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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Episode 8: Founding Statement (2)


 The Dark Elves group discussed the matter for three days and three nights.

It was a big deal for them.

They now have enough to eat, their physical strength is recovered. However, they couldn't say it that they already fully recovered.


Since they returned, they had discussed this matter even before they go to sleep. Of course, the dark elves are talking about "whether to become citizens of the king or not."


The King who gives them food. The King who controlled the destruction and written in legends.


They were indeed in trouble, 


But it's natural for them to feel anxious when suddenly asked to become the citizen of the King of Ruin.

He is very different from the kings they had served before.

The King, who had spoken to Elder Mortar, is the Final King who would turn everything back into nothing.


His power is enormous, and human couldn't possibly oppose it.


Maybe once the contract is made, even their soul will belong to him.

This is the last option, even death would not free them, so most of the tribe have to participate and share their opinion. Elders, adults, and members of the group who were old enough attended without exception.


Even young children who just remembered the language were forced to make a decision. Only babies sleeping on their mother's chest did not participate in the discussion.


As a result of a long discussion, they decided to become retainers of the King.


They had no time left. Rather than sit and wait for death, it would be somewhat better to survive even if they fall into an evil existence.


More than anything, they will never forget the King's compassion that gave them food to fill their stomachs.


Whether it's evil being or a doomsday king, it wasn't a big deal compared to the amount of grace they had received.


In the end, everyone felt relieved as if they had dropped a lot of weight from their shoulders.


At the same time, they believe that from now on, their life will be completely different.




The fateful moment was presented before them two days ago. And today, their decision will be carved into their souls.


Soon the King will come to their shelters.


They should go under normal circumstances, but in the end, the King decided that he would come. That decision was thanks to Atou's suggestion, who thought that it would be troublesome for a group of 500 people to come all the way.


The area is quiet due to the mysterious air.


No one speaks out. There is an abundance of signs of anxiety, expectations, and fear.

All of the Dark Elves knelt on the ground, and they were only waiting for time with their heads lowered deeply.


Don't provoke the King's anger. Elder Mortar judged that better for them not to look at the King directly.



"Everyone, the King is coming"


Elder Mortar gave the word, and the shadows of the two being appeared from the depth of the forest.


Despite being warned by the chief and the warriors that "they must not directly look at the king,"


Several young dark elves who couldn't hold back their curiosity raised their faces.

At the same time, they regret their actions due to the enormous fear of attacking their whole body.


It was absolute darkness.

Something in the shape of a person is there. It looks like something is wrong within its realm; it seems that black stains are created, and the distortion accumulates.


There is something with a terrifying characteristic that cannot be described in words.

The existence they will worship as kings is the materialization of ruins.

A faint-hearted young man screamed a little; the person beside him immediately elbowed him.


Babies ... maybe it's their survival instinct? They hold their voice and hiding on their mother's chest.

Even people who already know him were unable to hide their fear, they trembled.


Those who already have lived a long life and considered veteran also feel this situation.


The younger men already wet his pant. Some even had bubbles from their mouths and passed out.

They had no way of guessing what the King was thinking.

That's their overall view of Ira Takuto.

But still, they have decided to become a citizen of the King of Ruin.


At the end of their exile, this place became their new home, a new asylum because of the existence of the absolute darkness.


Atou, who is under the King, exchanged a word or two with Old Mortar, to give him some explanation.


Eventually, Elder Mortar presents their answers to the King.


The King nodded slightly at the girl sitting next to him, sitting on the throne that was made for this occasion.



"Here, we welcome you the group of dark elves who had come here as citizens of the Mynoghra nation. 

My King, Ira Takuto-sama, may I continue? "



The girl's declaration was firm and strong, although her voice is not too loud.


Hearing this, the King nodded again and looked satisfied.



"OK, please continue."



He answered.

For a moment, words from the King entered their bodies through their ears, immediately, strokes their soul with the freezing chill.


"Congratulations. You are now citizens of Mynoghra. All happiness and well-being will be promised in the name of the great King Ira-Takuto-sama."


Atou's declaration, which contained invisible power, ended. Slowly, the tense atmosphere loosened up.


Maybe she's a little nervous too?

Her face looks proud.

And silence engulfed the place.


"Oh, warrior chief. Is this the end of the ceremony?"


"Um. It's probably over, but no movement-what should we do? "


The legend-loving woman Emul quietly asked her commander, Gia.


Besides, they had no experience doing rituals like this, after being accepted as Mynoghra citizens, they do not feel that they have turned into evil beings.


What happened?

It seems that the King and His subordinate Atou are not moving,


It seems that he is thinking about something.


Is it better for us to stay like this? Are they going to say something?

My leg started to hurt. Those thoughts were flooding Emul's head. When the Dark Elf group became new citizens, the air was stagnated.


Their hearts beating fast, and There is unbearable rage in their chest.


It is contempt for all living things, above all hatred of those who mistreated and injured them. 

It is a burning resentment against all who consider them worthless.


Now, if the King ordered them to do so, they would gladly kill all who were alive. The anger that they have never experienced causes them grief and confusion.


Simultaneously, the more they tried to quell the anger, the more it enveloped them.

The previous thought that controlled their chest is like the torrent of the overflowing river, then, calm emotions came from somewhere.

Their eyes are focused on the source, On him who brought destruction, their King Ira Takuto.


"Are you all right?"


Finally, they understand the truth with their soul.

The King was worried about them.


He gave them the food because he felt sorry for their circumstances,


It is a compassion that is given without any ulterior motives or rewards.

Since the beginning, the King had no intention of hurting them. Even now, he only watches over those holding the chest and enduring the change of their soul.

The fact gave them joy because, for the first time, they felt protected.


It is an endless relief that comes from deep darkness.


The joy because the Great King of Ruin looking after them.


They were sure that all enemies would yield before the King; all enemies would become corpses.



At the end of hardship and tragedy,

The infinite joy that they gained because finally, they have a place to return.

Every emotion swirl like a storm inside them, and then it is transformed into an absurd amount of passion.

That was fanaticism. At the same time, loyalty is the only thing they give to show their gratitude.

The Dark Elves were reborn from this moment. They had been transformed into a citizen of an evil nation Mynoghra. 


“Lo-long live the King! Long live The Great King, Ira Takuto-sama!”


One of the youths who was very touched raised his hand and shouted out loud.

He was the pathetic young man who had peed on his pants from the fears, but now all he felt was a heart filled with pride and excitement.

And his excitement was quickly contagious. Finally, the whole group was filled with enthusiasm.


Gia the Warrior chief and even Mortar Elder worship Takuto with tears of joy.


Atou, who stood beside the King, felt that all of this was natural, and nodded in satisfaction.



Fanatics gather around the King. They swear to dedicate their loyalty to the King.


To The Great King of Ruin, who receives them all.





They screamed their enthusiasm.




The participation of the people established the nation.



Under the excellent leadership, praise Mynoghra!







[Mynoghra] Nation


Attribute: evil


Selectable leaders:

[Unnamed Evil God] [Sludge Atou] [Isla, the Queen of all bugs]


Orientation: Termination Orientation Erosion Orientation Internal Policy Orientation




~~A ruined kingdom of a nameless god~~


The origin of Mynoghra is uncertain.

It is said that it existed before this world was born, Unlike Aros, the god of goodness.

It was created by a mysterious evil god who came from the afterlife.

The nation's nature is strong suitability for various evil attributes and its fertility.


You can play the game more favourably by leaning the tendency of the world, but the beginning of the game is very slow and requires attention.



※Eterpedia may display the settings of the game before transfer.

A selectable leader is a unit that the player can choose as his or her character.


Isla is one of the heroes of Mynoghra, but it is undecided if it will come out in the future!!!

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