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Monday, February 22, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 6 Growth limit



The scream of an Orc living deep in the first level of the dungeon echoed out.

The Orc screamed and swung down the club in his hands.

A young man avoided it just in time and went around to the Orc's back.

He slashes at the Orc's back with his broad two-handed sword.




Orcs have thick skin, strong muscles, and hard bones.

Normally, it would be very difficult to cut through them with a sword.

Nevertheless, the two-handed sword in the young man's hand sliced through the Orc like paper.


The Orc screamed in shock. He was slashed from his right shoulder to his left hip and dies.

Unable to follow his movement, the hood he's wearing came off, exposing the young man's face.

His honey color blond hair is tied back, he has jewel-like green eyes and pointed ears.

His face was so well-defined that it could be mistaken for a woman's.

He is a typical young man from the elf race.


"So this is finally the tenth one. ......


Without paying attention to his hood that fell off or the Orc, who is still bleeding and twitching, the young man checked his status screen.

He ignores the smell from the ten Orcs' blood, wipes off his sweat, and opens his status screen with frustration and hope in his eyes.


"Damn it! As I thought, I can't raise my level with this level of opponent?"


The status screen showed "Kaito, 200 years old, elf race, male, level 1500".

The young man named Kaito clenches his teeth when he sees the number.

Level 1500.

Is this level so low that Kaito is clenching his teeth in deep regret?

No. In this world, this number is definitely "extraordinary".


Generally, the maximum level of an elf, dragon, or demon race is 1000.

In other words, Kaito's level of 1,500 is unbelievable, considering his young age (for an elf) of 200 years old.

But he is not satisfied; he stabs the two-handed sword in his hand into the ground madly.


"I'm a hero with the blood of ......the "Master". It's impossible for me to reach my growth limit at only level 1500. This is definitely not right!"


What is the growth limit?

It is said that once someone reaches a certain number, his or her level will not increase any further. This is generally referred to as the "growth limit".


Generally, level 100 for humans, 200-300 for the beastmen, 500 for the dwarves, 300-1000 for demons, and 1000 for elf and dragonmen.

But that is the common standard only, not absolute limitation.

Kaito couldn't accept the reality that he has reached his "growth limit", so he leaves the Elf Kingdom and explores the dungeon to raise his level.

He scratches his head with his right hand.



"That's right; I'm a descendant of the brave and heroic Master. One day I'll be revered as the hero. "Growth Limit"? No, this must be a test given to me by the Goddess! If I level up! If I can break through level 1500, I'll be a hero! I'll be blessed by the Goddess as a hero!"


 He stopped scratching his head with his right hand. He was scratching his head so hard that it bled. Then he looked up at the blue sky of the dungeon with a bright expression.


"If the Goddess acknowledges me as the brave man, as the hero, I'll kill all those idiots in my home country first! I'll kill all those bug humans who dare to warn me this morning. That gold armour guy party, I'll kill them all!"



Kaito remembers what happened this morning and starts to shout loudly as if his anger has been reignited.


"What do you mean "Don't cut in"? Who do you think I am! In the future, the Goddess will recognize this Kaito-sama as the brave man, as the hero! You all are just worms who live as stepping stones for us, the elves. How dare you talk down to me! If it weren't for the problem with the holy sword Grandius, I could have slashed them all right there! If I am serious, I could have killed them all in less than a few seconds!"


Kaito's movement stops.


"No, it would be a waste to kill that silver-haired woman. For a human being, she had a beauty that I've never seen even in my home country. I'll make her my servant. When I get bored, or she became ugly, I'll dump her away. In the meantime, that woman will be so happy with tears in her eyes to serve me. Because I am an elf and the future hero."


Kaito truly believed that the silver-haired woman, Nemumu would cry with joy and hug him when she heard his offer.

This is not because there's something wrong with his head.

The men and women of the elf race have beautiful faces.

Therefore, people generally believed that humans will easily be seduced by the elf's good looks and obey them.

No human is not seduced by an elf who whispers his or her love to them.


The anger in his chest was suppressed by the fantasy of being embraced and loved by Nemumu, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Kaito regained his composure and picked up his two-handed sword.


"Yareyare....... even though I am going to become the hero in the future, the Goddess still gave a troublesome test. At any rate, I don't think I can level up no matter how many weak monsters I deal with on the first level of this dungeon. I'll have to go deeper to defeat more monsters."


Kaito is so proud of himself that he didn't even take any Orc meat or magic stones as he walked deeper into the dungeon with his handbag.

 Kaito is determined to go deep into the dungeon to overcome the impossible "Goddess Trials".


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