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Thursday, July 14, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C36


Chapter 36: Bulletin board 5



[Tamer] This is a thread where LJO tamers gather [Gather Part 2]

Remarks that despise other Tamer's monsters are prohibited.

Screenshots are welcome.

Be careful about continuous drops.

Let's communicate with each other in good manners.




72: Ursula.

So, Shirogane-san is a tamer?


73: Eulenspiegel

Yes! And that gnome owner is probably Shirogane-san!


74: Ivan

But still, a gnome. It's an additional monster from the official version, right?


75: Eringi

In the beta, they were only found in the 3rd area.

If you choose Advance Tame as the initial bonus, you can get it depending on your luck.

However, I think picking a gnome as the initial monster is a miss. It has no combat power whatsoever.


76: Eulenspiegel

I know that too. It was written on the Amimin page. Well, that's why Shirogane-san died three times on the first day.


77: Ivan

He probably tried to see if it could fight somehow~.

But hey, even if the monster can't fight, is it really that easy to die 3 times?


78: Eringi

It's possible if you're planning on relying on the monster to do the fighting, and you're putting everything into production.


79: Ursula

Wow. That's super tragic!

But I hope Shirogane-san will do his best. He's the most popular player among tamer players, who are very few compared to summoners. In a way, he's more famous than Amimin-san.

Even in a bad way.

If he becomes a top player from now on, this game will become a tamers' game.


80: Eulenspiegel

You're right. And yesterday I saw him with another monster, so I think he will be fine.

Also, the monster I saw yesterday was a girl-type monster that I had never seen before. I've only seen her on the farm, so I couldn't appraise her.


81: Ursula

But it's the second monster he got in this game, right? Around the town, there should only be 6 types of monsters. A girl type?

Did he buy it from the guild?


82: Eulenspiegel

Yeah, that's right! That's why I wanted to know how he got them!

I've been going to the guild almost every day, but I didn't see any monsters on the trade list that I never saw before.

Well, maybe Shirogane-san's guild rank is higher than mine, so they don't show up on my list. ......

But I don't think that's the case. Shirogane-san seems to be an agricultural player. It's hard for him to earn guild contributions by defeating the enemy.

If I ask how to get it, will he tell me? Well, I never even talked to him yet. First, I need to start by making friends with him!


83: Ivan

Good luck! I'm looking forward to hearing more! I want to know too!


84: Amelia

It's been a while since I've been on this bulletin board.

Is it possible to use mercy attack with magic? Specifically with aqua balls.


85: Eringi

>>83 I don't think it's that easy.


86: Ursula

>>84 Mercy attack is a staff art. What do you mean by using it with magic?


87: Amelia

Yesterday, I was in the southern forest to gather light walnuts, and another tamer was taming a squirrel. He was using an art called "mercy".

When the tamer said "mercy", a red light effect enveloped the tamer. Then the tamer used an aqua ball. His aqua ball was enveloped by the red light effect and hit the apparently dying squirrel, but the squirrel didn't die.

No matter how you look at it, the aqua ball has a mercy attack effect on it, right?

Or was it one of his monster's abilities? There was a monster that looked like a boy. The appraisal said he is a gnome.


88: Eulenspiegel

Gnome? A gnome means that tamer Shirogane-san, right?


89: Amelia

Oh, that reminds me... Maybe he has silver hair. Is that the tamer Shirogane-san? I had never seen him before.

He was quite an ikemen.


90: Ursula

You can't rely on looks in this game. They're all good-looking anyway.

Sometimes I seriously wonder if those faces are real...


91: Eringi

Don't reveal the darkness in your heart here. Go to the dedicated bulletin board!


92: Ivan

Is there such a board? I definitely don't want to see it. SAN value is going to be cut off in an instant www.

Anyway, you said that Shirogane-san was using mercy? For real.


93: Eringi

If that's true, this is quite important info.


94: Amelia



95: Eringi

Mercy is a recently discovered special skill. In other words, after using the skill, all attacks will have the mercy effect.

Even if you use an attack item like a bomb, you don't have to worry about killing the monster. For us tamers, this skill is a blessing.


96: Amelia

Amazing! I want restraint! Do you know the requirements to get this skill?


97: Eringi

I do. It's difficult to get, but...


98: Ivan

I gave up on getting it after seeing the Sharp Ear Cats Bulletin Board.

After all, it's a crazy requirement that requires you not to kill anything for the first four days after your first log-in in-game time.

You can acquire the skill of restraint as a bonus to the "No-Kill" title.

Even if it's just my first day or second day, that's impossible for me. If I recreate my character, I'll have to say goodbye to Snake.


99: Amelia

I can't do it either! I can't be separated from Usapin! I give up!


100: Ursula

Wait a minute! Shirogane-san was using mercy?


101: Eringi

Did you notice? That's right, the information about the no-kill title was revealed four days ago.

The guys who bought the information from the Sharp Ear Cats and tried to recreate their characters have not got the no-kill title yet or just got it.

In the 2nd round's data released to the public, the number of people who had obtained the skill is still only 1.


That means that the only player who could use the mercy skill yesterday was the one who first earned the no-kill title.


102: Eulenspiegel

So, Shirogane-san was the first to earn it? Amazing! As expected of a tamer star (tentative)!


103: Eringi

That's not all. The title bulletin board is actually the most hyped place right now.

According to the aggregate data, the highest number of titles owned by a player is 3.

To begin with, there are only 11 titleholders. And 10 of them only have 1 title.

And yet, one of them has three titles already. 

People are wondering who the hell that person is.


104: Ursula

Eh? Wait. If Shirogane-san was the one who used mercy, then two things are already confirmed, right?


The Silver~ title and No-Kill. Does that mean he has one more title?



105: Eringi

That's what I'm talking about. 99, you better not tell anyone else about this.


106: Amelia

...... I'm so sorry. I've already told a few friends about the mercy skill.




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