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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Episode 17: Clash (3)

Let's talk about a possible future. 


 The sunset lit the world red, signaling the end of the battle. 

The victory or defeat had already been decided. No miracle had occurred, and the natural end had come to the Holy Knight Ronius. 


"The future that may happens if you follow the words of the Holy Knight Verdel who died miserably there." 


With her tentacles, Atou lifted the holy knight Ronius's body that covered with cuts all over his body and gave him a few words. 
He already didn't have the strength to fight. Verdel's holy knight swordsmanship had cut him deep into his heart, and he had lost all will and energy. 

Atou spoke slowly. 

Even though it was Atou duty to kill him immediately, she spoke a lot as if she had to do so. 


If you obey his decision even though you disagree, you will be able to return home safely. You will give your report as usual, and your judgment will only be slightly worse. 

Even so, you can complete the mission and return home safely. Your loving wife and daughter will greet you—the house's warmth and the soup's fragrant aroma. Embracing them and whispering words of affection, you give thanks to God for the safe completion of your mission and vow to keep this peace.  

…… On the other hand, I am sure that peace will come. 

I am also relieved to have met those of you who unexpectedly understood us. You can go to sleep while hoping that this peace will last forever. " 

It was a quiet word, but it clearly contained hatred. 
Why didn't he do that, and why did he ignore the advice and carried away by his emotions? 

There was anger there. 


“Let's talk about the future you have chosen." 

Ronius is dying. 

The bleeding from the wounds may have knocked him unconscious, but in his mouth remained a little breath, and his eyes were slightly open. 

This is proof that his soul has not been lost. 


You will die after this. You will suffer miserably and die without accomplishing anything. 

Now that I know your family's name, the next thing I'm going to do is kill them. 

Masha and Meena. I'll make them suffer as long as I can before I kill them. --Oh, she's just a baby, then let's eat her like a monster should. 

To begin with, I'm not a fan of human flesh, but if I grill or boil it and add lots of spices, there is no inedible food, so don't worry. 


As she speaks voluminously, Atou gazes at Ronius's face. 

 The anguish, regret, and despair can be seen on his face. Atou words gradually become more and lustier and filled with pleasure, as if she was enjoying all of it without hesitation. 

Atou was enjoying this situation. 


And not only that, but there are also the Qualia villages where you stayed during your travels between the northern and southern continents, right? 

I have no meaning or reason, but I'll kill them all and burn them to the ground as soon as I find them. 

Oh, and in case there is anyone with the same name as your wife or daughter, I will torment them slowly before killing them, so be happy. 


Ronius shook his head slightly. 


The fire of life remained within him. 

It is a desperate protest and plea for mercy made with his last breath. 


I have been taught by an important person that if I look down on people it could be the end of my life, so I will definitely kill them. I will kill hundreds, even thousands of people. It's a shame and I don't really want to do it, but I'm going to kill them anyway. --That is your the future you choosed. 


“No, stop ... I beg you, please stop.” 


She purposely ignored those words of despair. 
 Just as previously, Atou's plea for peace was ignored by Ronius. 
 Atou also did not listen to Ronius' wishes. 


“You must have been a good man. You prayed to God, served your country, loved your people and above all, your family. That is a noble man, and that's why I hate people who believe they are righteous.” 


Atou finally had the satisfaction of releasing cursed words that have been accumulated in her soul. 

 Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she was bored. 

 But either way, it didn't change the fact that the life of a man named Holy Knight Ronius would be crushed here. 

“Goodbye, Holy Knight Ronius. I am sure that you, gentle and brave, will be on your way to heaven, surrounded by the love of God. From your special seat in heaven, you can watch all your loved ones die in misery. 


The witch laughs. 

 As if to hate everything, as if to curse everything. 

 Ronius regret that he had made a terrible mistake. His own senses had undoubtedly seen through this evil, and most of all... 

 The despair because his loved ones were about to be subject of that wickedness had drove him mad. 




Hahaha! Hahahahahahaha! 


The investigation team was hit by an unexpected disaster. Just because one person's sense of justice and narrow thinking... on the southern continent completely lost their lives with no one left. 



"Amazing, Atou-dono ... Please let us take care the bodies." 


A figure appeared from behind. 

Atou recognizes that voice. He was the warrior chief Gia who was stepping out of the forest, and Atou replied his words without looking back. 

"I don't want to waste time. I'll help you, so let's get it done quickly." 


The number of dead bodies amounted to about fifty. 

 If they were all left unattended, the battle that took place in this place might be exposed. 

 But the blood that the ground has sucked in isn't something that can be dealt with. 

Even so, the risk of the smell of corpses lingering in the area maybe will attract the surrounding demonic beasts, and monsters can be avoided. 

Concealment was a top priority, and taking over their weapons was essential to their resource-poor nation. 

 Hence, disposing of the bodies was a must. 


Atou uses her tentacles and dexterously gathers the corpses in one place. 

 Gia asks Atou as she supervises the warrior group carrying the bodies into the forest. 


"But seem the end result are not so good, Atou-dono." 


"Yes, it seems that they came to investigate some sort of anomalies in this forest. From what I can tell, they may have been aware of us." 


"What! Tha, that is ..." 


"The holy knight called Verdel was willing to listen to us, so good I thought it would work ..." 


Initially, Atou disguised herself as a dark elf girl to talk to them. 

 It was a strategy to keep the presence of the Mynoghra from being exposed and because they don't know what the armed group wants. 

 It's okay if the armed group leave, but if they don't, Atou prioritizes the information's confidentiality and kill everyone. 

 That was the strategy Takuto had thought of. 


But when the curtain is opened, and this is what happened. 


 Maybe there was a better way, but they'll have to kill everyone, either way, considering their purpose. 

 At the very least, there is no option to let the existence of the Mynoghra known. 

 Hence, this outcome would have been inevitable. 


Gia sent instructions to his subordinates to speed up the work while understanding that they were still in a critical situation. 

 At the same time, he glanced at Atou, and honestly ask her the question he had been wondering about earlier. 


"Atou-dono ... The words you said earlier. Are you serious?" 


"The word I said? Oh! It's about his wife and children! Isn't it?" 


Gia was stunned by those words. 

While Atou was discussing as an investigator and negotiator with the armed groups 

The dark elves hide in the forest behind and quietly listen to all the conversation. 


They've been ordered by the King of Mynoghra, Takuto, to never show themself unless Atou in great danger, so they did not join the battle. 

 Therefore, he has been spying on them for a long time. 

Even though Gia has become evil, when he hears Atou words, he still feels goosebumps. 

Are those words just a lie ... 

Besides that, she said, "What kind of joke do you think of?" 

Atou's attitude was like that. Gia can only be stunned. 


"I was just curious about what that holy knight expression would look like, so I just harassed him. 

I am a pacifist. I can't do such a terrible thing ... " 


Gia felt goosebumps when that girl laughs widely. 

Even though when they first met each other, he was terrified. In their interactions so far, he felt Atou was like an ordinary human. 


Mainly because something was a little out of place. 

He even thought that sometimes she looked like a real baby girl, the way she was distressed by the King's attention from time to time. 

Gia was wrong about all of that, and she was wrong about her. 

After all, he was well aware that the creature in front of him is a demon from a different dimension. 

However, that doesn't mean he feels sorry for the holy knights who were killed. 

 If Atou hadn't killed them, maybe Gia and the other Dark Elves would have been the one that killed. 

Page BreakInterrogation in the Western Kingdom is said to be harsh and unforgiving towards evil beings. 

 They believe in order and justice, and Gia has no idea what they would do if the presence of the Mynoghra were to be exposed. 

It would be foolish to show any mercy for that survey group when the dark elves have just gained a safe life for themselves. 

Gia hasn't forgotten the way his own tribe is treated. 

He doesn't have to consider who comes first, people he knows and loves, or strangers. 

Well, chit-chat aside, let's get this over with. There is much to report directly to the King. 


Hmm? What is your concern? 


Even though the crisis had just ended 

Gia tilted his head, feel curious to see Atou, who seemed to be in a hurry. 

There seemed to be no more problems, but he didn't aware that the situation turned in an unexpected direction. 

"Yes, I can capture some information when I defeat the enemy. ―― and that tends to be bad. " 


When Atou had killed the Holy Knight Verdel, Verdel's knowledge had flowed into her. 

 Most of it was worthless as information about his companions. Still, the information about the mayhem in the Northern Province was enough to entice Atou's interest. 

 And above all, being called a witch. 

A continental disaster is predicted to be on par with the Saintess currently experienced by the Holy Kingdom of Qualia and the El-Nar Spiritual Contract Alliance. 

As yet, fortunately, there have been no encounters. Still, if Atou's predictions are correct, that's an entity with hero-class power. 

Mynoghra is still lacking in both national strength and strength. 


 The heroic power that seems to be the only advantage they have will be less effective if their opponents have the same military strength scale. 

 We'll have to think of a countermeasure for this and future policy for it as soon as possible. 

Gia also sensed the urgency of the situation in Atou's attitude and nodded silently. 

 Her concern is a national concern, which is a threat to all the people's well-being. 

 Gia gives a quick hand signal to the warrior group to hasten their work further 

 and join them to dispose of the corpses. 

The world will go through a big change. 



  1. I see... So you're testing ads configuration huh... Then you'll have to know that multiple popads appears in some page...
    That aside
    Thanks for the translation...
    Cant wait for the appearance of elsa(?) (The insect queen)

  2. Thanks for the chapter

  3. thank you for the chapter but there seems to be some grammars that are wrong. please correct it.

  4. The manga botched this arc. It was like "nyaaa! ninja elves!" and I was baffled. This is way better.

    1. maybe they (mangaka & author) want to gives the dark elves more roles....


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