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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Episode 5: Negotiation (1)


As usual, a boy's position is always weaker in the presence of an angry girl.

Even the King of ruin was no exception.

Ira Takuto, the leader of Mynoghra in the new world, was trying to apologize to the girl under him who was in a bad mood because of his careless actions.


"Hey, please ... don't be in a bad mood anymore."


"huh, I'm not in a bad mood."


Despite saying that, you can still feel a dissatisfaction aura is surrounding her body.

She still felt displeased because they had previously decided to use their remaining magical power with caution, but he wasted it for the dark elves.


Takuto didn't expect her reaction. Now, he could only apologize and pray that her mood would improve.

In truth, if Takuto realized that compared to his wasted magic power, the girl was more annoyed that he had disregarded her part in this, should he asked her, maybe things would not come to this.

But seeing Takuto apologize desperately, Atou finally felt his regret and felt sorry for him.


"Okay, then. I'll always listen to Atou!"


"Well, isn't that too much? I never expected you to say something like that ..."


Atou stares down at Takuto, making it hard for him to say anything.

She began to worry that if they didn't make peace with each other soon, her Master might abandon her.

If there was a chance, she wanted to forgive Takuto.


"If Atou isn't with me, It's no good."


"Ta, Takuto-sama ..."


To be honest, Atou is easy.

It could more or less be said that this girl principle is "my king is the most important thing," therefore if Takuto whispered sweet words, then she would compensate.

In the first place, for her, her world is Takuto, and even when they were inside the game, her life was the days she spent with Takuto. So it can't be helped...


"I also apologize for saying such cruel things! I was disqualified as a subordinate for not agreeing with my great King's decision."


"No, I'm sorry. I came to this world with Atou, so I should have asked your consent. Can you forgive me?"


They nodded each other, and they agree that the problem never existed.

None of them cared much about this matter anyway.

In short, they had only overreacted to a problem, but the trust between them had not diminished one bit.

But the next issue was a bit different.


"Thanks God. Then I have something I want to talk about right away. Can we work it out together?"


"Of course, my King! --- So what is the problem? With regard to the remaining magical power, although food production is costly, I think there is no problem with this amount... "


"No, not about that. It's totally different problem."


Takuto spoke with a mysterious gaze.


Atou also wondered with an expression that seemed a little hard to tell.


It could be said that the Lord's problems she admired were things that went beyond her own.


"Problem? Is there something that Takuto-sama has to worry about?"


"well, I had a conversation with the dark elf people."




They had a sudden encounter with the Dark Elves and had some conversations.

Atou replays the event in her head. As far as she thinks, the response was generally good.

She thinks they faked it well, and they were able to hide their card and play the role of a strong person.

There should be no problem, but...

What Takuto was worried about was about something totally different.


"Actually, I couldn't speak well..."




"Isn't Atou aware of it too? I thought something was wrong. I can converse with Atou,

I can't say anything in front of other people. "


Atou recalled Takuto's words many times.

She thought Takuto's words were a little strange. Atou thought he was on purpose so as not to say unnecessary things or leak information.

Moreover, he is seen as a great character who does not like small talk and leaving small matters to his subordinates.

Sweat ran down her forehead.

Terrible feelings of her will soon come true.


"By the way, I don't remember speaking well with the nurses or doctors at the hospital. I don't have much experience talking to someone from the start.

The only possibility I can think ... "


"Oh, no no no ..."


Atou trembled.

She remembered—the origin of Takuto, who is her Master.

And the few troublesome troubles that exist ....


"Somehow, Seem that i have communication disorder..."


Tears run straight from the confessing Takuto's eyes.

Yes. He had a slightly annoying illness that prevented himself from communicating well with others.


"Oh, my King! Please do not cry!"


Atou rushed to embrace him at an abnormal speed.

Now that was all she could do.

Takuto cried, lamenting himself who couldn't communicate well.

Atou also wept over the fact that her Master couldn't speak well with other people. 

It is complicated to face such a situation: a hero of destruction who once gained unlimited power and could easily destroy the world.

Then Takuto's grief as the King of destruction exploded. 


"Stop, Atou! What King am I! The King of ruin who can't even speak, I feel like dying from shame!"


"It's okay! It's okay, my King! If you can't talk to other people, just talk with this Atou!

In other words, this Atou will be the voice for Takuto-sama! Serve and stand by you for a lifetime! Therefore---!!!"


"But a king without communication skill, How will you command or negotiate with other countries? . do you need that kind of King? "


Atou silenced.

Silence, Because she accidentally advised him not to say anything, her face turned blue.

Tears flowed back from Takuto's eyes.


"Let's reset our lives. Start a new life again."


"That's good! It doesn't matter if you don't mind! The King that doesn't need any communication skills!"


"Yes, right! ignorant! The ignorant King! a king who only talked to his subordinates!"


Had he ever expressed his feeling that loud before?

Atou shouted and pushed her argument as hard as she could to erase her Master's sorrow. 

At first, the words weren't convincing and only had an impulse. Still, fortunately, the main character, Takuto Ira, has a soft spot towards Atou.

When the girl screams a despaired words, Takuto finally calms his hearts.


"Uh, Atou. If you really encouraged me to that extent ..."


"Yes, my King. Let's take this slowly. You will surely be able to talk to many people. You have this Atou! so don't say you want to start a new game."


"Sorry, I'm a little discouraged. That's right. I don't need any communication skills. As long as Atou stands by my side, everything will be fine. "


"Yes, yes. That's right. You don't need communication skills. You can solve any problem with financial and offensive power. Haven't you learned that from the "Eternal Nations"!"

"Uh, thank you "Eternal Nations." And thank you Atou. I have a very good subordinate..."


None of the problems were solved, but now both of them are of one heart.

It may be difficult for others to understand. Still, it seems that this interaction has the effect of deepening the bonds between the two.

The two people stared at each other; joy filled them like streams of overflowing water.


"Atouuuu !!"




They hugged each other tightly as if they had been separated for a long time.




At the same time, there was a strange, shrill sound as if deliberately interrupting their moment.




The two of them who were hugging turned towards the voice, it seemed that the [Long Leg Bug] was shivering as he looked at them, his eyes seemed to want to say something.

They didn't understand what those eyes meant, but it was enough to ruin the atmosphere between the two.


"By the way, I did summon him back to base."


"What a bug, it can't read the situation at all. Would you like to delete this unit?"


"Of course not. That's a waste,"


When there was a third party, the atmosphere immediately cooled down.

No, it could be said that they woke up?

Takuto casually let go of Atou hug and then sat on the stone pedestal as usual.

She felt a little irritated, but the Long Leg Bug glance was painful.

But unfortunately, Atou was already in a bad mood.


"Bug. What's wrong? Even though Takuto-sama and I are in the middle of deepening our relationship. "


"Hmmm, I see. It seemed that the dark elves were approaching. Looks like they came to pick up the leftovers."


"Oh, I see."


Takuto, the player, can understand the behavior of his long leg bug.


[Scout] is this unit's ability to expand the field of view. 

It was effective even in a forest full of trees, and Takuto can see a group of dark elves advancing through the Long Leg Bug's eyes.

At the same time, anxiety tightened his chest.

He has no confidence in completing the second round of negotiation.

However, there is one person who can help the crisis on his ship. Of course, that person is Atou.

She felt the change in Takuto's facial expression and immediately offered a countermeasure. 


"I have a good idea. I will be in charge of negotiations with those Dark Elves in the future. Takuto-sama just need to look! !! "


"Eh? Is that all right?"


"Yes. Please leave it to me. But if you feel uncomfortable communicating in that way please let me know."


"Hmm. Umm..."


He was very grateful for the offer.

Of course, Takuto would want to let her negotiate.

But is it okay to allow him to do that? He is King, and She is his subordinate.

He was not worried that she would go beyond her authority, 

Instead, he worries that this authority will burden Atou.

While placing a hand on her chest,

Atou showed a confident expression and asked him to entrust the task to her.

Takuto was relieved to see that attitude. At the same time, he was ashamed that he had underestimated her.

She, who has limitless possibilities and powers, had told him to entrust the task to her.

Excitement and happiness again stirred Takuto's heart.

So with absolute trust and loyalty, the King's answer is only one.


"No, there's no such thing. Then can I trust this to you? Atou"


"Fufufu, as you wish my king..."


With sincere gratitude, those jet black eyes stared at him.

Her expression, so enchanting, was so full of herself, befitting a hero who brought destruction to the world.




"Thank you so much for giving me the honor to come before you.

This time, we dark elf group have been endowed with your generosity.

My name is Mortar-Kordar-Mazaram."


The group of Dark Elves arrived moments after Takuto received the information from the scouts.

The one leading them was an old man who looked like a dead branch.

Despite his apparent lack of nutrition, his silver hair and beard were long and silky. He knelt in front of Takuto while holding a staff. 

Next to him was the Dark Elf Warrior Chief Gia they encountered the other day. There are other familiar faces, and it seemed that the people chosen to meet him were no different from before.


"Hmm. From your attitude as a Dark Elf you are quite polite. Is there anything you want to say? Say it quickly."


"... With a majestic being before us, it's only natural for a despicable dark fairy like us to feel anxious. My King's heart is not small enough to be bothered by such a modest thing."


By all rights, it might not matter if she got even angrier. Still, in the first place, Atou has no interest in anything other than Takuto.

She glanced at Takuto, and It seemed that he wasn't too concerned. In the first place, Takuto is a modern and ordinary person. He is not too worried about politeness.

If it seemed that Takuto didn't mind, then she wouldn't hesitate to judge.

At this point, it can be said that Atou is a loyal game piece for Takuto.


"I can only feel ashamed that you have given your compassion to us this despicable race, Please let us know your name so we can continue to share it with gratitude to our future generations."


Atou turned her neck and glanced at Takuto.

She asks for approval to give his name.

In the last meeting, they never mentioned his name until the end. According to Takuto's assessment, there are many unknown things. They should not cause trouble by providing additional information to outsiders. 

However, as time went by, that thought also changed. Instead of living life in fear, it's better to take risks and live as we please.

Hence, she had received the answer to the previous question. The permission is already given, so Atou only has one job to do.


"Ira Takuto-sama, the final King who rule destruction. It's a precious and a great name. When referring to him, you shall call him as Ira-sama, or otherwise Ira takuto-sama."


She speaks those words with confidence and impressions.

Thus, the name of Takuto became known for the first time in this world.


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  5. When did they become Dark Fairies? I thought they were Dark Elves?

  6. Thank you for your translation. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I think you could use a proof reader. There's a lot of strange inconsistencies with your translation such as: "Atou turned his neck and glanced at Takuto." You mean "Atou turned her neck". A lot of lines of dialogue are a bit difficult to understand because of similar mistakes like that.

    1. no hard feeling taken, instead I should say thank you for letting me know my mistake.
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