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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 7 The Young Adventurers


"Aren't those the adventurers we saved this morning?


It was our first day in the dungeon.

The first day we entered the dungeon, we reached the third level with the power of SSR, Presence Concealment and SR, Flight.

We are in the middle of flying back to the surface after defeating a group of ogres on the second level and a group of trolls on the third level and only bringing back the magic stones.

By the way, I planned to collect items other than Ogre and Troll's magic Stone, but I thought it would be a problem if I let people know that I had an item box. Item box is very rare in this world.

It will be troublesome if I attract government's attention before I could raise my adventurer rank.


I thought about taking it back to Naraku, but I'm already using a trick to keep drawing out cards from Infinite Gacha.

So I have no worries about supplies.

Bringing back low-grade preys such as ogres and trolls would only be a hassle.


So we are on the way to the Adventurer's Guild with only the Ogre and the Troll's Magic Stone as proof that we had reached the second and third levels.


As we are flying to the first level entrance, three green shadows jump out of the forest.

I point at those shadows. The goblins, the boys and a girl, have started fighting.

They are the young adventurers that we meet this morning.


Gold and Nemumu looked down at the battle from above.


"My Lord, I'm surprised that you can notice them. Surely those are the same young men we helped this morning."


"......It's a low-level battle, unworthy to be watched by Dark-sama."


As Nemumu pointed out, they are fighting very hard and only paying attention to the three goblins in front of them.

The three of them are fighting one on one with the goblins, and the leader's sister is behind them with her staff in her hand, ready to support them at any time.


The goblins are only about the size of a child, so they are unlikely to be defeated if they fight one on one.

It's not a bad idea to have a magician girl positioned behind them to support when necessary, but......

She focused too much on the fight in front of her. She didn't notice a Bush Snake sneaking behind her.


If bitten by a bush snake, one will be temporarily paralyzed and unable to move.

The poison won't kill the prey, but if there are other monsters around, the prey may literally be killed because she won't be able to move and fight back.

Therefore, when low or mid-level players are fighting in a party, it is standard practice to have at least one person on the watch for back attacks.



"What are we going to do, Lord? If it goes badly, the girl behind may get bitten. If we shout, it may surprise her, their vanguard may lose their concentration worried about her, and the goblins may kill them."


"I think it would be a bad idea to overlook this ... Let's give them a hand."


With the power of "SSR, Presence Concealment", I landed behind her without any sound, sign or shadow, and took care of the bush snake with the staff in my hand.

Nemumu and Gold followed behind me and landed on the grassland.


"Okay, we all defeated the goblins safely! Let's take out the magic stone before the other monsters arrive. You, the boy from this morning?"




"It's a basic knowledge to pay attention to the enemy in front of you, but they don't always come from the front. If you don't watch your back, you could lose your life in the worst way. Look at this."


The youngster shouted in surprise when we appeared behind them without any sound or sign.

The little sister was so surprised that she backed away.

I let out a slight chuckle under my mask and hold up the bush snake that I broke its neck with my staff.

From my words and the bush snake corpse, they understood that they had been saved from danger.


The leader of the group hurriedly bows his head.


"Thank you for saving my sister. Miya, you should thank them, too.


"Thank, thank you so much!"


The little sister, who was called Miya, bows her head.


"We also wanted to thank you for saving Miya-chan. But, when did you guys come up behind us?"


The well-mannered boy asks, while expressing his gratitude.

The only place to hide is in the woods in front of where the goblins came out.

The rest is grassland, so if we approached, they should have noticed us because of the sound of grass being stepped on and the golden armour reflection.

And yet, we suddenly appeared like ghosts.

It is impossible not to be curious.



However, there is no way I can honestly say that I used my "SSR, Presence Concealment" to hide and "SR, Flight" to fly down from the sky.

I'll just fool them.


"We walked here normally. It seems that everyone was so focused on the battle that no one noticed. Are you sure you don't want to collect the magic stone?


"That's right. Gimra, Wardy, let's quickly collect the magic stone. Miya, keep an eye on the area."


"Gold, dismantle the bush snake and save the magic stone for me."


"Yes, leave it to me."


Their leader instructed them to start working.

I gave Gold the bush snake I had defeated and instructed him to take out the magic stone.

Regardless the goblin is inside, or outside of the dungeon, the only part of the goblin that is redeemable for cash is the magic stone. The bush snake's flesh is very cheap, but we can sell it.

However, it would be a burden and troublesome to bring it back, so I only collect the magic stone.


"Erio Onii-chan, as our gratitude......"


"We haven't used it yet today, so I guess we can afford it. Miya, please."


As she looked like Miya, the red-haired sister is a magician, and when she focused her mind, she began to cast spells.


"Magic, manifest, and form water. Water Ball!"


A ball of water appears in the air.

This is basic water magic, but you won't have a water supply problem in the dungeon

 if you can use it.

A magician who can use it will be wanted by teams that dive dungeons for long periods.

The older brother, Erio called out Gold.


"Knight-sama, we've brought out some water. Please wash your hands."


"Thank you for the trouble."


"No, thank you for saving my sister. It's just a small token of our gratitude."


"Miya, please give some to us too!"




The well-behaved Jack and the tall boy called Wardy stick their hands into a water ball floating in the air.

We wash our hand from the Bush Snake and Goblin blood.

They purposely let their magician use her limited magic power and offer the water to wash our hands.

I felt their sincerity.


As an experienced dungeon explorer, I thanked him for this.


"Thank you for using your precious magical power to create water."


"No, thank you very much for helping my sister. This morning and just now you've helped us a lot....... I don't know what to say."


This morning, we're also going to suffer a loss, and this time, we accidentally saw it and felt that we shouldn't overlook it. I should have said something, but since everyone was so focused on the fight, I thought it would be dangerous, so I did it without permission."


"Thank you very much for your kindness."


"Dark-sama, it seems the enemies are coming."


While Erio and I were having a conversation between the leaders, Nemumu interrupted us.

Nemumu, a level 5,000 assassin, said that the "enemies" are coming.

I turned my attention from the conversation to searching for the enemy and quickly spotted them.

The enemies with their four legs are coming from the depths of the forest.

Their speed is much faster than the boys and girls in front of me.




"Grea, Great Bush Wolf!"


A two meters tall grass-coloured wolf, the Great Bush Wolf, appears.

Several bush wolves were also following him.


"Why a Great Bush Wolf who should be in the middle or deepest part of the first level show up in this area!?"


Erio, who had been having a friendly conversation with me just now, shouted in panic.


"We're no match for them! Let's retreat for now! Knight-sama, please cooperate with us to retreat!"


"Retreat means you all won't be fighting them? I'll deal with them you don't mind."


"That, that's fine, but..."


"Gold, Nemumu, it's a wolf hunt."


At my words, the two of them took out their weapons.




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