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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Episode 22: Meeting

As anyone could tell, Takuto was in an unusually good mood that day. 

 And that because the time had finally come for him to turn his mind to his favorite, the domestic politics. 

 Recently, several events had been troubling him, such as the Holy Kingdom's investigation team and investigation neighboring countries' situation. 

Now that those matters were resolved, his mind has more space for other things, and his mood improved. 

Maybe his subordinates also felt the King's good mood. 

The meeting, they were about to start feels more relaxed. 


"Thank you for joining us even though you guys are so busy." 


 The meeting leader is still Atou. 


 She looks around at those in the audience, smiling lightly. 

 Gathered together are the country's most important people. 

 Elder Mortar, Warrior Chief Gia, and Emul. Emul has been promoted from her previous position as Gia aide and became Secretary. 

 Plus Mearia and Cearia, Takuto's maidservants. And, as matter of course, Atou and Takuto are there. 


"Then, it's the beginning of a fun domestic affair. Let's start with the status report. The person in charge of construction, please report." 


"Yes, I'm Emul, who is in charge of construction. The royal palace's building is completed, and there is plenty of workforce who free now. In my free time, I was focused on replenishing the timbers, so we have enough materials and its possible to start a new construction. " 


“I see, thank you. I'd like to build something new while we can afford it.” 


This was in line with Atou's expectations. He nodded in satisfaction at Emul's ability to provide information. 

As Emul said. Currently, the construction worker's workload is low. 

It is not acceptable to leave a valuable workforce idle. Moreover, the facilities of the Mynoghra civilization will bring various benefits to the nation. 

Whatever the situation, Atou wants to upgrade the facilities first. 


"Takuto-sama, for the next building, is it okay if same as we discussed in the previous meeting?" 




Takuto nods to answer Atou's. 

As a matter of fact, she has talked with Takuto in advance about the Mynoghra policy. 

Nevertheless, the purpose of holding this meeting is to distribute the work to the retainers and prevent problems that might be overlooked. 

If the nation gets bigger, all this workload would be too much for one person. 

Unlike in the games, in reality, one's ability to process information is limited, forcing Takuto and his Aide to do their jobs in this way. 


Emul. Next, you will build the Magic Institute. You guys have a special quality in magic, and the magic units are consumed the least human resources. Also, for our country, it's a safe decision to focus on magical technology.” 


“Understood, I'll tell the person in charge of the fieldwork as soon as the meeting is over." 


 The building options were a real headache. 

Several attractive options, such as the "*Wine Pool & Meat Forrest," would increase the population growth rate in exchange for increased food consumption. And the “Living Vine," which gives a defense bonus when an enemy unit attacks a city. 

  However, both were rejected because it would take time to become effective. 

 Therefore, the Magic Institute was chosen as a prerequisite for producing a powerful magic unit, which would increase the city's magic production. 


Next up is domestic politics--concerning the resource situation: ...... Who's in charge? 


“I am Emul in charge of that. The domestic food supply is good. Not to mention the supply of wood and stone, iron products that are cannot be produced are also supplied with the King's help. But as long as it consuming magic power, maybe it's not good for the balance.” 


Thanks to Takuto's ability to summon supplies, the dark elves, who had only brought the bare minimum of their own personal belongings, were able to create a city in such a short time. 

With his ability, Takuto produces items from his original world, such as iron products, clothing, and various other equipment that are usually difficult to obtain. 

Of course, it consumes a certain amount of magic power, but the current population of Mynoghra is only about 500 people. 

 In terms of cost to supply items for this population level, it won't be a problem. 

 Nevertheless, this method was also a forceful solution that worked because of their's small population. 


"Emergency production by magical power is very convenient, isn't it? However, it is necessary, so we will continue to do it. After all, facilities and research are required to increase the magical power production capacity. Then, I will raise your salary, thank you for your hard work ...” 


"Thank you." 


 Atou is aware of the lack of human resources while looking at Emul bows her head. 

 However, that matter still remains on the shelf. Atou can only hope that either time or some dramatic change in circumstances will solve the problem. 


"Then next is about magical power, so let's hear the report regarding the research." 


“That’s my responsibility. I've completed the research on military magic, and it is now possible to use magic at the military level. Currently, only I am the only one who can use it. Still, with the mana of doom supplied by the ...... royal palace, it's possible to create powerful offensive magic! Well, I don't think the King's wish to use it as an active tool, but...” 


"That's right. The magic of doom is convenient, but it's never useful in domestic affairs ..." 


 The "Tactical Magic" that Elder Mortar had been researching as his primary focus was can be used in actual battle. 

 It was perfected at the right time - no, it was perfected at a calculated time. The multiplier effect brought a powerful military card to Mynoghra and could be used immediately. 

 And when the next building, the Magical Research Institute, is developed, more magical units will be produced. If that happens, they could expect even more military strength. 

 However, Atou makes a troubled face. The magic of doom can only be used for offensive purposes, so it was a problem for Mynoghra, who focuses on internal affairs. ...... 


''As for the research, let's go with the magic-based on the 'Six Elements' as we had planned. This one might take a little longer, but...there's not much merit in choosing other studies......” 


Researching the techniques of "refining" and "fortification" has little merit, and there are too few scenes to utilize it. 

More than that, Takuto and Atou thought that research in the magic system was still more appealing. 

 This would make Mynoghra more and more of a magic-focused nation. Still, specialization in a particular field was also an orthodox national strategy, so it was a good thing. 


“And the last, the person in charge of the military.” 


''I, Gia, the warrior chief, am pleased to report to you. The new force consists of five Long Leg Bugs. 

They are mainly responsible for investigating the uncivilized areas around us. However, unlike the Daijukai, the outside of the forest is flatland. We prioritize on secrecy, so we are unable to boldly investigate at the moment.” 


"Hmm. The King has been informed of the situation. It's a bit dangerous to continue to investigate further while maintaining secrecy. Please send the Long Leg bugs to patrol the perimeter of the country.” 


“I agree ...... and I would like to ask you a question. In terms of research, as you previously told us, if we complete the "Advanced Hunting," the "Long Leg Bug" can evolve into a "Head-Hunter Bug." I wonder if we can secure a stronger military force: ......” 


Takuto and Atou groan inwardly at Gia's proposal. 

It means reviewing the things that have been decided. 

The timing of the proposal is wrong, even though the content is worth to be considered. 

This is also evidence that their followers' spontaneous thinking has grown. 

In fact, "advanced hunting" was listed as an option in advance play. Instead, it is a subject of research that would usually be adopted. 

Then why wasn't it adopted? The reason is simple. There were no animals in this forest. 

 Gia not able to take that into consideration means his management skill is not quite there yet. 

 Atou decides to give him little words and more praise then rejects Gia's suggestion. 


"Although it is an attractive idea, let's proceed with the research centered on magic. There is an urgent need to comprehensively enhance magic-related technology. How about Isla's production status?" 


“I'll be the one to report about that. We already have sufficient food and timber resources. The production of the human flesh tree and the King's nutritious fruits are producing good results. But as for the magic, we're still behind schedule.” 


Takuto-sama, what do you think?” 


 All reports and policy decisions were made, and questions were thrown around to see any problem. 

 Takuto excitedly watched the situation. 

He already explained the general flow to Atou, but still, need to be consulted with them. 

They have loyalty to the nation. 

And the sight of those who are trying their best to fulfill their responsibilities is a blessing. There is even love in it. 


“No problem at all. Everyone is doing their best.” 


All of his retainers bow deeply at the unusually long words. 

Everybody understands that the King does not speak much. Therefore, they could feel the weight of his words. 

While being filled with the joy that springs up in their heart, the meeting continues with a detailed discussion. 


 ◇   ◇   ◇ 


 Eventually, the time for domestic affairs is over, and it's time for the agenda on the reality that they don't like to admit. 

 In other words, some problems that bother their minds. 


"Now let's talk about foreign countries. So far, there is no movement from the Qualia Holy Kingdom. 


"Yes, I didn't see any suspicious movements at the moment. Maybe they still busy with the problems that occurred in the Northern Province." 


 Atou asked Gia a question, but his answer seemed only to confirm her prediction. 


"Then, although there is a slight delay, if we keep up the pace, Isla production will be completed without problems. As for the condition of our potential enemy, so far, they are still safe. Currently, the topic that needs attention is our population growth. Any opinion on this? 


"We have compatriot. I wondered if it would be possible to relieve the great King's anxieties to some extent by welcoming those compatriots. --If you leave the persuasion to this mortar, I'm sure my compatriots will bow to our King's greatness and mercy." 


"Yes, my King sympathizes very much with the dark elves condition. Rest assured that the King will not abandon them. So how many of your compatriots do we expect?" 


“Not too many. Probably one thousand or two thousand......” 


''Hmm, I see. ...... Even if we accepted those people, it wouldn't be enough. --Takuto-sama. If you could give us some wisdom on this matter.” 


The Baton was thrown at Takuto. 

In the original plan, they expected at least 5,000 people. 

They could enrich intellectual workers and leave the menial jobs to homunculus and bug child with that much number. 

However, it seemed that the number of dark elves is less than their expectation. 

Elder Mortal didn't want to overthink it, but there was no guarantee that many dark elves still survive. 

Takuto's strategy of accepting the oppressed dark elves worked out better than he expected. 

Unfortunately, he was a little unlucky to get a second chance. 


"After all, we better hold." 


Takuto was in the middle of explaining something to the twins 

 when Atou asked for his opinion, Takuto thinking while touching chin with his finger. 

Even with his experience and brain, this problem is challenging one to solve. 

On the contrary, it can be said that this situation is abnormal. 

Anyway, If it's inside the game, it will be played in-game speed units of decades or hundreds of years. 

It was natural that the population would naturally increase after some time. 

But in reality, it's unreasonable to think of a quick way to increase the population. 


"Why things didn't go well? You guys, please make more children." 


 The population is directly related to national power. 

Even when many people were thinking together but still no solution, Atou finally threw her frustration at Elder Mortar and Gia. 

 But sometimes reality is hard 

, her frustration demand is answered by Emul. 


"Atou-dono, these two ... are not married." 


"Because the job is their family." 


 Emul lets out a sigh of disappointment, and they both hit their own chests with faces full of themselves. 

 Oh, this is the type of person who enjoys being single—the kind who has no intention to get married. 

 Atou made such judgment and quickly gave up, then she asks Emul, who seems to have more potential. 

"I see. Then Emul, you have to do your best ..." 


"I'm looking for a lover, but ..." 




There's nothing more we can do about this. 

 That's Atou's last thought about this matter. She thinks that Emul has the air of a popular girl, but there must be many difficulties with her position. 

 Atou began to regret poking the bushes of the dark elves' love affairs, hurriedly changed the topic. 


“Let's not talk about this! We got sidetracked! Okay, next! Next! We're going to set a policy about the neutral state, Fawncaven! That is the next main topic!” 


The tension that was temporarily loosened tightens at once. 

As an urgent issue, it can be said that dealing with this city, which is just outside Daijukai, determines their fate. 

If they make a mistake, the worst possibility is war. In the current situation where the other party's military power is still unknown, it must be avoided at all costs. 


“I'm here to inform you that the city is apparently on high alert for something.” 


The report came up from Gia, who, as the warrior chief, is in charge of everything in the army. 

 They all frowned when they realized that the report's content showed the current situation is very complicated. 


"On high alert? Does that mean that our existence is exposed?" 


"No, although from a distance, can be confirmed there are sporadic goblin attacks. Apparently, they are on the alert for demi-human and barbarians." 


A barbarian is basically a hostile unit that does not belong to a nation. 

In "Eternal Nations," it was like a nuisance often seen in the early stages. While listening to the explanation, Atou judge that this world has something similar. 


 It's not so difficult to defeat them in the game, but it will be troublesome if they attack the scouts. 

 So players have to organize an army. 

 However, some barbarians have special abilities. 

 Killing them maybe not fun, but it won't incur the wrath of any other forces. 

If the timing is right, Atou inwardly plots to destroy them. 

 The defeating of a wide variety of units would increase Atou's power. 

 No matter what, she has to become more powerful. Because that is the mission, she has set for herself. 


“It's just that they were troublesome to deal with, and only by seeing them made me feel sick. " 


"ARE?" Atou nodded her head. 


She believes Gia said the attack was made by the goblin. 

 If that was the case, it should be easy to defeat them, considering the technology level in this world. 

 That weird situation bothered her. 


“Will there be any reinforcements from their home country?” 


“From what I've seen, the city is shaped like an enclave, so they probably can't just deploy reinforcements. Or maybe their home country is also facing the same situation......” 


"Hmm ... it's difficult to dispatch troops because of the enclave. In this area, the barbarians attack risk is that high?" 


"Because it is an undeveloped area, there are a relatively large number of demi-humans. Goblins, orcs, and Kobolds." 


“But it's hard to imagine barbarians attacking a city, Elder Mortar. They should know attacking a city is reckless, even if they just accidentally encounter a marching army.” 


This and that, Gia and Elder Mortal began to argue with each other. But there was no exact result. In the end, they judged that they weren't sure about what actually happening either. 


“We don't have enough information at the moment. If they are attacked by barbarians, then maybe there many refugees in the area. If we can successfully take them in, we might be able to increase our population.” 


 Typically, not all cities in a country have sufficient defense capabilities. 

 A city of a specific size can be protected from the outside world by a concrete stone wall. Still, a farming and ranching village is usually defenseless. 

Of course, if the barbarians were not eradicated, the villagers are the first to suffer. 

It is common sense that even if they are lucky enough to escape, there will be many refugees. 

They are refugees that even any state can't afford to welcome. Fortunately, Mynoghra has a surplus of land and food. 

 If the refugees are willing to become evil, all they need is determination. 

 Takuto secretly gave this idea to Atou. 

"Atou-dono, is there a possibility that the refugees will betray us?" 


'We can watch over them. We'll be able to suppress the people's rebellion if we deploy troops in the cities. Mynoghra's unit ... There is a perfect unit for such a role under Takuto-sama, who has not been summoned yet. " 

"Oh! That's reliable!" 


Atou omitted the explanation about its strange appearance. 

Because even in Atou mind, it's was a barely safe appearance to see. Of course, maybe the dark elves' judgment different from her. 

 Nevertheless, its performance is impressive. 

A type of unit called the Brain Eater can increase the security of a city. 


It is a medical unit that heals other units' wounds, making it very useful in a defense-type playstyle. 


“And if we're promised a peaceful life for them, they wouldn’t think of betraying us. Right? 


“Right, exactly as you said.” 


"Either way, I think it's time to make friendly contact with some country and talk to them.  

If we can sell them a favor, that's good; if they're going to become enemy, well, that time we'll deal with it. 

It's a city we'd love to have if we could get it, but, well, let's not hope too much.” 


 They all nodded at her words. 

 They agreed with Atou and showed their support for the policy. 

 And that would signal the end of the meeting. 


“So we've reached an agreement. Next turn - oops, the next policy is to send a messenger to that neutral country, Fawncaven. No rush, so please find a way to make contact with them as friendly as possible.” 


Although Atou didn't mention in the meeting, the reason why Takuto is particularly interested with that city is simple. 

There is a dragon vein inside the city. 

 The dragon vein hole, a map resource that produces mana, must be obtained at all costs. 

 It would be nice if it ended in a friendly way if possible, but there are many ways to go about it. 

 Takuto adds an unusually aggressive policy to his choice. 


 The time when Mynoghra would be recognized as a nation for the first time, was just around the corner. 




New selected building facilities and research items. 


Under construction! The Magic Institute 

Researching! The six elements. 

In production! [Isla, Queen of all bugs]




*Wine Pool & Meat Forrest  

I am not sure if this thing is small heaven or hell on earth, Please read some interesting fact about “Wine Pool & Meat Forrest” below 



I am considering to change one character   


Both correct because there is no “L” letter in the Japanese language.  

In Japanese intonation, the name Emul will be read as Emuru.  

Anyway, I want to listen to supporters opinion about this.  

Which one do you prefer? 


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