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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep9 Large-scale ancient civilization ruins Entrance



However, they are dwarves.

They took advantage of the mountains and volcanoes and excavated many useful resources.

Many dwarves specialize in mining and exploration, and many resources have been unearthed.

At the same time, many dungeon-like caves and ruins have been discovered by the dwarves.


The Large-scale ancient civilization ruins are one of them.


The Large-scale ancient civilization ruins are most likely stretching underground and crossing over the mountains & forests on the border of the Elf Queen Nation.

This means that not only interference from other races, but the Queen Elf Nation might demand them to hand over any useful magic items or materials they found on that site. That is why they could not publicize the Large-scale ancient civilization ruins' existence.


Since most of the forests are currently owned by the Giant Tower, they can explore without worrying about the Elf Queen Nation's demand for their share.


"And here is the ruin of the ancient civilization that the Dwarves have kept secret for generations!"


"!? I see. Now I understand what you mean by "You'll understand once you see it..."


"That's right... This is spectacular."


"So many buildings and tools I've never seen before, my Lord!"




"What a surprise. I've never imagined a place like this."


"Kekekekekeke! After passing through a narrow tunnel, we saw this scene. No wonder you were surprised."


Not only me but all the participants... Mei, Nazuna, Mera, Suzu & Rock are all astonished.

Dagan strokes his beard proudly when he hears their words.


We entered a tunnel dug by the dwarves for exploration, and halfway through the tunnel turned into a bigger cave.

The ceilings are high and spacious enough to accommodate a small town. There are facilities, equipment, metal cranes, and buildings that look like warehouses.


Dagan and some dwarves walk ahead to guide us.

We follow them.


"According to our elders' research, the architecture is completely different from those on the surface world. Our elders have concluded that it was built by an ancient civilization. It is rare to find a large factory or craftsmen's town of an ancient civilization. This is the first time something of this scale has been found... The problem is what lies ahead."


Dagan and the others keep moving forward and reach the end of the large space.

The lanterns in their hands illuminate the area. Actually, we can see perfectly well without lights. Anyway, I can see what Dagan and his men want to show us.


"Is this a hole? Is it a trap? --- It's too beautifully colored and too big for a trap...."


I thought it was a dead-end, but there is a very big hole there.

The color of the hole is different from the other buildings.

It is a gray color mixed with black grains.


The hole is so big that even a giant could easily pass through it, probably about 5 meters in length and width.

When I look inside... It is so deep and dark that I cannot see the bottom even with my level 9999 vision.

It looks as if the demon king is opening his big mouth.


Dagan explains about the big hole in front of us.


"At first, we thought it was a garbage hole... But after a closer investigation, we realized it is not. First of all, the material that makes the hole. You can see that it's a different color than the buildings in this space... And the strength is literally extraordinary."


Warehouses, cranes, and rails in factories are made of bricks, steel, and other materials that even a non-expert like me can guess just from a quick glance.

However, the material used to make the giant hole... At first glance, it looks like gray stone mixed with black grains. But when I lightly knock it, it makes a metallic sound.


"We tried to break it to take it home and analyze it in detail, but... We couldn't break it, even when we hit it with a hammer or magic. We have never seen or heard of such tough material!"


So it was created from an unknown material that even the dwarves had never seen or heard of before.

While I listen to Dagan's story, Nazuna and Mera are talking to each other. Are they tempted to try to destroy it with their power?


Suzu takes some distance from the two who are about to start their destructive action. While Mei stands by my side, looking at them with cold eyes.

I chuckled inwardly and continued to listen to Dagan's story.


"Is it just a dumping hole made of that material? No way! We can only speculate, but perhaps this hole was used to transfer the products of this factory to the underground and from the underground to the surface. There is a possibility that there are more ruins under this hole. No such Large-scale ancient civilization ruins have ever been discovered before!"


None of the skilled adventurers or craftsmen returned.


Is there a trap somewhere inside the hole?

Or are there powerful monsters waiting at the bottom of the hole?


After Dagan saw Nemumu's skill and knew I had long-distance transfer magic items, he asked me to help him explore the Large-scale ancient civilization ruins.


It is not for Half-baked Adventurers. They would just go there to die.


"What do you think? Can we get to the bottom?"


"Mei, what do you think?"


"No problem. No matter what kind of traps lie inside the hole, I should be able to get you down safely with my magic thread."


Mei creates magic threads with her magic power. She can change its softness, shape, material, and hardness by controlling it with her magic power.


If we create a foothold with a fine mesh of walls around it, we can block arrows and attack magic from reaching us in the middle of the foothold.


Suppose I, Nazuna, Suzu, and Mera surround the dwarves as guards. In that case, we should be able to handle anything that may come our way.


"... Ah."


As we were seriously considering how to go down into the hole, we heard a strange sound and Nazuna's voice. It sounded like she accidentally broke something.


We look at her... She broke a part of the wall that the dwarves couldn't break over the years.


Nazuna's pale expression says, 'I just broke it...'


All the dwarves fell silent and stared at the piece of broken wall in Nazuna's hand.

The Dwarf King's eye color also changed when he realized that Nazuna had broken a part of the hole wall.




Infinite Gacha c5e11~15 (Text & Reading Voice)




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