on its belly seems to have recognized Elly as delicious prey and gathered around her.

On the other hand, she quietly became very angry when her ritual of offering her love to her beloved Lord was interrupted.


"I can't believe that a low-level beast like you would dare to interrupt my whispers of love for the God Raito....... Don't expect you will get an easy death."




The ape-shaped monsters were terrified as they looked into her eyes, which looked like holes darker than the night.

Even the higher-level monsters were intimidated by their pack because of their numbers and teamwork.

They understood that she is a dangerous opponent and attacked Elly at once like arrows fired before the danger could reach them.




Even if a few of their friends are killed, they would not stop and continue to attack her.

They attack faster than the wind, covering almost everything except the area under their feet.

It was inevitable that even high-ranking adventurers would fall to their knees in the face of such violence and numbers.

But they pick the wrong opponent.


"Black Hole."


 Elly snaps her fingers and activates a spell that created as many "black holes" as the ape-shaped monsters and trapped them.




"Uki, Kikiki !?"




The black holes suck in the monkey monsters' bodies and start sucking them like a vacuum cleaner sucking in the garbage.

The momentum was so strong that it sucked in all the ape monsters without letting any of them escape. The apes try their best to resist, but they can't, and one by one, they are sucked into the black holes and vanish.

Elly herself did not know where these dark holes led. However, she understood that it is a hole of despair, where if one is sucked in, it would never be able to escape and would have to die.

In just a few seconds, the pack of over a hundred monsters vanished as if they had never been there in the first place.

Elly plays with her blonde hair as if she is bored.


"I chose to use a simple spell because I was afraid that if I used a flashy spell, people would notice it before the plan started....... It's really too simple. After all, this magic is not suitable for me."


She looked bored and grumbled, but the Black Hole is a high-level void annihilation magic.

Without chanting the spell and just a snap of her fingers, she immediately activated such high-level magic.

For Elly, this level of magic is like a magic trick that she can perform without using the magic books floating around her.

Her nickname Elly the Forbidden Witch is not a joke.


"Now that the interruption has gone away, I must get back on track and start preparing for my plan."


Elly forgets about the ape monsters and resumes her work for her beloved Lord.




"Welcome back, Elly. Good to see you."


"God Raito......!"


When she returned to Naraku after completing her site inspection, Raito, who had been on the surface world as an adventurer, showed up.

She had heard that he would return to Naraku using the "Transfer" card. Still, she didn't expect Raito would come alone to see her personally. The unexpected surprise caused her voice to rise louder.


"I just wanted to ask you about our plan progress. Is it okay if I talk with you now?"


On the surface world, he wears a mask pretending that he has a burn on his face, but in Naraku, there is no need to do so, so he shows his true face.

He has black hair, black eyes, and a babyface because he stopped growing at 12 years old.

Elly could not help but stare at him, but she replies to him with a strong will and loyalty.


"Of course. I just finished my inspection of the stage for Sasha's Revenge Plan. Actually, I wanted to report it to you, Lord Raito!"


"I see. So, the timing was just right. Then, can you please tell me about it?"


"Yes! Then, since this is a good opportunity, let me report to you while drinking tea just the two of us."


Raito accepted Elly's offer with a smile.

Elly was so struck by his smile that she almost dropped her knees and desperately fought not to faint.


(Oh, my God, God Raito, with your sparkling eyes, you're the most, the most precious.

I feel like I'm going to get a nosebleed just from being around you! Just being around God Raito is enough to make my maiden's circuit go crazy! Haaaa, I'm glad that I'm alive!)


Elly desperately try to calms herself down, but she is very happy in her heart. Her maiden instinct goes crazy.

On this day, Elly reported the progress of Sasha's revenge plan to Raito with a very happy heart.


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